Thursday, April 5, 2012

Buckets full of Easter joy

"Here Come Peter Cottontail" has been new favorite book around our house for the last several weeks. We'll sing it in the car and Emily and Drew chime in on the very last word of each line--long and loud. Imagine...

Here comes Peter Cottontail
Hoppin' down the bunny trail,
Hippity hoppin', Easter's on its W-AAAAAAAAAAA-Y!
Bringin' ev'ry girl and boy
A basketful of Easter joy
Things to make your Easter Bright and G-AAAAAAAAA-Y!

According to the word on the street, Peter Cottontail will not be bringing jelly beans for Drew or colored eggs for sister Emily. Mommy wouldn't mind orchids but Easter bonnets she doesn't do.

Instead my little ones will wake up to find buckets, not baskets, of stuff I probably shouldn't have bought because it is likely to be lost before we even make it to church Easter joy.

Here's a glimpse at what the Easter Bunny put together (on a pretty small budget, I might add).

Emily and Drew will both be getting a pair of pajamas. I found these cotton cuties at Wal-Mart for $5. We have several pair of them already and love them!

All tied up with a pretty ribbon (so I can fit everything into a bucket that is WAAAAAY too small!

I have relaxed a lot of the past year when it comes to what I allow Emily and Drew to eat, but I am still not ready to roll chocolate bunnies their way. Their baskets will have some Goldfish crackers, real fruit gummies and fruit strips, and raisins.

I love the Dollar Spot in Target! I picked up some cute books in the "Little Lessons" series--one is about being brave, another on being bossy, along with some Sesame Street items. And socks! Because who can have enough socks??

Drew is going to love all the ELMO!

I should have just stopped at the Dollar Spot, but apparently, I am lured in by cheap stuff from China that may or may not pose a choking/lead hazard to a toddler because...I bought some other "stuffers" at Wal-Mart. Like bubbles, a chirping chick, a necklace, and a comb and mirror set (for her new purse, obviously).

Her new purse! Seriously, how cute is this purse? I would totally carry this purse if I was 22 months old!

No, Drew isn't getting a purse or a man satchel. He's getting a new Biscuit book. He has the Christmas one and wants to read it every night. I don't think he'll be disappointed with Biscuit instead of bunny.

Now that we are exclusively using "big kid" cups, I am always looking for cute, unbreakable cups. I found these at-- yep, you guessed it--Target!

Little People cars

Play-Doh Stampers

and, my most favorite find...
The babies' first Bibles! I found these toddler Bibles at Ross for $2.99 each.

Now for the completed buckets of Easter joy. Peter Cottontail better have some big paws!

I am sure you've done the things you should and I know you've been extra good, so I can't wait to see what Peter Cottontail rolls your way!


Miss Megan said...

You fit SO MUCH STUFF into those little buckets! LOL!!! We bought way too much stuff for the girls Easter baskets too, and I totally steered away from the candy as well. They got lots of books, bubbles, a new sand bucket and shovel and sand toys, a sprinkler for outside, and bath loofas with cute little characters on them. I am quite sure it won't all fit in their Easter baskets!
Yours look great!! Nice work momma! And on a budget?! You go girl! I love that dollar spot at Target too...DANGEROUS! =)

Miss Megan said...
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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Those are awesome!!! The pj's are adorable, and Biscuit is a favorite at our house, too. Big kid cups??? You rock!!! We're just now "practicing" with regular cups...water only...and only outside. HA!

In their baskets, our girls are getting a felt set of birthday cake / cupcakes / cookies. They got a tea set in their baskets last year, and they play "birthday party" I know they're going to flip over these! (Found them on Etsy.)

Last year, I let the girls split one Reese's egg on Easter day. :) This year I'm putting a small chocolate bunny in each of their baskets, and some Cadbury mini eggs. They've been obsessed with a book about chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs...and I just couldn't disappoint! :)

I have a feeling that they'll "share" with Daddy...i.e. only get to sample stuff on Easter again this year. ;)

Dvr Dame said...

Good for you! The idea of an Easter basket filled to the rim eludes me lol. I think I need to do some more Easter shopping soon!

Kathy Radigan said...

So cute!! I love all the stuff you put in there buckets! I started to do the buckets and other containers a few years ago. This year I'm going back to baskets for a change. I do more toys and stuff than candy too. I can't wait to read how Drew and Emily loved all their loot from the bunny! Enjoy!!

Tasha said...

Very cute stuff and those babies SCORED on the Easter stuff!!! I am strictly CHOCOLATE bunnies and candy now. I did stuff like you did when the boys were little. And always a stuffed animal....still do that. A green frog this year. BTW love their new pjs!!!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

You found the best stuff for their baskets! They are going to be soooooo happy!

christina said...

they're using regular cups now?!? AWESOME!! we're still on sippy (straw).

this is the first year Lovie's getting chocolate- i'm putting pastel M&M's and/or jelly beans in eggs. she's also getting a sheet of bunny stickers, yellow Peeps, and a little bunny that purrs when you press its belly and comes with a Cadbury egg around its neck (for me) that i got for $5 from Walmart. that's it. and it'll go in a plastic bucket that she can use for whatever.

christina said...

oh a big thing of bubbles, too- almost forgot.

btw those Walmart pj's are AWESOME, aren't they?!? and for a fraction of what they cost elsewhere.

Anne said...

They will be thrilled with their Easter goodies! Have a lovely weekend:)

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Those are GREAT baskets...I mean buckets! Love it...I might share mine too as it gives parents different ideas of what to put in them. I like the bucket idea...I just bought a paper gift bag. So, I will totally "borrow" that idea for next year!

Happy Easter!

KERRY said...

They look like little buckets of love and fun!! Your babies will love them I am sure :)
Happy Easter to you! xo

RoryBore said...

Oh they are just BOOM! they will love, love all those goodies.

Or, they'll just play with the buckets. LOL ya never know with toddlers.

I got some mine the play doh stampers too. I am trying to put less junk food, and more other stuff in their baskets. This year I got all outdoor play toys: kites, balls, shovels/pails, chalk, bubbles, etc. And each child got one semi-big gift like a Wii game, or Lego, or Dora playset.

Now, gotta go figure out the scavenger hunt my son has requested of the Easter Bunny. What clues? I have no idea. LOL
Just wait till they can read...

Johanna said...

Cam and Gray's Easter Bunny also hit up Target. :)

Tami said...

I read the Biscuit book to my day care kids. My boys are teens, so the buckets are much better than frilly baskets.

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