Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kid Wisdom

We were out running errands one night last week. While Marty went to the sporting goods store with Drew, I took Emily and hoped to get in a few quick minutes of shopping at Marshalls. Marty needed a hockey stick, so obviously I needed a new shirt. Time was ticking. If Marty made it out before I was finished, well—that was just one conversation I didn’t need to have.

I was lost in fabric and in my thoughts. I found a nice rack of colorful cardigans.


Spring colors.

My size.


That’s when Emily reached out, grabbed the sweater, and yanked it from my hands.

“Emily. Really? Please…”

As I contemplated whether this sweater wass worth the wrestling match that could ensue as I tried to take the sweater back before she stretched it two sizes, Emily looked up at me, holding the sweater in her little hands and said, “Ma-Me—pretty.”

Thank you, Emily, for reminding Mommy to enjoy the “pretty.”

Marty usually does daycare drop-off, and I do pick-up.

I prefer pick-up for several reasons (mainly because it makes feel like a heroine).

The only downside to pick- up is that it happens at the end of the day when I am tired and usually coming off at least an hour drive home.

Until recently, though, pick-up was still relatively easy. That was until Drew decided to become a runner.

Last week as we were leaving, he did a sprint down the hall while Emily and I huffed and puffed to keep up. Once in the fellowship hall, which is on the way to the car, he ran in and out among the tables, laughing, daring me to put Emily down and chase him.

I indulged him for a couple of minutes. (He is so darn cute).

Then I tried all the tricks—like asking him to help me find the car, asking him if he can hear the dog outside, and telling him I am leaving as I open the door and pretend to walk out.

No go.

Instead, he turned around and ran back into the daycare part of the church.

"Drew. Really? Please…”

As I contemplated leaving him there until the next day when I had more energy to deal with him, I scooped Emily up and ran after him.

He turned the corner before I could catch him. Gone--

I found him standing in front of the director’s office, smiling and waving “bye-bye” to the ladies.

Once they returned his sweet bye-bye, he turned and followed me to the car.

Thank you, Drew, for reminding me to slow down and make time for the simple gestures of kindness.


Always Heather said...

Great Post... my children drive me insane! sometimes.. lol.. but it's later as I'm reflecting that I realize they're teaching me some great life lessons every day :)

RoryBore said...

aww....reminds me of my eldest, he would probably severely main either of his sisters if they ever touched his vast Lego collection --- but he will not get on the bus without kissing and hugging them both good-bye. or let any of us leave the house for that matter. he probably sees me and Left Brain kiss good-bye all the time, and I guess with all the things we are trying to teach our kids, that's a pretty good lesson to have stick.

KERRY said...

Cute kiddo's, have I told you that? ;)
We can learn so much from our children!!

senner2+2 said...

These stories are classic....I can just picture Drew running away from you...hmm, reminds me of my Nolan.

christina said...

awww i love these stories and your babies. :)

Mom on a Line said...

Both of your kids are so sweet. Love it!

christina said...

btw, you should link this post up with yeahwrite

Kim said...

Isn't it nice (sometimes) when they make you stop to smell the roses. Once I do stop and get over the frustration of HAVING to stop, I always enjoy whatever it is they wanted me to do. Great post!
My Twintastic Life

Shannon said...

Kids have a funny way of reminding us to slow down and enjoy life...but good for you for recognizing them. Like this post!

Shannon said...

Kids have a funny way of reminding us to slow down and enjoy life...but good for you for recognizing them. Like this post!

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