Monday, March 12, 2012

Dear Emily

Dear Emily,

Today you are 21 months old.

I can imagine you much older, like 21 years old, looking back on this list, scrunching your nose, and groaning, “Mom! Really. Did you have to mention poo?” Oh, yes, dear Emily. We loved it all—poo included.

When you feel exasperated by my sentimentality in all of your young adult wisdom, please forgive your old mom, and just remember, she did it all—every minute of every day—out of love for her sweet Emily.

1. You love to sing, especially in the car, and will sing whole songs even though we aren’t sure what the words are.

2. You have intense conversations, full of inflection, that sound like you are speaking in complete sentences even though we aren’t sure what the words are.

3. We have this routine when I pick you up from school where I always read your daily report aloud and clap at the end. Today, your daddy picked you up and you handed him the form and said “READ!”

4. We also practice our ABC’s and numbers in the car. You love to repeat every letter and number after me and you always clap when we get to 10.

5. You love jewelry. You already have your own bracelet and necklace.

6. You love your brother, "DOOO."

7. When you go to get your coat, you get his. When you go to get your computer, you get his.

8. But, you’ve also learned the word “Mine!”

9. And, sometimes you like to show your love by taking care of him, like when you chased him down to wipe his nose.

10. Your “Mommy and Me” dance class has become your “Daddy and Me” class since you seem to behave better when your Daddy takes you.

11. You’ve even learned to curtsy.

12. Daddy is often the preferred parent. Mommy is working on developing a
thicker skin.

13. You love “cook-ies.” You had your first cookie on New Year’s Eve and you haven’t missed an opportunity to ask for one yet!

14. You do this cute thing where you scrunch your nose. I think you got that from me although it looks much cuter on you.

15. Your teachers at school love you.

16. You recently started saying “I pee,” which really means, “I pooed.”

17. When you and Drew hug, you will put your head to his and say, “ahhh.”

18. You love you “pud-zuls” or puzzles and make quick work of all of your “For
ages 2+” puzzles.

19. You have started imaginary play, saying “I cook” and sipping your “food” from the spoon before bringing us some to sample.

20. You have learned to say “again.” So now, it’s “More. Again. Please!”

21. You love “wah-ter” and you have really enjoyed using our new water cooler, filling your little plastic cups—over and over and over again. We have “wah-ter,” "wah-ter" everywhere!

Mommy and Daddy


Erin said...

One day, our girls simply must meet so they can cook together!

RoryBore said...

speaking as someone who has 2 older girls...once the chatter and singing begins: it never stops. And I do mean that literally. LOL

My 2 daughters share a room and the bedtime conversations are often quite hilarious - even thought technically I want them to quiet and go to sleep. A round robin lullaby of twinkle, twinkle and somewhere over the rainbow is rather endearing.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Sweetness!!! :) :)

KERRY said...

I bet these two little cuties will be the best of friends when they are older having grown up since day one with each other. It is so sweet to think of. I loved reading your lists, it's so nice to get to know you all better. Kids are the cutest aren't they, don't tell mine I said that! Lol

Kathy Radigan said...

Melissa I just love this idea! Emily may complain when she gets older that you chronicled her life online, but I think she and Drew will secretly adore that their mom and dad were so in love with them!! What a cutie! I have three "singers" and I loved when they sang and had no idea what they were singing. Now that my oldest is 13 we will often crack up over it! Thanks for sharing your wonderful family with us! Sending you all much love!

Tasha said...

These letters make me cry!!! So precious!

Anne said...

Lovely posts! Hope Emily had a great day:)

Johanna said...

Oh, I would love to see her curtsy! Sweet baby.

Crystal said...

Wow-I sit here sobbing after reading your letter to Emily. Why-who the heck knows? Maybe it's because I know exactly where your heart is with the love you feel for your daughter. And it breaks my heart to think about Emily being 21, because,that would mean (sadly) that my dear Julianne would be 23. I guess we'll just have to enjoy them while they are little! And of course, Julianne will have to deal with this emotional mother of hers, just like Emily! Maybe they'll be a good support system for one another and they can roll their eyes at us together! LOL! I love reading your blog and loved looking at the pics at WDW. You are doing an amazing job with EVERYTHING and I am so happy for you, Marty and the twins!! Maybe Pat,JP and I can get together with you guys soon and catch some grub somewhere. Have fun and say hi to Mickey for us!!!! Your cousin, Crystal

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