Tuesday, February 21, 2012

System Re-boot

Do you ever have one of those mornings where it all comes together?

The alarm clock goes off at just the right volume.

You get up without hitting snooze seven times.

You walk downstairs to find the coffee pot already ready from your advanced preparation the night before.

You have just enough time to enjoy your coffee and favorite social media.

You make breakfast with ease and have it waiting as the kids wake up—happy and well-rested.

Everyone eats without smearing too much all over their bodies.

The kids allow you to dress them in the outfits you laid out the night before.

The kids cooperate as you change diapers, wipe their faces, put on their shoes, and comb their hair.

Your lunch is packed.

Your car has gas.

Your keys and purse are where you left them.

Your cell phone is charged.

The kids kiss you bye as if to say “Thank you, mommy, for going to work today so we can eat and wear cute clothes.”

You remember to kiss your husband bye and wish him a good day.

You hit every light just right, and arrive safely at work, ready to begin again another day.

Today was not one of those mornings.

Not even close.

If the above is the ideal, we created its antithesis this morning.

That is not to say that we haven’t had mornings where things run pretty smoothly. We are not really "schedule" people but we do like a solid routine.

But between vacations and sick babies, we have gotten out of our routine.

Drew slept with us last night because he wasn’t feeling well= we didn’t sleep well.

We didn’t sleep well= we hit snooze a few too many times.

And, on and on…

So, as I drove to work this morning, I started thinking about ways we could get back on our routine.

  • We need a consistent wake-up time regardless of which one of us is taking them to daycare. Usually if I am heading in that direction for work, I take them, which means we leave earlier. Marty works from home so he can take them later.

  • We need to plan ahead to decide who’s taking and who’s picking up so it’s not a last-minute fight discussion.

  • I need to wake up 30 minutes earlier just for “me” time. (BTW, I am failing miserably with this month’s focus on solitude, but that’s a story for another post).

  • We need to get back into the habit of putting things where they belong. A lost hairbrush, set of keys, cell phone/charger, water bottle can derail the morning.

  • I need to teach Marty how to do Emily’s hair so the entire responsibility for her coiffure doesn’t fall on me.

  • At night, we need to get back to our routine. A full’s night sleep makes us all better prepared to deal with the next morning.

As I am making my mental list, Marty calls.

My heart sinks a little. Marty never calls this time of morning. Something must be wrong (see how my mind works).

“Hey, I just dropped the babies off.”


“As I was getting ready to walk out of their classroom, I asked Emily, ‘How is your
shirt already dirty?’”


“That’s when I realized she was still in her pajama shirt. I never put on her shirt this morning.”


Definitely time for a morning re-boot.


jen@ living a full life said...

I think that the only thing that really blows (pardon my french) about vacations is that it's really hard to get back your routine once you return. I've said to myself many times, "why did I go because now that I'm back I'm exhausted."

And with the four of you dealing with illness on top of it, that just as I said for a lack of a better term really blows, sorry!

You want to come to my house for some relaxing painting? We're starting tomorrow!

RoryBore said...

I guess it's a good thing that we can never afford to go on vacation! Ha. not that it remotely saves me from mornings like this.
I get amazed at people who don't have children and criticize my sticking to the kids' routine. I want to say, Really? Fine, I will take them completely off their routine for a week - and drop them at your place. then we'll talk.
actually, you'll be talking, I'll just be listening to your apology.

Heather B said...

Oh my goodness. Can you get a do-over for today? Love the Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts!

KERRY said...

Hahahaha too funny and RoryBore's comment above cracks me up lol
I want to start by saying CUTE t-shirts, Thing 1 and Thing 2, adorable. Secondly, you are NOT alone, we aren't 'schedule' people either and I so wish we were at times. This is pretty much my day!
Reading this makes me want to do up a schedule hehehe

Johanna said...

Awww - I was so happy for you when I was reading that first list. :( Sorry it wasn't the real deal. Here's hoping for tomorrow...

Awn said...

I once had a kid show up at daycare without his shoes....he had thrown them out the window on the way. So at least she was clothed. =)

Brad Jenkins said...

We've all had those days. At least you have two awesome shirts for them to wear! LOVE the Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts!!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Daddy brain, for sure! At least he 'fessed up to it! HA!

Hope this morning got off to a better start! :) :)

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Oh man!!! I hope you have a smoother week!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Oh no! Here's hoping tomorrow starts the re-boot!

Kim said...

LOL!!!! This post from the Mama who told me this morning that I would do just fine going back to work! I LOVE it!!!! Your day went somewhat like mine today, so that as I was reading the first half of your post, I was thinking, "Oh dear god, these are the mornings she says I will have. She's way better at this than I will EVER be!" Hope the rest of your day went better!!!! And thanks for the encouragement this morning!
My Twintastic Life

PS- I love the Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts! We have them too!

Kristen said...

Ok girl. you know I love you - so I'm going to tell you the truth. I laughed out loud. then ray - and his snoring butt in the bed in our tiny hotel room yelled at me. But ... this is so us. So here is the plan: you re-boot. Then e-mail me this weekend and let me know how it went. Then I will do everything you do next week. mmmmk? Love your honesty. We. Live. Parallel. Lives.
ps. - I went to training one day this week in my pajamas. I didn't have the energy to dress :)

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