Monday, February 6, 2012


Emily and Drew have been showing lots of interest in the potty lately.

Both are able to tell us when they have a dirty diaper.

A few weeks ago, we put a potty chair in each of the bathrooms, and both will go and sit on it (and occasionally cram toys in it).

Emily is fascinated by PEE.

"I pee! I pee!" Loud. In public.

I think we will soon be needing all the potty tips we can get!

22 Potty Training Tips For Modern Moms


Tami said...

When my boys were being potty trained I put cheerios in the toilet and told them to aim for the O's. HAHA! They loved it and giggled every time they went potty.

Kathy Radigan said...

If I was to give one tip it would be to just keep doing what you are doing. And, give it time, it seems to work so much better and quicker when the child is really ready to move on! Good luck! The one good thing about potty training is the endless posts it can inspire!! Lol! xo

Julia said...

Around 18 months Brynne started telling us when she needed to go potty. So---I ordered the potty and some books. We're still in diapers, and I'm not pushing it, but they are learning about it, and getting used to the idea. I'm okay with that.

I have a couple book recommendations. The first is "Potty" by Leslie Patricelli. The girls go and get it every time they sit on the potty. It has lots of pictures---kind of a visual "how-to" for them. I like that there aren't that many words. I can fill in the blanks with what "potty language" we use :)

The other book I'd recommend is "Have you seen my potty?" by Mij Kelly. It's just a super cute book about a little girls whose potty was snatched away by some farm animals. Great illustrations. The girls have to have this book with them when they sit on the potty too :)

Good luck! I'm interested to read about your adventures in potty training!

Miss Megan said...

Ooh! You go momma! I was going to try down and dirty potty training last month, but then my MIL ended up coming down to stay and I didn't want to have to try and deal with that while doing the full fledged potty introduction. I intend to try again the weekend of Feb 18th because it's a long weekend for me - fingers crossed!
I love Julia's book ideas...
And Tami with the cheerios! HAHAHAHA!
If I come up with any tips I will make sure to drop back by and leave them. In the meantime, if you come up with any, pass them my way too, will ya? I intend to put my girls in leg warmers and a long sleeve tshirt and let them essentially run around naked in a specific room for a while...when they start to potty, stick them on the potty so they get the concept...then rinse and repeat =). This is my mom's worked with all three of us, but I haven't personally tried it, so I have no tried and tested ideas yet..but this is my plan I suppose. We are "interested" in the potty and potty chairs, but don't get the concept at all of peeing in them...we can tell you that we pooped in our diaper and need to be changed though, so maybe we are getting close?? I don't know!
Good luck!

Jen W said...

We are in week 3 of potty training. Still plenty of accidents, but lots of great success too. We used th 3-day potty method, which I wish I could say 3-days-and-done, but it's a good start. It is definitely a work in progress, but I liked the book, and it specifically addresses multiples, which other books I read did not.

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