Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pajama Party

This sign hangs in our kitchen:

This sign could also hang in our kitchen:

Or this one:

This weekend, I decided that Marty shouldn't be the only one to have a little fun. While Marty enjoyed poker night, the babies and I would have pajama party, complete with our first sensory box, music, tents, and homemade PIZZA! Here's a run-down of the action (both the planned and unplanned).

5:00 Pajamas on! Here's a picture of me in my new pajamas to prove I really was at the party. It's the only picture of me from the whole night.

5:00-5:30 Free play...notice ALL the toys in the living room. Later, this mess will be important to the time line.

5:30 Started making our first sensory box. The babies loved helping me pour the beans, rice, and pasta into the tub. I had to remind them several times that we shouldn't eat the stuff in the tub. "YUCKY!"

5:40 Added marshmallows. Drew scooped up a marshmallow, took a big bite, and said “mmmmm.” So much for telling him the stuff in the box is YUCKY.

5:30-6:00 The babies LOVED the box. They dug. They scooped. They poured. They tossed...cupfuls over their shoulders. I admit that I stepped back from the play and swept several times (old habits die hard).

5:45 Emily found the Play-Doh. Where did she learn to open things with her teeth?? (Note to self--stop using my teeth to open things around the babies).

6:00 Kitchen officially demolished, but sensory box officially a hit!

6:00 Emily had a meltdown--not because I closed the sensory tub, but because I won't let her have my camera. Toddlers are greedy.

6:05 Started making homemade pizzas; babies did really well except for the fact that Drew tried to taste everything before we put it on the pizza!

6:30 Jammed to Toddler Tunes

6:30-7:15 Ate our pizza at the kid table (yes, without high chairs). I sat on the floor between getting more pizza and putting babies back into their chairs.

7:15 Party comes to a screeching halt when we receive a call we hadn't received in at least 6 months--a call from Centralized Showing Service asking us to accept a showing on our house for 10:30 tomorrow morning.
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7:16 While I frantically call Marty to see if this is even humanly possible (after all, he has a tee time for 9:00 am), Emily and Drew decorate the beige walls with pizza sauce.

7:17 We temporarily lose touch with reality accept the showing. It's like the last pull on a slot machine or the last sip of wine--you can't resist. The lure is too strong--there's the chance that this showing will be the one.

7:25 Finally get both babies up the stairs to the bathroom where they suddenly decide they don’t like taking baths.

8:00 Finally get them out the bath. Took forever because they now LOVE taking baths. Toddlers are fickle.

8:05-8:25 Dressed in second set of PJs for the night, read 10 books, cuddled

8:25 Began trying to get them to go down while Emily cried Da-Dee! Da-Dee! I was hurt. Who planned this night of fun for you? Toddlers are apparently traitorous, too. I agreed, though. I wanted him here. Now. For totally different reasons. Reasons that involve a mop, a vacuum, and a pair of strong arms to carry massive amounts of toys upstairs.

Finally asleep! Sweet silence except from the lullaby CD playing in their room and the competing beat from Toddler Tunes that is still playing on the TV downstairs.

9:15 Upstairs finished!

9:20 Facebook status update

9:25 Discovered that long-neglected ball tent must have seen some party action tonight because there are balls everywhere. Contemplated taking picture as evidence for future bribery for posterity, but realized this would only slow me down and prolong much needed sleep.

9:26 Texted Marty for an ETA

9:26-11:15 Texting war ensues

9:26-feels like the end of eternity Cleaning spree continued

9:55 Ready to file for divorce and leave the country and take the kids to a country where toys and poker are banned

10:30 Finally gave in and had a bottle glass of wine.
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11:15 House clean(er). Posted another Facebook status.

Picked up one last kidney bean from under the couch on my way up to bed


4:00 am Marty's home. Emily's awake, crying. Again. Da-Dee! Except she is clinging to me and refusing to go to him. Toddlers are weird.

7:30 am Marty wisely generously offers to cancel his tee time to help finish the last of the chores.

10:30 am-12:00 pm Strange people walked through our house, hopefully looking for a new home complete with stellar crown moulding, tomato handprints on the walls, and lots of storage space for toys

3:00 pm Finally ready to talk to my husband again.


Miss Megan said...

Oh Melissa! What awful timing for the sensory box! LOL!
I admit, I stopped and swept twice during the playing process too...I couldn't resist.
My girls didn't think that the marshmallows were tasty. I spent 10 minutes trying to get them to squeeze and feel them while inserting the word "squishy" would have had a different situation perhaps had they liked the marshmallows. Then again, they kept trying to eat the rice, and I KNOW that the rice tasted awful.
Toddlers are weird!
A texting war would have ensued on my end too....
Silent treatment would have ensued...especially at 4 AM....
Yup, your timeline sounds just about exactly as mine would have! Glad you survived, and I hope they buy the house!!! Good luck!

Johanna said...

Awesome! You are a super awesome mommy. Sucky timing, but I hope you sell your house... tomato handprints and all. :)

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

You deserve some major awards for coming through all that alive! I'm really hoping for good things on the showing!

PS. You are BRAVE for doing that sensory box indoors.

Samantha said...

The party sounded like so much fun.... it's just too bad the way the timing worked for the showing. When we sold our house last summer, there were over 40 showings in 2 weeks and I nearly lost my mind. It's so much work to sell a house when you have kids. I really hope they make an offer on your house!

As for DVF for BabyGap, I think the timing is telling you to shop. Definitely! I don't know about in your area but in my area there are invites to a private pre-sale where GAP is inviting moms to shop the DVF collection a few days before the official launch. Check it out!

Mom on a Line said...

That is a lot. Sounds like the bottle was deserved!!

jen@ living a full life said...

Holy heck! When it rains huh? Glad you pulled it all together, isn't that what Mom's do? Hope you get a big juicy offer on the house after all the crap you went thru!

Ashleigh said...

This may be my favorite post!

First, HOW do you disconnect your hips from your top half like that? ;)

Second, I need that hockey sign, and one that mentions NASCAR too!

Third, what did you use for the sensory box, is that the bottom half of a litter box (clean, of course)?

Kelly said...

This post made me laugh!! Sounds like a fun night ;) Love the sensory tub! Hoping to try that in a few months!

Good luck with the selling of your house.

senner2+2 said...

Way to go on the awesome pizza, pj party! Home the showing was the "one". I need to try a sensory box...but I just don't want to deal with the mess but I know I need to suck it up!

RoryBore said...

I've said it a thousand times myself -- that Murphy will get ya every time.

It does look like you had a blast though -- I mean, before the tomato hand prints and all.

but wine'o'clock eventually comes for us all :)

Holly Ann said...

While I've never experienced the joy of trying to sell a home, I can say with great confidence that I know exactly how you felt last night. I've often felt like the one who is expected to do everything in a completely obnoxious and unrealistic time frame. It sounds like you came through it with much more grace than I usually do!

KERRY said...

Hahaha this was a cute and very funny post!! Probably not at the time, but I do have to say that the end result looked great, so clean and sparkly!! Good luck with this walk through, isn't it amazing how enthusiastic you can be with cleaning when you really have to do it? Maybe I should pretend to sell my house? It's a thought...Babies are too cute, lots of fun was had, what a great night!!

Tasha said...

I am not even sure what to say. I almost had a panic attack reading this. You are a wonderful mother and an even better wife.

Awn said...

Geez o Pete, Melissa! Glad you managed to survive the evening and the viewing. =) Tomato handprints are the new must have decorating technique, didn't you know? They evoke a whimsical and carefree but nourishing environment.

Dumb Mom said...

Wow! From all kinds of fun to straight insanity in a matter of minutes! I do NOT miss the house showing period of life and probably won't move again ever just to avoid it!

Tami said...

1. Where did you get the Hockey sign??? OMG! I LOVE IT!!
2. Barefoot Moscato is also delicious!
3. Your kiddies are too cute!!

Kristy said...

Isn't it blastedly amazing how much you can fit into an evening when you have children. Activities galore!

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