Monday, February 27, 2012

Chop the Chullet?

It's not like his hair looks like this:
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Or that we would let it grow to this:
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But, apparently, some of our friends and family have grown, um, concerned about Drew's chullet--you know, a child's mullet.

It's business in the front:

And a party in the back:

Uncle Jay put the extra hair in a pony tail recently. Aunt Kelly and Marty conspired to take him for a haircut without my approval. To hear them talk, you'd think we're just an inch of blond hair away from being featured HERE.

The first- time mommy in me is fighting the first haircut every snip of the way. I just can't bear the thought of cutting off those blond wisps of baby hair. Mentally, I had set the deadline for June, when they turn two. I had this whole mommy-dream going on about how I would take them both on their second birthday for their first haircuts at one of those places with cute airplane and pony chairs.

Because, of course, their hair would grow at equal rates. Because, of course, waiting until two wouldn't seem like I was rushing them out of the baby stage. Because, of course, I'd be emotionally ready by then...

But the pressure is getting intense. The chullet is taking on a life of its own.

We have family pictures coming up and a part of me says we should chop the chullet before the pictures. Marty's threatening no pictures unless we cut Drew's hair first (this coming from a man who had a mullet when he was old enough to know better).

Part of me says we should leave Drew's hair like it is for the pictures because it is so much a part of his look at this stage of his toddlerhood.

So what do you think? Chop the chullet or comb it and let it keep growing?


jen@ living a full life said...

Maybe just a wee little trim!

Johanna said...

For some reason, that thing won't let me vote. That's ok, because I'm torn.

The girls were just shy of THREE when we got their first haircuts! So, I"m in no position to judge.

That said, they are girls. :) If your husband wants his little guy's hair cut, I'd go with it. Just make sure you take along a baggie and keep a little snippet of hair for the baby book. It's ok to have his first haircut different than Em's. Girls' hair is supposed to be a little longer.

But, if the thought of hacking off those strands of baby hair kills you, then don't do it. When people start telling you what pretty twin girls you have, then you have to. Until then, do with him as you please. :)

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

It's so hard, but trust me that you will look back and be thankful you chopped the chullet. ;)

KERRY said...

I am not voting, I just can't decide because I know exactly where you are coming from. My oldest son had longish curly hair when he was a toddler and I loved it!! You do what you feel what you are capable of handling, we don't want you stepping out of that hairdressers in tears :)
He is a handsome boy regardless of his hair. Be warned though, if you cut it, he will look so much older!!

Beth said...

Sorry Melissa. A little tough love here. Purely personal taste, but I love clean-cut short hair on boys. Drew is really, really cute whie rocking the chullet. Just imagine how incredibly cute he'll be with a handsome haircut!

That being said, it will break your heart just a bit. It still breaks my heart when the kids get haircuts and lose a bit more of their baby-ness.

Take tons of before and after pictures and chop the chullet!

Anonymous said...

I already purchased him a sport clips package :) e said is he preparing to audition for the hobbit ii ..I have tears I'm laughing so hard.

Martine said...

I'm not even going to vote, we cut BB's hair for the first time when he was 6 weeks old! The kid would have hair down to his but if we would have waited until he was even 1 :) his hair groes SO fast. But if I must vote, I say keep it for photos. Good luck with Marty!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I gave you hard time! I think it's cute. Maybe a little trim would be good, but I totally understand about you not wanting to cut his chullet :) So, I say, a little trip just to make it a look a little less mulletish :)
Love you-

christina said...

:) i'm not a fan of mullets- not on adults, boys, girls so i say chop it.

senner2+2 said...

This post is hilarious! As you can tell from my boys pics...I like it short. I too had a hard time cutting their "womb" hair...that's what I called it. Good luck with the cut...if that is what you decide! :)

Brad Jenkins said...

You can wait to cut it, but once someone calls him Rapunzel you should probably make your move.

Always Heather said...

I'd keep the's the only time in his life where it's considered acceptable! :)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

We had to cut Baby A's hair when she was 9 months old. Seriously! It was OUT OF CONTROL, and I was so scared of her putting a barrette in her mouth that I didn't think we had any other options.

Once we had that first cut...over which I eventually cried that's been fine since then. ;)

While I envy to some degree parents who hang on to that baby hair, I'm so glad to have a "cut" to deal with. But I'll always hang onto that little bag of snips from the girls' first haircuts. :) :)

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