Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Birthdays & Blue Eyes & Other Beautiful Things

This past weekend, Emily and Drew attended a great birthday party (thanks,Kayla, for including us in your celebration!).

It was at a local science museum that had a wonderful inside play area for smaller kids, lots of interactive exhibits for the bigger kids, and a play area outside that was perfect for working off the sugar high from the yummy cupcakes (that would be the babies AND me)!

All the birthday fun reminded me that in just three short months, we will be celebrating Emily and Drew's SECOND birthday. Maybe if I throw myself into party planning it will distract me from obsessing over how quickly time is passing.

I've pinned a few ideas but haven't really committed to any one idea yet. Marty wants us We've decided to keep it a little smaller than last year's first birthday party.

We've talked about having a small party at the aquarium.It would likely just be our immediate family (and maybe some friends who'd be up for a little road trip)since it's located at the beach, about 2 hours from here.

If you have some ideas for party themes, please share!

Last Friday I completed my last of four photography classes. You know how they say teachers make the worst students? Well, it was true. I had a great teacher and I don't think I completed one homework assignment she gave. Despite the fact that I still take bad pictures, I learned quite a bit. I can now tell you that my picture's exposure is off. I know what the Rule of Thirds is, and that alone is a huge step for someone as mathematically (un)inclined as me.

I now know that my camera has a settings other than automatic and I have (occasionally) used them.

As I left class, I promised Shannon I would practice the next day when I went to the birthday party. Even though I can be a real slacker, I do like to keep my promises.

Taking the pictures was much harder than I thought it would be, but then again, I've learned that photography itself is much harder than it appears to be. I will never complain again about paying for quality photography again--it truly is an art.

The museum presented a unique challenge--It was dark, the light that was available was glaring, my kids are super pale and super blond...Most of the pictures came out over-exposed. I have lots of pretty shots of glowing kids.

Here are a couple I liked, if not for the technical quality, for the way they capture my babies--their personalities, their energy, and their beautiful blue eyes.

Notice how in both of these pictures, Emily and Drew are reaching towards the horse's ear. Since their horses at home have a button on the ear that makes the horse talk, they assume all horses have it. Too funny! Sorry, babies. This horse ain't made for talking!

Making music...

I wonder what he's thinking...

Tune in tomorrow for another installment of 12 in 2012 where I will recap February's focus on solitude and introduce a new value for March.

In case you missed the Facebook update, the decision was made. Drew's chullet will be chopped on Saturday. Tears and pictures will be forthcoming!


Tasha said...

Well since I am in the middle of a Dr. Seuss week I can tell you there(and you already know)are TONS of cute ideas for a Dr. Seuss party. And for just about every book. You must come see the Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes later today on my blog. SUPER cute. I love all the are doing good! And I can't wait to see Drew's new do.

senner2+2 said...

We too are keeping the 2nd party small..immediate family and the boys "friends"....aka, our friends and their children. We are just going to have it at home and our theme is Farm...the boys are obsessed with farm animals. But, I am not one to do a lot with a theme so I am sure no one will know the theme unless I tell them. Good luck.

Kristy said...

We are still just having close friends at our house. Parker's bday party is in 2 weeks, and he'll turn 4. I'm trying to milk the time before he's asking to go to Chuckee Cheese for his birthday or what have you!

Kathy Radigan said...

It's really scary how fast the time goes isn't it? I remember being freaked out when my first was turning 2, it just felt like the time was melting away! We kept it simpler for the second birthday too, for my first we were in a mothers club so we had a play date around Blues Clues, which was my first babies favorite show. My sister had given my son one of those cardboard play houses that you can color, and that was a huge hit with the toddler set! It kept them very busy! I love the pictures of the kids at the museum! Those places are so much fun! I look forward to seeing what you end up doing for your gorgeous children!! xo

KERRY said...

No!!!! You're cutting his hair?! I'm sure it was a tough decision :)
Great pics, funny little things aren't they reaching for the horses ear!

Tami said...

I agree with Tasha. There are so many cool cake ideas with a Dr. Seuss theme. You can find so much on Pinerest.

My husband has tried to explain the aperture and the ISO on the camera and how it affects the light and dark exposure. I haven't a clue what he is talking about. All I know is that his pictures are gorgeous. Good luck on your photos!

Heather B said...

We kept the 2 year party pretty small and with a pirate theme ;) I think Dr. Seuss would be great, so much you can do with it. Get them each an "Oh the Places You'll Go" book, have all the guests write something in it and give it to them when they are older. All sorts of cool things!

Andrea said...

I heart the Dr. Seuss theme idea!! That would be super fun! The colors are great or B/G twins too!! I can not believe how much your babies have grown in the last few months! Craziness!! They are adorable!!

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