Tuesday, January 31, 2012

They Said, I Said (Part I)

A couple of weeks ago, as part of my 12 in 2012 series, I wrote about finding order in my blog life. The response was incredible, and I picked up some really helpful tips for managing my blog.

Mandy, as always, had a great idea: she suggested I compile all of the advice into a post.

As much as I have worked on cutting clutter from my life, I still tend to be a little wordy. Before I knew it, this post had grown into a two-parter!

If you're a blogger with similar questions, I hope you find some tips you can use.

If this is too _______ for you, please take minute a visit one of the blogs I've linked to here.

Or just leave a comment telling me something terrific about this Tuesday!

If you just came for cute twins pictures, well, I think I can find a way to oblige.

On having a blog “schedule”

A little more than half of the bloggers who responded said they don’t follow a set schedule. Most said they found schedules limit their creativity or leave them feeling boxed in. Others said they just haven’t reached that level of order yet.

Jen of We’re Living a Full Life said:

I don't commit to certain days for certain things, not that organized! Help me!!! (I’m trying, Jen!)

The other 40% or so favor a schedule.

For RoryBore of Time Out for Mom, having a schedule has saved her sanity. She said:

I almost quit blogging once because it did get so overwhelming. In fact, I was absent for an entire year. But when I came back - I came back with A Plan. You'll notice on my blog - top left corner - are my Page Tabs (they're self made and not sure just yet how I feel about them, but for now...) anyhoo, one is titled "I Blog". Click that lil button and it will take you to the page that has my Blog Schedule.

Kathy of My Dishwasher's Possessed, has a unique approach. She said:

I do post once a week. I do an essay and I like having one finished and edited piece once a week. When I started blogging I read about how important it was to post on a regular basis and it always says to post 3 to 4 times. Well, I find the once a week has worked for me and I have been fairly successful getting a following.

MaMe Musings said:

I am going to pilot a schedule approach (for planning purposes only). While I don’t plan to post a set schedule, I am going to pencil one in my blog notebook (the place where I keep a running list of random topics that cross my mind).

On Link-ups

About half of the commenters said they participate in link-ups or memes.

When asked what memes they participate in, Jen, Christina, and Julia said:

Mama Kats
Write on Edge
Pour Your Heart Out
Monday Listicles
Mama Loves

Ones she tries to do? MaMe Musings’ said:

Mama Loves
Songs That Make Us Sing Saturdays
12 in 2012 (first day of the month)

On what we write about

Most of us are mommy bloggers. But as any mommy knows, motherhood takes us to all kinds of places and topics!

Jen W said (of her blog):

(It’s) All over the place! Just like our life!

Julia of Pontifications of a Twin Mom said:

I'm all over the place with my blogging. I am a mama, and that's a huge part of my life, but I like cooking, I like crafting, my faith is important to me---so I blog about all of that.

Some found that motherhood opened another door for their blogging. Martine of I Need a Sugar Fix said:

I use to be a dog blogger before I had my son, now I don't get as much traffic, but I blog now to track things for my family. One day I'll get the posts printed in a book for memories and something neat!

MaMe Musings says:

I am all over the place, too. As I reflect on a year + of blogging, though, I see how my blog is evolving. While it is still very much about my super-sweet babies, it is also becoming more about me and my growth not only as a mother but as a woman. I now find myself seeking a balance between documenting the babies’ lives and my own. I keep reminding myself the two are inextricably linked.

On censoring

About half just say no when it comes to censoring their writing.

Prototype Mama said:

I never censor myself-- I dont check for spelling (I know thats bad) and plus I don't have many followers-- but even when I grow. Im still not.

Tasha of One Day at a Time said:

For me I write what is on my mind. If I step on someone's toes I truly am sorry, but that is how my daddy raised speak my mind. I don't go off much, but when I am passionate about something I make it known. It is MY blog.

The other half filter their blog content, mostly for the benefit of their families.

As someone who also counts to make sure both babies get the same number of cantaloupe chunks, I could relate to Mandy of Twin Trials and Triumphs who said:

I do try to write in a way that I would be OK for the girls to read one day. I am super sensitive to making one sound smarter / more advanced / more mischievous than the other. If I write about something cute B said, I try to also include something A said, for example.

Jen W said:

I try to keep what I write positive since I want my boys to be free to read it and not feel like I spent their youth bitching about them on the internet. So even when we have BAD days, I try to find something good to write about so we can remember those things and not dwell on the day to day detritus.

MaMe Musings said:

If you’ve read my blog in the last couple of weeks, you know I will write about some pretty intense (real) stuff. That said, everything I write must pass the “would I want the babies to one day read it?” test. Every post, picture, link-up, giveaway, story, rant, etc must also be something, taken as a whole, adds to the collective picture of who MaMe is. Even a seemingly random post about fashion or food will one day give the babies a glimpse at what our life was like in 2012.

I also try to avoid bad-mouthing people, especially people who might read my blog!

I also try to be real—sometimes that means I’m too _____ for some, not _________enough for others, and just right for the rest!


RoryBore said...

great idea compiling all together. it's interesting and so helpful to see how other's organize blogging an life!
and come on, who doesn't want cute twin pics! never get tired of that.

Heather B said...

It is awesome to see how other bloggers organize their blogs. Also nice to see so many with blogs that started as one topic and have evolved to encompass many of the facets of their lives!

christina said...

dude you got some dedication taking all those comments and compiling all together!!! i don't have the patience for all that (to do it), but i sure do enjoy reading it. and the pics of the kids and their ice cream- ADORABLE. i got a great chuckle from the randomness of it. :)

jen@ living a full life said...

There are some really great ideas here Melissa! As you know I can use tons of help in all areas.

And the twins, my goodness they get cuter every day...

Olusola said...

Oh my, I think you've outdone yourself with this post. I love all the different perspectives and ideas. Great compilation

Kristy said...

Thanks for sharing all you learned with that! Great post!

Always Heather said...

Ok I need to save this blog for reference.. seriously.. I'd love to 'link up' too...but it would seem I can't figure it out...and darn if the bookstore doesn't have "linking up for dummy's".. I'll figure it out..hopefully.. MaMe Musings for instance always has 'link ups'..but I never do.. because I'm technically challenged.

Robin said...

Just read a piece online about mommy bloggers, and how we are taking on politics and more serious topics. I liked how this post picked up on that... "blogging takes us all over the place"... The mom scope is vast and deep. :) As a fellow blogger, and a new blogger, I definitely wonder how often, when, and on what and it does get overwhelming. Thanks for a great post!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Thank you so much for summarizing these insights, Melissa! I love hearing the perspective of other bloggers!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Oh, and I loved the pictures inserted of Em and Drew! Too cute!!! I have some super adorable ice cream pics from the DQ, too! :)

Have your kiddos had cones yet? We did it once last summer - to be honest, just for the pictures. The girls didn't really enjoy it that much, but Mommy did! They much prefer the efficiency of a spoon. :)

Kathy Radigan said...

What a great idea to turn the advice into a post! And, such a great post at that! I have to thank you for the cute baby pictures, I always love to get my fix at your great site!! xo

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