Saturday, January 14, 2012

Songs that Make Us...Clean?

Today I am once again combining two of my favorite link-ups: Pontifications of a Twin Mom, Mama Loves, and (not) Just Another Mom of Twins, Songs that Make Us Sing Saturday!

Ever since I was young and carefree single, Saturday mornings have been housecleaning time. Now that I older and busier married with twin toddlers, every day is cleaning day. As Emily and Drew have gotten bigger, so have the messes. Need an example? Check out the demolition fun from Wednesday night.

But, while the messes have grown, so have Emily and Drew's ability, willingness, and enthusiasm for cleaning up and putting away their toys. Certainly, daycare has helped since they practice putting away their toys there.

We also use a song we learned at Kindermusik to signal to them when it's time to put the toys away. The lyrics are rather complicated, so let me share them with you here:

Toys away.
Toys away.
It's time to put the toys away.

(Repeat as many times as it takes until all the toys are away or until you just can't stand it anymore).

Last line: It's time to put them a-way.

I tried to find a video of the song on YouTube, but wasn't successful. I did find lots of other examples of clean-up songs, though, in case you are looking for one to use with your destructo-bots kiddos.

Here are my cuties cleaning away this morning.

Manic Mother

So what song does Mommy play when she needs to get pumped up for cleaning? Well, I don't have just one. Usually I crank up a country music station and sing really loud when a good song comes on. Here's an oldie but a goodie that gets my cleaning groove on...

Tips for getting your little ones involved in household chores? Ideas for songs that help make cleaning just a little easier? Leave a comment and then click on over and check out Julia and Ginger. I promise it will be more fun than dusting or laundry :-)


Tasha said...

Enjoy them cleaning NOW! It is not so fun when they are almost 7. BUT we also have this little fun way to clean(learned it on Little Bill)....whatever you are picking up you put a "Z" on the front of the word. Such as
Socks, Socks, zoopity-zocks.
Google "Little Bill-zoopity zoos".
It may work better when they are older, but it is fun!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Ooh, love that song (The Dixie Chicks, that is)...haven't thought about it in ages.

Our girls are generally pretty good about cleaning up. Occasionally they even do it without me asking (very occasionally...but I'll take it!).

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Tidy up, tidy up, it's time to tidy up our toys! (repeated over and over and over) They are about 50/50 with follow through but they do love to clap and "sing" along...LOL!

GREAT SONG!!! Everytime I hear it I think of when I moved out West to start my NEW LIFE...

Happy Saturday! (Thanks for the shout out!)

Heather B said...

Ours is real difficult too. "Clean up, clean up, Everybody clean up!" but it works.

As for me, anything with some booty shakin rhythm gets me going!

Martine said...

We like your clean up song, much easier than the one we've learned at My Gym! All I know of that one is "clean up with Sheila..." and my husband for the longest thought it said "clean up machine up!" hahaha! So at our house when we want to clean up we just sing "clean up machine up..." and that gets BB in the mood most of the time! He actually does his best cleaning up at the kid gym :) makes me look good in front of the other parents LOL.

When I'm cleaning, I've recently been putting on the "workout" station on Pandora, that makes it go faster!

RoryBore said...

You are so right!
they all cleaned up their toys much better with a little musical inspiration...
....while I slept in :)

Julia said...

Our girls LOVE music! They ask for it by bobbing their pigtailed heads back and forth, which is pretty much the most adorable thing ever.

I've never incorporated music into clean-up time. I'm going to start immediately--maybe get those destructo-bots to clean up even better! :) And order will be restored! :)

Love the ying and yang of our posts. The way I look at it---making the girls pick up single grains of rice off the floor is great for fine motor function :)

Mary F said...

This made me think back on the years that my daughter was growing up... When she was a wee thing, she was an eager little mommy's helper.

By the time she hit the tween years, it got to the point where I just told her to keep her bedroom door shut at all times to spare myself the panic attack.

Now that she's grown and on her own, she's become an absolute neat freak! Ahhh, the cycle of life. Enjoy it while you can!

(my STMUSS post is at my "Spilled On The Kitchen Table" blog this week)

Mary F said...

Almost forgot... Wide Open Spaces is one of my favorite Dixie Chicks songs! Definitely a great cleaning song! :~)

Anne said...

I wish my older ones would find some music they like to clean to! There should be a hazard warning on the bedroom door! The twins are so cute!!

KERRY said...

I am going to be singing that song to Liam tomorrow and starting early with him seeing as my older two children have no desire to pick up after themselves!!
Thanks for the lyrics, hopefully I remember them ;)

Samantha said...

I have to start singing to get them to clean! Right now, they are oblivious to the idea of helping mom and dad clean up their toys lol

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

I had to laugh! My girls are almost 10 & 8 and they still sing that song as they tidy up. Kindermusik is in our musical memory for life ;-)

Beth said...

We sing the clean-up song, but that is exactly what my kids do. They sing the song and that is it! They love singing loud, but rarely actually clean while singing.
Oh well, it's nice to have a chorus singing to me while I clean their toys...

Dvr Dame said...

Too funny I take my youngest to Kindermusik. I know that song. Mateo loves that song.

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