Monday, January 2, 2012

12 in 2012

The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better. Forget about the future, and live each day according to the teachings, confident that God loves his children. Each day, in itself, brings with it an eternity.

-The Alchemist

Yay! I have finally made it around to writing my first blog post of 2012. Good thing punctuality isn’t on my list of my New Year’s resolutions.

Oh, wait. That’s right. I don’t have any resolutions.

I have resolved not to resolve.

Instead of making a list of things I can’t do or things I ultimately won’t do, I’ve decided to try something a little different this year, something I am calling 12 in 2012.

You may recall my 2011 birthday list.

The idea was simple: 36 things I wanted to complete in my 36th year. There were big, broad items like (1) Be the best mommy I can be. And small, specific ones like (10) Learn to play poker. There were some serious, adult ones like (11) Re-evaluate my long-term finances. And childish, playful ones like (31) hang-gliding. Of course, there were the perfunctory ones like (24) Lose weight or (25) Eat healthier. I threw in random ones: (33) Watch a meteor shower and (21) learn to make a good mixed drink

My 36th birthday came and went in November 2011, and as I look back on my list, I realize I accomplished probably two-thirds of it. Some are a work in progress like (3) Take a good picture; some were started and not finished-- (8) reading a book a month; while others never even came close to happening—(5) a 5K. What was I thinking??

Overall, the list helped me to live more intentionally and pull myself out of my post-pregnancy slump, which was my primary goal for making it.

Now, in 2012 I am going to open my arms wide and see what the world has in store for me. Instead of listing a specific number of items or set number of things, I am selecting 12 words that represent my core values.

Each month I will focus on one core value. During the month, I will seek out opportunities that allow me to explore that value in as many ways as possible.

To keep myself accountable and to document my journey, I will blog about my experiences and what I learn along the way.

On the first day of every month, I plan to announce that month's core value. Throughout the month, I hope to share small ways I have been living my value. Then, at the end of the month, I plan to reflect on the month's adventure.

Interested in joining? All you need to do to get started is to pick your 12 values (or whatever number you like) and start living what you love.

You can also grab my new 12 in 2012 button. I’ll try to remember to add a linky to my beginning and end of month posts for anyone who wants to link up and share. Even if you don't want to do 12 or if you've made traditional resolutions, I'd love to hear what you doing. Together, let's inspire each other to make 2012 our best year yet!

MaMe Musings

Tomorrow I will post about my value for January. Here’s a hint: it might involve a list (because you know how I love lists).


Marybeth said...

This is such a great idea!!! I seriously love it. This was the first year I actually made resolutions, and I'm pretty excited about them! Blessings on your year!

KERRY said...

I loved this post!! I'm in, got your button and I will do up my list. Good luck!!

RoryBore said...

What a great idea! I can't wait to see what's up first! I have a feeling this will be a grean adventure for you! (whoops..that is on your list, isn't it? Ha)

Miss Megan said...

This really is a stellar idea! I'm pondering on joining in! I think it would hold me more accountable, and that would be a great thing. I'm just a bit (okay, a lot) worried about keeping up when baby C arrives in June...I wouldn't want to punk out half way through the year...
I'm definitely thinking about it, and I think it is a really great idea nonetheless, and look forward to following your progress!

Samantha said...

Great post, great idea!

Mary F said...

Excellent idea! I've never been good with lists, but I do need help in the personal accountability department. 12 goals in 12 months might actually be doable for me.

I didn't get a chance to stop by on Saturday for STMUSS, but I checked it out today and 1) Love the song! and 2) Happy Anniversary!!

I'll definitely think about 12 in 2012! Have a fantastic week! :~)

jen@ living a full life said...

Wow lady you are something else. This is so exciting!!

Tasha said...

I love this Melissa! I just may be joining you on some of those. What a great idea! I am a list girl and love to set goals. I would not say they are resolutions, but something I strive to do. I look forward to reading what you are doing this year!!!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Now that is a perfect way to take on this year. Love your idea!

Helene said...

Oh wow, I totally love that idea!!! Go you!!!!

I rarely make resolutions because usually by February I've forgotten all about them. But your plan sounds very manageable!!

Happy New Year!!

Olusola said...

Glad you're doing this and look forward to reading about it. I was thinking of you when I wrote the post on my plan for 2012 but I got stuck at number 10.

Would still be participating though

Kristy said...

That's a cool idea! I like it!

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