Monday, January 30, 2012

Rolling in the Dough

You are viewing the masterpiece known as Melissa's first pan of homemade biscuits!

Thanks to Tasha over at One Day at a Time, I can now count myself among the elite group of cooks who has conquered the biscuit challenge and succeeded! (I also now know what Cream of Tarter is and where you can find it in the grocery store!)

Tasha's recipe really is as easy as it looks. I whipped up a batch of 12 last night. It took me longer to run out to the store and get more butter than it did to make them. Marty had eaten three before I could even get them off the pan. I made him eat the funky looking in the lower right corner first. He said it was just as tasty as all the rest!

The biscuits were the perfect complement to this crock pot country chicken meal. You know it was good if Marty said he liked the veggies just as much as the chicken.

At this point, I may need to slow down and stop showing off in the kitchen. Marty is going to start expecting me to bring my A-game every night. And then when will I have time to blog?

PS-If you haven't visited One Day at a Time, you really should. If Tasha can turn me into a cook, you know she's good!


Tami said...

I always love new recipes. I will check out Tasha's site. Your biscuits look yummy. It's a challenge to make something in my house that everyone likes, but you can't go wrong with biscuits!

Tasha said...

SO, SO excited for you being in the kitchen!!! And thank you SO much the shout out today!!! I can't wait to see what you are cooking up next!!!!

jen@ living a full life said...

Never did get biscuits thing right....i get rocks! Going over to see Tasha now to learn how to bake all that goodness!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Those look awesome! One question...when it says "cut in the butter", did you use cold butter and cut it in with forks? I never quite know what that means.

We just had (canned) biscuits this weekend. We rarely have them, as I don't like using canned stuff...but B had been asking for biscuits. I seriously don't even know where she got that idea, but she had her mind set on it for a week! ;)

Love the title of this post, by the way!

Kristy said...

MMm, love biscuits! I plan on making some from scratch the next time we have them.

Heather B said...

Those look so yummy! My biscuits usually end up like rocks, lol. Will have to try this recipe

KERRY said...

You know, those 'biscuits' you just baked are called 'Scones' over here and we have them with jam and cream. Jam being Jello to you!!
Good job :) But don't let your husband think you're THAT good that you can't dine out ;)

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