Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Organizing my Blog Life

This month, as part of my 12 in 2012 series, I am focusing on order, and that has meant cleaning out long-neglected drawers, labeling mysterious boxes, tossing items I can’t believe we ever purchased, and finding homes for those everyday items that seem to always be in the way.

As clutter in my real life begins to clear, I’ve started thinking about simplifying my online life as well.

I began by unsubscribing from all those automatic emails I receive. Having a clean inbox is like a clean kitchen counter for me. The endorphins kicked in and the virtual sweep was on.

Before you start thinking that this clean-up led me to deactivate my Facebook account, let me assure you--I am not giving up Facebook--yet.

But, it did get me thinking about how to maximize my online time, particularly blogging.

As I have written before, I blog, first and foremost, to have a record of my family's story.

But, blogging has also become a creative outlet for me and a form of therapy as I let go of what I once held in, and through writing, explore what I once left unsaid.

Perhaps what has been most surprisingly to me about blogging is the extent to which I have come to enjoy the community of bloggers who read MaMe Musings, comment, and care. They teach, encourage, and support me.

For all of the above reasons, I choose to invest time into blogging. So, it makes sense that I stop and consider how that time and space is used, right?

And, who better to ask for suggestions than the very (intelligent, kind, generous, discerning) person who is taking the time to read this blog right now?

So, wise reader, won't you take some time, chime in on any of these questions, and help me (and others) in our attempts to be more organized online?


-Some blogs I follow have dedicated days for certain posts. (For example, Mondays are always X) Do you have a schedule for your days/posts or do you wing it (like I've been doing)?

-Do you have certain link-ups you always do? Do you have some that you think I should check out?

-Do you find that your posts have a niche or do you find yourself all over the place in terms of your topics (like I am)?

-Do you ever censor yourself in terms of what you write because of fear of what your readers might think?

-How do you manage your Google Reader? Seriously, it intimidates me every time I open it.

-If you're on my Blog Roll, I usually comment on your post because the link is right there in front of me. But, I can't have all the blogs I follow there. How do I prioritize?

-Do you find yourself reading and not commenting or do you always comment if you read it?

-How do you find new blogs to read?

-Does it matter to you if you read/follow/comment on a blog and never get a reply? Are you okay just being a consumer/stalker or do you need a semblance of a conversation? How long before you just move on?

-Do you limit your blog time in any way or do you always feel like you're connected? How do you achieve your balance?

-Obviously, you sometimes read MaMe Musings because you are reading this post. (THANK YOU, btw!) Which posts resonate most with you, and (gulp) which posts do you click over?

-Any other virtual/blog organizational tips can you share?

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Miss Megan said...

Go you for organizing! How empowering to get rid of all of the automatic crud! And wow, that was a lot of questions! Okay, let me try to answer!
1- I just wing it with posts! I tried to do "wordless Wednesday" posts back last year, but I would miss some, then I missed more than I did, and then I felt bad! I didn't want to feel bad about blogging! So for me, it was better to just do what I could when I had time.
2 - I AM all over the place on topics! I try to make sure that I documents the girls milestones, then of course I have my fair share of posts asking other mommas for info (like the sippy cup post or car seat post), then I have the totally random posts with pictures that have nothing to do with anything. I'm random. IDK, is that a good thing? Do YOU like that, or do you think it would be better to be more "organized" with posts?
3 - censoring - the ONLY thing I censor myself on is anything that I think either family side shouldn't hear. A lot of Si's family reads my blog and as much as they (or my family) can frustrate me sometimes, I don't feel like my blog is an outlet for me to vent about them. On several occasions I have really wished it was!
4 - Dude, Google reader has me confused too! Zero input on that one.
5 - I comment about 70% of the time, even if it's just a couple of words (Adorable pics!) or whatever. If I don't comment it's because I'm at work and can't comment on your blog, or because I have nothing helpful to add!
6 - I find new blogs off other peoples blogs I follow. I add about 3-4 new blogs each month to my following list. I haven't run out of avenues there yet, so I haven't had to look further =)
7 - I don't expect a response back when I post a comment. It's also relatively rare for me to comment back on comments that others leave me, unless it seems necessary. Does that drive you nuts?! I know some people it really does, and I wish I knew who those people were so I would make sure to respond back to them! Otherwise my commenting back on their blogs is "conversation" enough for me =). It shows I follow them and their lives and I think they are pretty darn cool! Like yourself! =)
What number am I even on now? LOL! Blog time - you know, I read a lot of blogs at work...on the weekends and on Wednesday's when I am off I rarely have a second to check blogs, and on those days I feel TOTALLY disconnected from my bloggy friends! It drives me batty!! But my commitment is to my girls when I am home with I only check at night or when they are napping =)
As for which blog posts I read - um, ALL OF THEM! Even if the title isn't exciting I still read it! I may not always comment (see above), but I always read!!!

jen@ living a full life said...

1)I don't commit to certain days for certain things, not that organized!Help me!!!

2)I like to write, but the topic has to click for me or its a waste of time. Mams kat or write on edge are my favs.

3)My posts tend to be about life in general, so that could be anything at any time. I think that brings a certain interest or level of surprise to my readers.

4)Only in terms of getting to personal or if the topic is to heavy.

5) Google Reader-what's that? only kidding! not my favorite thing.

6)I guess you could rotate all the blogs in alphabetical order monthly or quarterly, but then I'd miss you! boo hoo

7)comment 95% of the time, the other is because I don't have the time.

8) I look at the blogs the people I'm following are following and then I click away.Sometimes if I see a particularly interesting or nice comment on a post then i'll click and see the that way.

9) Blogging for me is about having a conversation, I always reply to comments. If the person doesn't get e-mail then I'll reply on the blog.But I also think that this is a personal choice, my guess is that there are bloggers who have tons of comments and just wouldn't be able to do this so they don't comment back to every comment or might not comment at all.

10) I have a good amount of free time ( empty nest and all), so as long as my responsibilities are taken care of in my family and personal life then I don't worry about time on the computer.

This was fun! Hope this was helpful in some way.

RoryBore said...

I almost quit blogging once because it did get so overwhelming. In fact, I was absent for an entire year. But when I came back - I came back with A Plan.

You'll notice on my blog - top left corner - are my Page Tabs (they're self made and not sure just yet how I feel about them, but for now...) anyhoo, one is titled "I Blog". Click that lil button and it will take you to the page that has my Blog Schedule.

I found that would be the easiest way to let followers and newcomers know when I would be online AND what they might find on any given day. Some things are a sure thing: My Tuesday Coffee Chat, WW, Poetry Lounge, and usually a hop or 2 like Listicles or Four Fill In Fun. And I pretty much stick to this schedule - unless inspiration strikes.

But I am also aware that you need to mix it up every now and then too. So I will do a hop for a couple of weeks, and then skip it to participate elsewhere; or do something completely different. Which is also a good way to meet new bloggers.

Same for topics. I mean we all basically talk about our lives as mom, our kids, products - that's pretty much a given. It's much harder to find your "authentic voice". That is the thing that reaches and connects with others so that they return: no matter what you are blogging about.

I consider my blog "family and PR Friendly" so you are not going to find anything R rated there. Plus, my kids often help me with some stuff, and since my son can read - he knows how to look up my blog and often does. But I haven't shied away from some controversial topics either. You're not likely to see cursing or sexy photos on my blog. Don't hold it against anyone else though.

As for my Reader, I do check it daily and I have my few faves I will visit daily if they post such. (sick of me yet? LOL) I also receive some via email, so I can quickly glance it and see if it interests me. But honestly, if the post title doesn't grab me...I am often bypassing. Twice a month I will go visit the blogs I don't frequent as often and leave a comment on something.

I have read posts and not left a comment. Sometimes, you just don't have anything to say. I can pretty much guarentee that if you comment on mine - I'll be visiting yours and also leave a comment. Or, in my case, I can reply directly to your comment on my blog post. Very handy! It's just good manners to return the visit, non? I have stopped reading one blog because they never, and I mean never returned the visit/comment. I don't expect my "regulars" to necessarily comment on every post - but it is sure nice to see them a couple times a week.

Did I touch everything? Whew...took my longer than post tonight - LOL. Most important advice: have fun and enjoy it! When it starts to feel like a chore - take a bloggy break.

SillyCreatures said...

Wow, I wish I could be as organized as you are! I set myself to organize my house during the holidays and I did probably about half of the work that needed to be done. My online life needs organizing too and for now I just survive with the clutter. After I am done organizing the house I will take on that. It's great reading about all your ideas and Jen, Megan and Rory's comments to have ideas of what to do then.

Dominique Goh said...

YEah to organizing.
1. yes I follow a selection of memes for each day a week.

-Do you have certain link-ups you always do? ups are part of the meme's that I join like wordless wednesda etc.

My posts are all over the place but I try to catergorise them as much as I can.

-Do you ever censor yourself in terms of what you write because of fear of what your readers might think? Yes.. definitely. esp when it concerns the family.

-How do you manage your Google Reader? Seriously, it intimidates me every time I open it.
I pick and choose then click on all read

I will comment back on those who placed comments in my blog first then go down the list of the meme's I join if I have the time.

-Do you find yourself reading and not commenting or do you always comment if you read it?

I try to read and comment straight away just like I'm doing now at your blog.

-How do you find new blogs to read?

-Does it matter to you if you read/follow/comment on a blog and never get a reply? It's okay..unless I ask a question and I think/know the person will answer. In that case I will revisit to see if she has answered the question.

-Do you limit your blog time in any way or do you always feel like you're connected? How do you achieve your balance?
I limit it to when the baby sleeps and when the kids sleep..schedule my posts etc.

Kathy said...

Melissa this is great and I love reading the other comments! I'm in my 40's and my memory is pretty bad so I will try to answer all I can remember!

I do post once a week. I do an essay and I like having one finished and edited piece once a week. When I started blogging I read about how important it was to post on a regular basis and it always says to post 3 to 4 times. Well, I find the once a week has worked for me and I have been fairly successful getting a following.

I don't comment on every comment but I do a couple of general comments back on the blog. I do make sure I comment on everyone who has commented. I feel if someone took the time out to read me the least I could do is return the favor.

I write about my family and our experiences, especially as a family living with someone with a special need. But I do posts about memories and my own childhood too! I do think a bit about my readers, what they like and expect. I do this for a creative outlet but I feel if you are not going to take in account what your audience likes than you should just keep a diary. I don't let it dictate to me though.

I find blogs through friends lists and groups like voiceBoks. If I follow you I will most likely leave a comment but not always.

If I follow and comment on someones blog and I don't ever get a response I will most likely drop them. Unless there content is so wonderful, I'm too busy to spend time on a blog that doesn't care about their readers.

As far as you are concerned I love visiting you and seeing your precious babies!! I look forward to reading more!! Take care!

KERRY said...

Hi! I blog whenever and about whatever. Generally about my family because, like you, this is my online scrapbook for them. But I also use it as a hobby, an outlet, a way to be creative. I guess I do censor to some degree because I don't want to be labeled as a particuliar blogger so I do not swear (curse).
I do expect, I suppose, without sounding bad here, a follow back. It's just courteous! If I really like the blog it won't bother me so much, and I will even comment. But there are those bloggers out there who do not even acknowledge you have joined their site nor do they ever reply or comment so I always feel like I shouldn't bother wasting time out of my life to read all about their lives.
I have made some awesome friends so I catergorize the blogs of those women and then I have a favourites folder as well on my blog. Google Reader is so daunting, so I just read from my dashboard and that way I can skim over topics that haven't grabbed my attention.
I'm not interested in reviews and very rarely will I read a recipe.
I like the humour and honesty in your blog from the very first moment I began reading!
And now I can't remember what other questions you had lol, I hope this helps :)

Samantha said...

This post is great. I have asked myself many of the questions that you post, so I don't know how "wise" I am with my responses...

#1 I just started trying to schedule things. I find having a schedule takes away a lot of the creative freedom that I enjoy about blogging.

#2 I don't have any regular link ups right now.

#3 I'm all over the place.

#4 I do censor myself but not because I'm worried about what readers will think. I try to be honest with my readers. My censoring has more to do with not wanting to share too many personal details about my family like where we live or anything that scary stalker types might be interested in.

#5 I like Google Reader, and I'm more likely to follow a blog if it has GFC. If something pops up in my reader and i realize I haven't read that particular blog for a while, I stop following it on GFC. This helps to clear away some of the stuff I don't read in favour of the stuff that I do read.

#6 No advice on prioritizing the blog roll... what if you create categories?

#7 I comment when I have something interesting to contribute, of if I want to offer support.

#8 The current blogs that I read usually lead me to the new ones. Pinterest has lead me to some new blogs too.

#9 I like a conversation

#10 I struggle with balance. I could be online all day, which is obviously not practical with two kids!

#11 Your blog is interesting and funny! And obviously we have the twin thing. I like connecting with other MoMs.

#12 No help here, sorry

christina said...

-i usually wing my posts though i do enjoy linking up certain posts when i can like Monday Listicles, PYHO on Weds, WriteonEdge stuff Tues and Friday...

-see above

-it's primarily about Lovie and my life in one way or another.

-no, no, no

-i skip a lot of stuff, read the stuff that i usually like the most first, then go back, if i have time, to read the rest

-google reader

-oh gosh i can't always comment. i try to when i can, but there are so many blogs and so little time...

-clicking on commentors or visiting from memes

-it DOES bother me if i comment on someones blog a lot and get nothing in return- ever. i don't expect people to always comment but a little love once in a while is nice.

-i generally only blog during work hours

-i like pictures and stuff about babies the most so if it has one or the other, i'm all in generally. i actually do read most every one of your posts though!

-do it for you (and yours) and nobody else. once you start blogging for comments or followers, it gets tiresome fast

Jen W said...

-I just wing it. I do my 365 photo every day and if something interesting happens in our lives or if I have something I want to remember or share, I blog it. The only "set" thing I do it our preschool updates, which I try to do Monday for the theme intro and Friday for the wrap up. But honestly sometimes we do activities on the weekend so those lines blur. (the nice thing about preschool at home is we do it on our own timeline.)

I don't really do linkups, maybe I should. I have done which is the only one I can think of. I guess I did QOTW from multiplesanmore once.

-All over the place! Just like our life!

-I try to keep what I write positive since I want my boys to be free to read it and not feel like I spent their youth bitching about them on the internet. So even when we have BAD days, I try to find something good to write about so we can remember those things and not dwell on the day to day detritus. When big bad things happen (911 calls, etc.) I do document them, but little stuff I try to keep a positive spin.

-I just pared down my google reader. I had a bunch of tech blogs from my working days and some other stuff that I found I was skipping over regularly, I just deleted them. I rely heavily on tags, I have folders for topics like news, parenting, twins, etc. And that way if I am short on time I can just breeze though ones that interest me.

-I usually only comment if I have something to add to the conversation. I read plenty of blogs daily that I only occasionally comment on. I guess I feel like "Me too!" or "hang in there!" are sort of trite and meaningless. I add comments when I feel like I can give feedback, add something to the conversation or really identify with the post. (Like this one!) I don't have a blogroll, just google reader, so I use that to manage all my other blog stuff.

-I find other blogs linked from ones I read, I have found lots from and, but over the last couple years a lot of the ones I was following I just didn't stick with because they didn't really resonate with me anymore. I have too much going on in my life to slog through blogs I don't have interest in.

-I don't really think I have gotten replies for more than a couple comments. I do try to reply on my blog's comments if someone poses a question. I guess I never expected a reply unless I also asked a question, but like the "me too" thing, I just always thought it was a waste of everyones time to reply something just to reply.

-I usually read before bed or sometimes at nap time. My own blog I post either early in the morning when I am up before the kids (Ha!) and after they are in bed. They make it impossible to use my computer while they are awake! You could pretty much tell what time my kids went to bed most nights by what time my 365 photo is posted, since that is part of bedtime routine. Close kids door, go to computer and upload photo.

-I enjoy the day-to-day stuff about raising twins, since I am in the thick of that too. I always find it interesting to see how other people manage multiple kids, and get ideas for my own family. I tend to click past sponsored posts, long venting posts bitching about their kids, and posts that are part of an arching theme I missed the beginning of (If that makes sense.) I like posts that stand on their own, not that require a lot of backstory I might not know.

-When I did NaBlPoMo in November, I tried to make a list of things to write about and wrote several in advance and scheduled them. The first week and a half I had written well in advance and they just posted themselves. They weren't timely. I did have an outline of 20 or so things I wanted to write about so I wasn't stumped. Toward the end of the month though I felt like I was writing because I had to and wasn't as into what I was posting.

Hope that feedback helps!

Kristen said...

Wow, you have gotten some great comments here with wonderful ideas. I have struggled with "keeping up" in the blog world; not so much my own posting, but getting around to visit everyone else. I finally redid my blog roll because I was missing too many posts on friends' blogs. Google reader is a joke, I usually open it and delete everything because there are usually over 700 posts waiting for me. I try to visit everyone who comments on my blog, but sometimes I am up to a week late in getting there. I will comment on 95% of what I read, maybe more. But if I don't like the post or agree with the author, I won't comment.

OurLifeUnrehearsed said...

^I'm loving this post with all this information because as you know I'm trying to simplify my life and get some structure this year.

Nexlegacy Performance Institute said...
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prototypemama said...

So glad you wrote a post on this-- these are alot of questions that I had :)

Well for me-- I'm an organizer-when I started my blog I didn't have a schedule but with four kids, two other business and day to day life-- a schedule was something that I needed-- so when the new year came-- I started a new schedule.

All of my post are about things that I love-- crafting, organizing, fashion, fitness, party planning and motherhood. And each day I try to blog about one of those topics.

I never censor myself-- I dont check for spelling (I know thats bad) and plus I don't have many followers-- but even when I grow. Im still not.

I usually visit everyone that visits me-- I have about a 1000 blogs-- but I visit the same ones daily and then my visitors also.

I comment every time I read.

I find new blogs everywhere-- magazines, pinterest, other blogs ct.

I need the conversation-- I don't like to stalk.

I try to limit my blog time to one hour (after I finish homeschooling and my son is taking a nap) at night when everyone is in bed-- I prepare my post for the next day.

I just found your blog and so far-- it's wonderful-- I'm a new follower and twitter follower so that means I like ya! :)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

These are all such great questions! I will definitely go back and read the comments later today, too.

For my two cents, in no particular order...

- There's only one day that I do a set post, my Fab 5 Friday (although that occasionally falls on Saturday or Sunday). ;) That's my way of making sure I record the highlights of our week, for the sake of memories.

- There are a few link-ups I'll do from time to time, like Makes My Monday, Way Back Wednesday, Hey, Mom, Look What I Did. I don't personally like to have a really set schedule for makes me feel a little less creative.

- I definitely hang out in the "mommy blogger" niche (although I understand that's a hated term these days!). I would love to find another couple of blogs to follow outside of this world, just to break it up a bit...maybe something along creative lines?

- I do censor what I write to some degree. For one, I have an aunt who reads my blog religiously. Most of the time that's great, but occasionally I skip posting something, because I know it would upset / concern her, or make her cry. (Nothing crazy, but she's very emotional, and writing some things would probably put her on the road to our house...HA!)

- I read many more blogs than I comment on. Many times, I intend to go back and leave a comment, but I don't always make the time to do that. See, I read a lot of blogs while I'm unloading the dishwasher, folding laundry, etc., so I don't always have two hands free to type! ;)

(You do an amazing job of responding to comments, by the way...I'm always so impressed! I really wish I could be better...but there again, I read a lot of email when I'm doing other things, too.)

- The majority of the blogs I read, I have some kind of relationship with the owner of the blog. (I guess that's from sticking around in the same community...and oh, by the way, I love how we all have so many mutual friends...definitely a great sense of community!) What's funny, and I actually struggle with a little bit, is that my FAVORITE blog to read -- at least in terms of entertainment -- the author has Never Once Responded to one of my comments / visited my blog (at least to my knowledge). I have to remind myself that not everyone is looking for that connection, but I just can't imagine...she doesn't have a lot of followers, or a lot of it's not like Dooce or somebody! ;) But, she still Cracks Me Up! and I read her anyway. :)

I don't have "set" blog time, per se, although I do have certain times during the day when I'm on the computer. Sometimes I can devote much of that time to blogging, but other times I have bills to pay / recipes to research / whatever. :)

Again...great questions! Will you consider summarizing the responses in some way? Looks like you're getting so much awesome feedback!

Kristy said...

I do have certain ways I do things. I don't get nearly as much time as I would like to blog and such. Sometimes life and work get in the way of what my blogging "plans" are, but this is what I try to do:
-Post on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursdays.
-After posting on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, I comment as a return favor to those who commented on me on my previous post.
-On the other days of the week, I randomly comment from blogs in my reader here and there.
-1/day a week, I visit and comment the blog buttons I feature on my site. Those buttons are there because they have been dedicated, particularly kind, or loyal to me for a long time.
-I mostly only participate in links on Fridays and Saturdays, and that is my commenting for the day (rather from my reader). I participate in other links too when I can.

That is pretty much the gist of things for me!

mrsmomx6 said...

I'm so jealous! After I turned 40 I'm lucky to remember where the toilet is!

I blog...gee, whenever something happens. I do comment on every blog and I make sure to hit my favorites at least once a week.

I'm ok w/ stalkers, but I love comments, don't we all?

Oh...and I cleaned out a bunch of auto emails yesterday too! Only to get hit with more weirdos today! AHHHH!

Sharon from VB

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I don't do any link-ups other than WW. I do that because it's a nice break in my week.

I'm a no niche kind of gal!

I always write what I want to write. No censoring; it's my house. ;)

I have categories in my Google Reader.

Now to combine a few thoughts. I can't read a post and not comment. It's not in my nature. I'm a HUGE blog reader/commenter and for me it's in the relationships, the back and forth visits that friendships are built, and so many of my blog friends I have met IRL which makes them even better friends!

Olusola said...

I think I already forgot half the questions, but the ones I remember would be answered this way:
I don't have a particular blog schedule or niche or linkup. I sorta go with the flow.
Censorship: As more and more family members discover my blog, I'm showing a bit more restraint in my posting plus I started blogging with the mission of "sharing information". Anything that doesn't pass that test gets deleted.
Just figured out how to organize my blogs in google reader and it's awesome. I have 3 folders: mom blogs, deals blogs and others
I don't comment on every post but I try to build relationsips.
Out of steam!

Tasha said...

WOW! I must first say you have a ton of comments on this one. I can't remember all the questions, but will do my best to see if I can tell you how I feel.

For me I write what is on my mind. If I step on someone's toes I truly am sorry, but that is how my daddy raised speak my mind. I don't go off much, but when I am passionate about something I make it known. It is MY blog.

You know I am all over the place with my blog. And I get totally bummed out on it from time to time. That is when I excuse myself and take a break.

I don't do links up because I don't need/want the extra work. I leave all that to the really good bloggers:)

WHat the heck is Google Reader???

I do have a blog roll and those are my favorites. I may add some here and there from time to time. And also delete some as well. I can't nor have the time to keep up with tons of blogs.

I do TRY to answer back to comments, but sometimes life gets crazy. My feelings do not get hurt if someone does not comment on my comment.

Right now I am about to take a break from FB and devote more time to my blog. I get more out of my blog anyway.

Good luck on organizing your blog life!!!!

Martine said...

I censor all the time!!!

I use to be a dog blogger before I had my son, now I don't get as much traffic, but I blog now to track things for my family. One day I'll get the posts printed in a book for memories and something neat!

Good luck organizing :)

Julia said...

Wow! So much great wisdom here. I'm not sure I have anything to add, so I'll give you my thoughts. Random, just like my blogging.

-I'm all over the place with my blogging. I am a mama, and that's a huge part of my life, but I like cooking, I like crafting, my faith is important to me---so I blog about all of that. I know that probably turns people off to me b/c I am all over the place like that---sometimes it's the mama part, often I think it's the faith part---I think some people don't want to read about it. And then, there's the Christians, I offend some of them with my perspectives on things---I swear and drink. Even the non-Christians, I offend them with my swearing.

-Sometimes I just get inspired, and write, and sometimes it has nothing to do with my previous posts. I think that's just the way my mind is. And---I do this for me, so I try not to get locked in to what I "should" be writing about.

-The only thing I think about and am intentional about blogging each week is the Mama Loves. Seriously, I've found so many wonderful things that way. It's fun for me. Even if no one links up----it's still fun to do. I'd love to promote that more, but I'm uncertain how to do it. I know I've gained a lot of wisdom because of it.

-I feel like no matter how careful I am, I still miss blog posts sometimes. I wish there was a way to organize better. I think I have sort of a priority level of blogs I'd like to read. Sometimes the ones that are not so important to me run interference, and I miss the posts of the bloggers I'm more interested in reading. Which makes me really want to clean house. I'm hesitant to do that though, b/c I know how yucky it feels to see my google connect number go down. Maybe I'll just hide some blogs. You can do that, so I think that's what I might do.....not sure yet.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I was just skimming the comments to this post, and I was reminded of something about censorship, so to speak. [That sounds insidious, doesn't it?!]

I do try to write in a way that I would be OK for the girls to read one day. I am super sensitive to making one sound smarter / more advanced / more mischievous than the other. If I write about something cute B said, I try to also include something A said, for example.

On a related note, I also count the number of grapes I put on each of their plates to make sure they're equal. ;) I call myself trying to parent them as individuals, which means that not everything will always be equal...but where I can, I try.

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