Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Am

Megan of Deuces Wild & An Ace in the Hole! ran a cute post today entitled, "I Am", and she invited her readers to join in the fill-in-the-blank fun.

If you decide to play along, please let me know so I visit and learn more about who you are.


I AM...currently sick (and tired).

I WANT… next Wednesday to go well.

I HAVE...more than I ever hoped for.

I KEEP...secrets better than my sister but probably not as well as I should.
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I WISH I COULD...worry less.

I HATE...when I lose my temper and say things I don’t mean.

I FEAR...things I can’t control.

I HEAR...the Pete the Cat shoe song playing over and over in my head.

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I DON'T THINK… I will ever be a size 6 again, or 31, or caught dancing in a club near a pole (again).

I REGRET...most of my early twenties but not my early thirties.

I family, starches and carbs, naps, hot showers, clean sheets, the beach, strawberry milkshakes from DQ, and the weekend.
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I AM young as I used to be but certainly a lot wiser (see above).

I DANCE...when nobody’s watching or when I am seriously intoxicated (see above).

I the car and to my babies.

I NEVER... turn the light off when I walk out of the bathroom downstairs.

I RARELY...go to Target without buying something.
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I CRY WHEN...I think about my babies growing up, when I hear a sad song, and especially when I hear sad songs about babies growing up.

I AM NOT ALWAYS...on time. I try to be but there always seems to be forces conspiring against me.
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I HATE THAT…my husband knows it all (or at least he thinks he does).

I'M CONFUSED ABOUT... the whole Tebow controversy, the debt limit ceiling debate, who Chelsea Handler is, and tax forms.
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I NEED...more energy and a strawberry milkshake.

I SHOULD...go to bed—right after I harass my sweet, know-it-all-husband until he goes and gets me a milkshake.


senner2+2 said...

Cute! I like the dancing ones! I spent a good 20 minutes today dancing with the boys...or just dancing by myself trying to get them to dance with me!

Always Heather said...

Ok...I copied you! :)

Miss Megan said...

Mmm....I really want a strawberry milkshake now! Si!!!!! Go get me a milkshake please!!! (Who knows, I'm pregnant, so it might work...LOL!)
Love that you did this, and I love the pictures you incorporated into the post. You are so much more creative than I am =).
Loved learning about you!

jen@ living a full life said...

The whole strawberry milkshake thing makes me giggle. Was that a craving by any chance? Those things are addictive.

My mom used to crave them, drink them and then get sick after- then the next day do it all over again!

Cute post!

Johanna said...

Haha! Pete the Cat... sorry. :) Hope the kiddos like it.

RoryBore said...

Oh, I was happily munching a carrot and now I totally want a strawberry milkshake! LOL

This is a great idea - great way to get to know you better. (I burned all pre-mama dance pics! ha)

I've also passed an award on to you-- the post will be up Friday and you can come claim it :)

Kathy said...

I love the picture of you and your husband with the babies, that is a great shot! I love this, I saw this on another blog I follow. I love how you did it! Great post!! I'm sick too, and since I'm a mom I'm just doomed to suffer in silence (well not too silently!!)

I just showed my husband your last post about the destruction that happened to you last night thanks to your way too cute children! We both just cracked up! It's true, they sense weakness even at that age!!! Wait till they get taller!! Lol!!

Martine said...

What a fun post, I just did mine!

I agree about not leaving Target with out something :)

KERRY said...

I loved this!! Thanks for sharing, it's great to read more about you. I think we'd be great friends in 'real' life!!

Helene said...

This was so awesome and what a fun way to learn more about you!

The comment about you dancing near a pole cracked me up!

Chelsea Handler is hysterical...I DVR her show and watch it at night after the kids are in bed!

Susan Evans said...

In love this! Maybe I'll do this on my blog, too. That top picture is absolutely precious, by the way.

Keesha said...

Such a great idea for a post! Identified with a lot! Especially Target!
Congrats on being a featured member at VB!

Kelly said...

Hi! Found you from Deuces Wild and An Ace in the Hole! Enjoyed your question post from a few days ago!
I too have twins (11 mo b/g) and look forward to following you!

Dvr Dame said...

That's cute!

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