Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day

Waking up on our first day of school...

Breakfast before leaving for school...

Mommy's got our bags packed...

She made us pose for more pictures...

One last picture before we hit the road...

If I take my shoes off, does that mean I don't have to get out of the car?

I think I'll hang back...

Hey, we've been here before. They have toys...

Oh, yeah...

From Emily's first Daily Report:

Emily had an awesome day! She enjoyed playing with her new friends, and during art, Emily really enjoyed finger painting with the color red.

From Drew's first Daily Report:

Drew had a wonderful day! He ate all of his lunch and also enjoyed outside play. He really enjoyed finger painting with the color red.

From Mommy's first Daily Report:

Besides the one time she got teary-eyed in the car listening to "It Won't Be This Way for Long," Mommy did not cry. She did not go back in the room when Drew started to cry, and she did not call to check on them. She also let them stay almost the whole day.

Today I love that I can do hard things--like send my babies off for their first day of school--even when it makes my heart hurt.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shopping and Storms

We fared well here during the hurricane. Some wind, some rain. We lost power for about eight hours today, so the women used the power outage as an excuse to go shopping, which led us on an impromptu road trip to IKEA. In addition to some great deals, we also drove away from the bad weather. By the time we made it back, we had seen the sun and had power.

While I didn't have the babies today (thanks, Marty!), if I had taken them, I wouldn't have left home without one of my favorite mom tools, my Mama Loves for the week--the Mommy Hook.

Image Credit

This simple hook is like having four more hands. With my shopping bags and the hook, I don't even use a shopping cart at the grocery store anymore. Add in the space under the stroller seats, and I can even haul a case of water, a gallon of milk, and cereal. Sure, people look at me like I am shoplifting, but who cares?

Mom-tested and Drew approved!

What has made your week easier? What are you loving? Join Mama Loves--
Manic Mother

I love this song--always makes me sing along when I'm in the car. Given the current weather, I think it makes it a perfect choice for Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday. Check out how young this kid looks. Is he the country version of Justin Bieber??

Have a song that makes you sing? Join in the fun--

Friday, August 26, 2011

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming...

for the following updates:

1. We are happy to report that Drew's scoliosis continues to appear to be resolving. Another x-ray today revealed the curve is down to 19 degrees, which is half of what it was in April. The specialist reminded us that 90% of these cases do resolve, and everything about Drew's case makes him think he will be one of the lucky ones. We go back in six months for another x-ray. Prayers answered!

2. Tonight was Open House for the babies' new school. We met their teachers, and they explored their room. Drew loved the chairs, which gave him just the leverage he needed to climb onto the tables. Emily loved the toys, especially the light-up one. I took it as a good sign that they cried when we left. We'll see when the show goes live on Monday!

3. To celebrate a straighter spine and a successful Open House, we gave the babies their first taste of chocolate milk along with a trip to the toy store. They slurped happily as we picked up a new tea set and a music table.

4. As Hurricane Irene bears down on NC, my parents, sister, and nephew are joining us tonight for a sleep-over hurricane party. Our house doesn't have any trees around it, so we decided it's safer to hunker down here than at my parents where they are surrounded by huge, fragile pecan trees. We've got pizza, chocolate chips cookies, air mattresses, an Adam Sadler movie, internet for blogging, popcorn, coffee, the Weather Channel, milk for cookies and cereal, bread for French toast, and finally...sleeping babies.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weekly Headlines

Did small things make big news around your house this week? I'd love to hear your headlines of the week! Ginger from (not) Just Another Mom of Twins and I are thinking of co-hosting a weekly link-up of headlines. You could post any day of the week, in any format, on any topic. If it's news to you, then it's headline worthy! Anybody interested?

Please pray for us this morning as we head to UNC-CH for Drew's appointment with the pediatric orthopedist. We are praying for an improvement and the need for no further monitoring or treatment. I will post an update as soon as I can.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just a spoonful of yogurt...

makes a mess all around...

Talking to Myself

An internal conversation between my rational self and my emotional self--

I am not ready for Monday.

I know. You’ve said that several times now.

I am so not ready for Monday.

Hey, the babies have cute shoes. What more do they need??

What if they need me?

It’s not like you haven’t left them to go to work for the last 11 months.

True. But I was leaving them at home, in the own surroundings, with someone giving them one-on-one attention. I kissed them when I left. I kissed them when I got home. I got text messages with pictures of their antics during the day.

You can kiss them when you drop them off and pick them up at daycare on Monday. If you slip their teacher a couple of bucks, she may even send you a picture or two.

It’s not the same.

It’s not supposed to be.

What if I am making a mistake?

You won’t know until you try. Besides, have you thought that maybe they will really like it?


Sure, they’ll like it. Drew’s never met a stranger, and didn’t you see how Emily gravitated towards the other kids at the shoe store yesterday?

She did look happy, didn’t she?

And, think of all the things they will learn.

True, but…

But, what? You can’t keep them locked away at home forever.

I don’t keep them locked away.

You know what I mean…

What if they won’t eat the food they serve? What if Emily wants to be rocked to sleep? What if other kids bully them? What if they bully other kids? What will I do if they cry for me as I leave? Will they get sick more often? What if they fall on the playground?

Seriously?? You will drive yourself crazy with the what-ifs. Haven’t you learned yet that life doesn’t operate according to your plans?

Not only are you my rational side, apparently you are my mean side, too.

Not trying to mean. Just trying to get you to think about what you can and can’t control.

I want to control everything.

I know, but how’s that working out for you? Maybe instead of trying to control everything, you should focus on ways to make the transition easier.

Like what, smarty pants?

Um. One big change you can start thinking about is how you plan to change your morning routine to accommodate getting the babies up, getting to daycare, and getting yourself to work—before noon.

Don’t remind me. That was one of the big benefits of having them at the house.

Yeah, well, don’t feel too bad. There’s an upside to them not being there—the house will stay clean during the day for once. You might lose some time in the mornings, but think of the time you will save if you’re not picking up eight hours’ worth of toddler mess.

Guess it’s time to start packing their extra sets of clothes, labeling their supplies, planning breakfast, and resetting the alarm clock.

See. I knew you could do it.

Glad you did.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big Shoes to Fill

Next week is going to be a BIG week for the babies (and for mommy).


But, to learn what the BIG news is, you’ll have to come back tomorrow. That’s when I am going to pour my heart out about it.

Tonight, I want to share our first purchase of BIG kid’s shoes in preparation for next week’s BIG event .

Today’s BIG shoe shopping trip was complete with a professional sizing. How BIG were their feet?

Emily is wearing a 5 ½ and Drew is in a 5!

My babies are getting so BIG.

Monday, August 22, 2011

ABCs of Me

A Age I am- 35; Age I feel-25; Age I look- I don’t want to know

B BEST way to make me mad- break a promise

C COLOR of my hair- blonde (although not as blonde as when I was 25)

D DANCES I still mess up- “Macarena” and the “Electric Slide”

E EASIEST way to raise Marty’s blood pressure- say I want more kids!

F FIRST date- not until I was 16. Best. Parent. Rule. Ever.

G GREATEST part of my day- seeing my babies smile first thing in the morning
when I go into their room

H HARDEST part of my day- feeding, bathing, and getting 2 babies down for bed
on nights when it’s just me

I INTERESTING hobby I have- deep sea fishing

J JOBS I’ve had-cashier, sales clerk, teacher, tutor, education consultant,
and best one yet--mommy

K KEEPSAKE I treasure- A Miss Piggy lunchbox, Circa 1983

L LAST thing I ate- apple pie and ice cream at the Ale House—hey, I skipped
the glass of wine.


N NUMBER of times today I have gotten on computer- I am scared to count


P PLACE I want to visit next- Italy

Q QUESTION that makes me giggle- “BOY/GIRL TWINS? IDENTICAL?”

R REASONS I work- see letters M, P, V, AND Y

S SKIING- something I hope to do this winter

T TIME it takes me to get ready in the morning-20 minutes

U UNIVERSITIES I’ve attended- NC State UNC- Chapel Hill

V VACATION I have coming up- cruise

W WHAT I wish I could do better- sing

X X-RAY- what I hope Drew doesn’t have to get on Friday

Y YEAR I can retire- 2028

Z ZONKED by the end of the day, especially after letter H

Today I am participating in a blogger get-to-know-you event through voiceBoks:The Voice of Motherhood. If you're looking for a community of bloggers, check them out!

I am also linking up for Week 12 of "What I Love About Me" because, from A to Z, I love that there's only one ME.


Check out this adorable ABC book a fellow mommy blogger, finally Mom, created for her little girl. I have to make Emily and Drew one of these...It will be a great letter K to make when I am not letter Z.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

On opening up, falling down, and letting go

On opening up
In about an hour, we will open up our home to complete strangers, inviting them in to walk around, check out our floors, cabinets, and extensive stash of baby items. People I don’t know and even the nosy neighbor down the street will probably take a stroll through our home, critiquing the layout, the appliances, and color of our grass.

Yes, we are having an Open House today, hoping to drum up some interest in a market that seems to be moving slower than MaMe in the morning without coffee.

With any luck, opening our house will open the door for us to move to our new
Home Sweet Home!

To any potential buyers out there-
If you knew how much time it took me to get this house ready (with babies underfoot) for today, you would buy it out of sheer sympathy.

On falling down
About three hours ago, Emily took her first tumble down the stairs, letting out a wail that was loud even by Emily’s standards. Let’s just say that evidently my anxiety meds are working because I didn’t freak out (too much).

We are sharing blame for the accident. In the cleaning frenzy, I thought Marty was watching the babies; he thought I was. Oops.

I sound nonchalant, I know, but believe me, I wasn’t, as I frantically called the after-hours pediatrician line. The nurse gave us a list of signs to look for over the course of the next 72 hours. After checking her pupils (multiple times), giving her snack (trying to see if she was going to vomit), and running her around the house (to keep her from falling asleep), we think she’ll be okay. As my dad would say, she was ready to “bite the dog that bit her” as she and Drew clamored for the stairs just a little while later.

To any potential buyers out there—the stairs are apparently well-cushioned and toddler-tested.

On letting go
About 24 hours ago, I let go of a mound of paper, purging what took 15 years, five jobs, and one forest to collect.

The best part of having the house on the market is that we try to keep things relatively straight in case we get a last-minute showing. However, clutter has a way of sneaking up on you, and nowhere was this fact more apparent than our office closet. The walk-in closet was overflowing with a massive collection of teaching materials. The filing cabinet bulged; the crates bowed. It’s time to go digital.

Here’s a glimpse at just one of the three piles:

I couldn’t bring myself to throw out the various unit plans. Surely, I would incur the wrath of the English teacher powers-that-be if I tossed plans for The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Modern American poetry. Oh, the horror!

So, I kept a few things. Okay, about 50 things. But…

I am emailing all of my teacher friends to offer any of the remaining units to a safe, loving home. Consider yourself included, dear blog reader. If you need novel unit plans for 6-12 English/Language Arts, email me. If I have it, it’s yours.

To any potential buyer out there—you won’t find bigger, nicer closets in any of the comparables in the area. Seriously, check out the sturdy built-in shelves. You know you want them.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


This week I am linking up with Julia from Pontifications of a Twin Mom for her fabulous new meme: Mama Loves. Each Saturday she invites mamas to share “one or several things that have helped make "mama-ing" just that much better during the week.”

Manic Mother

This week, I am loving my new Pampered Chef Mango Wedger!

The babies love mango; unfortunately, MaMe doesn’t love cutting them up. I struggled to find a good way to cut it up so I wasn’t wasting half of the precious fruit. We usually end up with a mangled mango mess.

Not anymore!

The mango wedger makes easy business of slicing a mango. Here is a quick demo from my very own “test” kitchen!

Warning: Handle the wedger with extra care. I was so giddy with excitement over my new kitchen tool that I didn't pay enough attention while washing the wedger. Let's just say it will slice your finger just as easily as it does a mango.

Since I have mango on the brain, I picked a mango-inspired song by one of my favorite artists for my Song That Make Us Sing Saturday choice. Thanks Ginger from (not) Just Another Mom of Twins and Rebecca from Because I'm the Mommy for reminding me to sing every Saturday!

Songs That Make Us Sing

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