Friday, April 29, 2011

Headlines from the Week

Poo discovered in tub, culprit still at large


Bath tub drained after poo contamination

Tot pops lip, hardwood floor found guilty

Wine wins big on Wednesday

Wave of separation anxiety sweeps house

Babies march to the beat of their new drum

Apple & spinach puffs declared Snack of the Week

Local mom logs 3 walks in 1 week and sets a new personal record

"Feel the Salsa Rhythm" tops baby music chart

10 month old girl found in swing; authorities yet to determine how

Breaking news: 10 month old girl climbs into swing with no help

Hottest new baby game: crawling behind TV while parents scream STOP

Little Pink spokesbabies meet with founder

Sleep trumps royal wedding watching


Royal, what?

Baby deletes mom blog entry--twice--and laughs

Weekend Forecast: Sunny with a a strong chance of fun at the park

Saturday, April 23, 2011

ME! Challenge: Breathe in, Breathe out

Linking up again with Dolli-Mama at Life Not Finished to share how I have carved out some ME time this week and used it to recharge.

Earlier in the week, I wrote about the emergency trip from the park to Walgreen's for baby food after I left the diaper bag at home. While in line, a magazine caught my eye. Maybe it was the title: Real Simple. Maybe it was the bright yellow flower on the front cover. Or it could have been the headline calling to me: "Energize Your Life." Regardless of what promo technique worked its magic, I succumbed and actually bought a hardcopy of a magazine. As someone who reads almost everything online, buying a magazine in a store was a rare treat.

I still haven't read the whole thing. I read a little after feeding the babies at the park while we waited for Marty to finish playing ball. I picked up this great idea called a Mom Book. The writer suggests creating a homemade book in which your children write or draw something for you on holidays as a gift as opposed to buying you something. She explains, "In every volume, my kids have drawn pictures, written poems, pasted photos, and penned letters. Sometimes their lives and hearts are so full they consume two or three pages. Each entry is dated and signed, even if just with the mark of a thumb in tempera paint."

I love this idea and hope to start a book this Mother's Day.

This morning I was able to read for a couple of minutes, and I picked up a piece of interesting piece of "mom" trivia.

What is the most number of children born to one mother?

Are you ready?

Sit down.


And Moms of Multiples, get ready for this factoid.

This Russian mom, between 1725-1765, had 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets, and four sets of quads.

There are times when there really are no words.

I checked the issue to make sure this wasn't the April Fool's Day edition. Nope.

In addition to using my ME time to learn new things through my very own copy of a magazine, I also did something that comes naturally for most of us. I breathed. More specifically, I practiced controlled breathing. My goal for this week is to spend at least 5 minutes a day practicing conscious breathing. It's amazing how I take breathing for granted and how something so basic and simple can make me feel so much better.

Now, I have an hour or so before it's bedtime and then Easter. I think I am going to use my last free hour today to take a bath, breathe, and read some more of my magazine.

I hope you all have a blessed Easter Sunday!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Saving the Trees-One Crib at a Time

~In honor of Earth Day~

We are wrapping up week number 2 of sleeping through the night in their cribs, and we are happy to report that the babies are doing really well. We no longer need a bedtime bottle. We have shortened the amount of time spent crying before falling asleep, and for the most part, they sleep, on average, ten hours straight.

Drew’s crib, on the other hand, hasn’t fared quite as well.

The once- beautiful cherry wood sleigh crib has been mauled by a Drew Bear.

What It Should Look Like

What It Looks Like

The Culprit

We needed a solution to save the crib and the Bear’s digestive tract.

Luckily, I found a cheap, easy solution on Baby Rabies. It’s a cloth rail cover. All you need is some quilted fabric, regular fabric, some ribbon, and a mom with a sewing machine willing to sew it all together. (If you're in the market for Cars fabric, I have lots left over).

Special thanks to Jill @ Baby Rabies for the idea and to my mom for her time and sewing skills.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

There's a First Time for Everything

Last weekend we took our first-ever “MaMe only” vacation. We headed to the beach to celebrate the end of a pretty rough couple of weeks. That’s right. Our first trip with just the four of us…

This weekend contained lots of firsts:

Babies’ first trip to Myrtle Beach—I would say it reminded me of my first trip to Myrtle Beach, but no, it didn’t. This time was way different. I am not in high school. This time, I was sober, I didn’t jump in a pool with my clothes on, and we didn't cruise the strip.

Our first hotel stay with crawling babies—Yes, the whole experience was trying for a germa- phobe like me. There was much cringing and hand-wiping that first night. I eventually decided to just shut the bathroom door and let the rest go.

First time we really missed the cribs-- The crib training seems to have worked a little too well since the babies did not sleep well at all in their Rock and Play bassinets. It was a good run. In related news, we gave away one of the sleepers on Monday. Good bye, dear friend, and best of luck in your new home with Shannon and Baby L. It was a good run.

The babies’ first trip to a pancake house--They ate quite a bit of their pancakes despite the pancake shrapnel they left in their wake. Wow, bottles were so much neater.

Our first beach trip to Target—Of course, we didn’t remember to pack everything, and really, what trip is complete without a trip to Target. We bought our first-ever swim diapers, sunglasses, hats, new swim trunks for Drew that were too cute to pass up, and more food. The beach always makes you hungry.

Babies’ first time on the beach—While mommy was happy to get her toes in the sand, Emily and Drew were equally happy getting a nice, big handful in their mouths. If babies learn by putting things in their mouths, my kids are going to be geniuses.

Babies’ first time in a pool—The hotel had a great indoor pool area, and we were lucky to have the kiddie pool all to ourselves. As is often the case, Emily was ready for a nap right about the time we got in the pool. While she wasn’t overly excited, she didn’t melt down either. Drew had this serious look on his face the whole time.

First family nap—
We had a big morning, and we all crashed in the double bed for a midday nap. Being a semi-professional napper, I often get both babies down with me for naps, but this was the first time Marty joined us. It was pure perfection even if there wasn’t any room to turn over.

First trip to Margaritaville- The babies were definitely the cutest little Parrotheads in the whole place.

First trip to aquarium—Emily and Drew loved the colorful fish. I loved watching how curious they were about everything.

First time Drew tried to eat my diamond—So, I take off my rings to put on their sunscreen. Next thing I know, Drew has my diamond ring in his mouth. That would have been one pricey poo.

Another big first is coming up soon—the babies’ FIRST birthday! Yikes!

We decided to keep the beach theme going for their first birthday party. We are doing a Backyard Beach Bash, and we’re teaming up with Cousins Kaelyn and Tanner who both have birthdays around the same time. It’s going to be big time fun. Picture inflatable waterslides, kiddie pools, sprinklers, an ice cream truck, bubble machine…

We’re still working on the details, but here is a sneak peek at their FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY invitation. Mark the date, grab your sunscreen lotion. We're taking this party to the ocean!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Walk in the Park

With highs in the 80s today, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and get out of the house this afternoon with a trip to the park.

While Marty played ball, the babies and I took the jogging stroller for a nice, easy walk. First stop--swings!

We walked the trails, talked, and sang. Emily tried to steal Drew's toy even though she had one of her own. It was one of those picturesque scenes. It was the perfect walk in the park--

right up to the point where I realized I had forgotten the diaper bag, which contained the snacks. And the bottles.

Being the quick- thinking mommy that I am, I hustled to the car, threw the babies in their car seats, and ditched the stroller with Marty. We'd just run right down the street and pick up some food. No big deal.

Well, apparently, said drug store doesn't have BIG shopping carts. Without the stroller, there was no way I was fitting two car seats into one shopping cart or two babies in the seat. I didn't even contemplate carrying both in my arms. Maybe one in the cart and one in my arms?

Oh, how I have been spoiled by the big double BJ's Warehouse shopping cart!

Again, my problem-solving skills were in high gear today because I grabbed two carts, put a baby in each, and made a cart train that chugged straight to the baby food aisle. You should have seen the looks on the faces of the cashiers. I heard them talking about me over the screams of hungry children.

Food, plastic spoons, puffs, and mum-mums...check. I cracked open the box before we even reached the check-out. Ah. Quiet except for the sweet peaceful crunching.

They were happy enough by the time we reached the parking lot that I decided to snap a picture of the cart train.

After a quick ride back to the park, we finished supper in the car since I was stroller-less. We gave new meaning to the term "fast food."

Another mum-mum for dessert, and we officially saved this park trip from ruin. Check out their orange faces. Yep. No wipes either. They didn't mind.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Beach Bound and NOT Down

Here's a quick update before MaMe hits the road for a much-needed, impromptu beach get-away.

Drew had an appointment with the pediatric orthopedist at UNC-CH this morning to get a second opinion on his early-onset scoliosis diagnosis.

As I shared before, early onset scoliosis is rare, often self-resolving, and potentially fatal in its progressive form. Getting a solid diagnosis and early treatment is crucial since things can either get better or get way worse. This site has some great information about infantile scoliosis.

After talking last week with the doctor from Shriners, who personally called to follow up from a phone conversation we had the week prior, we were assured that we were in good hands with Dr. Henderson at UNC-CH. He knew Dr. Henderson and felt we would get a solid second opinion, and if needed, he would direct us back to Shriners where Drew could receive casting treatment.

So much depended on today's appointment.

Dr. Henderson confirmed Drew does have infantile idiopathic scoliosis, which is essentially a fancy term for baby scoliosis that has no known cause. Nothing congenital.

That was the bad news.

The good news, according to Dr. Henderson, is that 95% of infantile idiopathic scoliosis cases do resolve on their own. Nothing, like his ribs, indicates that Drew's is progressive. He didn't feel the curve was as bad as the standing assisted x-ray, and he also reaffirmed how flexible Drew's curve really is.

At this time, he recommends a follow-up x-ray in 4-6 months to make sure it hasn't progressed.

I know we are not in the clear until we know for sure the curve isn't worsening. But, we are going to trust for now that we are one of the 95%.

To celebrate, we decided to take off for Myrtle Beach. I need to get my toes in the water and my hiney in the sand.

Life is good today.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Promise I Didn't Pay Them

When I started this blog, I had no expectations that anyone other than Emily and Drew (and maybe some family) would actually read it. About a month or so ago, I started interacting more on the Multiples and More Blog, and through that site, I found some great blogs and great moms. In addition to writing my MaMe Musings, I used late nights in front of the TV to follow these blogs.

About a month ago, right as all chaos broke loose around here, Holly of Twins Plus One gave me my first blog award. Responding, as a grateful mommy should, took a backseat to just trying to get through the day.

Today, another one of my favorite bloggers, Jenner, of Jennerally Speaking gave me another thoughtful award.

Each requires that I post 5-7 random things about myself and then pass the award on to five of my favorite bloggers. With my limited time, if I follow a blog, you know I like it, and I don’t follow a ton, so I am going to take a pass and give the award to all on my blog list (see left side bar).

Now, for the speech…I would like to thank Holly and Jenner for thinking of me and my little ole blog. To my readers, thank you for indulging me as I talk shamelessly about my babies. My fellow bloggers, thank you for making my life a little richer through your writing and your comments. And, finally, thank you to my babies, Emily and Drew, for being the real muses behind MaMe Musings :-)

1. I love to go deep sea fishing. I co-own a boat, the Reel Cheap, with my dad and my sister. It gets its name from the fact that (1) it was "real" cheap and (2) I am “real” cheap. With gas prices these days, filling it up certainly isn’t cheap, but hopefully, we’ll find the time and the spare cash for a few trips out to WR-2 this year for a little bass, dolphin, and grouper fishing.
My new boat--Reel Cheap

2. I love to travel. In my “spare” time, I research trips. I keep a running list of places I want to go. This year I want to go back to NYC with my mom and sister for a girls’ weekend. In the States, I want to go to Boston and California. Abroad, Italy and Ireland top the list. Of course, we are always planning a cruise.

3. If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t quit work altogether. Besides spending money on travel, I wouldn’t do anything too extravagant. I’d like to be able to start my own consulting business and work at my own pace. Volunteer. I could also home school Emily and Drew and use the money to make the world their classroom. Now I just need to start buying lottery tickets...

4. I am afraid of big trucks and death and not exactly because one can cause the other. Being afraid of big trucks makes driving long distances for work on a daily basis more of a challenge. Just today, one pulled right on over in front of my little Honda. And, that brings me to my fear of death. I am afraid of dying, and I think this fear contributes to my hypochondria. It’s not the hereafter that worries me; it’s the fear of not being here for my children and/or loving my family and friends so much that I want them here with me.

5. My husband and I have the same middle name. His is spelled “Ray,” and mine is spelled “Rae.” I am named after my daddy, and Marty is named after his grandfather. We know six people in our immediate family with the middle name, “Ray/Rae.” While both Emily (Anne) and Andrew (Elliott) have middle names that come from family names, neither has the middle name Ray. Anne is for my mom and sister, and Elliott is for my husband’s sister and her husband. It was just a nice coincidence that their initials are the same—only reversed.

6. When I fret over Emily and Drew’s childhood bumps and bruises, I need to remember I sustained quite a few freakish injuries and survived—a broken jaw from failing on a coffee table while playing clumsy ballerina, a scarred psyche from being accidentally locked in a store after it closed, a gash in the head requiring stitches from a whack from a hoe (the garden variety), a broken arm from a run-in with a big Buick going ~35 miles an hour. Sorry, Mama, for all of the worry I caused you. I get it now.

7. I hate having my picture taken. My smile is always crooked, my hair just not right, my double chin just too obvious. Marty hates getting his picture made, too, so we have very few pictures of us together. Here is one of us that I love.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby Genuises

I am one proud mommy.

Today, my babies received their first certificates of achievement. They are officially Kindermusik Sign and Sing, Session A, GRADUATES!

(Or also known as class completers,
babies who don't quit, and
kids who go and do what their mommy tells them to do.)

Regardless, they made it! And we have the certificates to prove it!

Today marked another milestone that I also feel is certificate-worthy. The babies slept ALL NIGHT in THEIR CRIBS for the FIRST time EVER! That's right! We ALL slept through the night. For that, here's their award!

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