Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree(s)

After a problem-solving session in which Marty and I brainstormed ways we were going to keep the babies out of the Christmas trees, we decided to forgo the plan of 12 foot baby gates and motion detectors, and just go for it. We went for broke...

We have 3, yes 3, trees this year at our house.

The main tree where Santa will leave all of the presents...notice how the bottom is conspicuously missing most of its ornaments. Apparently telling Drew the ornaments are "hot," has failed to be a long-term deterrent.

The upstairs tree, safely secluded from the babies' curious grasps

and, a new addition to our family's Christmas tradition: the babies' own tree.

"Oh, what fun it is to ride...a Christmas tree box???"


In my MaMe Christmas traditions' daydream, I envisioned a tree for the babies' where each year we could add to it with ornaments they made and/or ornaments that reflected their hobbies and interests. This year, for the sake of convenience, I opted for pink and blue shatterproof balls. As soon as we took them out, I realized I had inadvertently picked just the right ornament for this year. Because you know how the babies like balls...we'll probably still be finding Christmas balls, at Easter, when they are 10.

Emily jumped in and started decorating. (She must have inherited her mommy's love of Christmas decorating!) She just needs to work on ornament placement and spacing. She crammed all the balls into one spot. Hey, it's her tree. I gave her the artistic freedom!

Drew eventually quit riding the Christmas tree box like it was a horse and cramming the balls into an ornament box long enough to help put a few ornaments on the tree. He had much more fun taking them back off (and cramming them into a box).

Here is the finished tree. It stayed this way for approximately one night. Part of our bedtime routine now is lighting the tree, removing ornaments, and placing them back on the tree before we unplug it and say goodnight.

And for those of you following the tale of the BAG that was left behind:

To the nice UPS man who visited yesterday, it was just an ordinary package like hundreds of others in his truck.

To me, it was an early visit from Old St. Nick!

Today's the last day to enter the Christmas movie giveaway! To enter, just leave a comment telling us your favorite Christmas movie HERE.


Tasha said...

Love all the trees. We did the tree thing in the boys' room was much smaller and WAY UP HIGH! You are a brave and FUN Momma!!!
Enjoy your weekend!

senner2+2 said...

I love the tree in their room...we have a little 3 footer that I wanted to put in the boys room but my husband nixed that idea...hmm, there is still time I could just put it up anyway!
Oh and I love that Drew was riding the box...that is totally what my boys did with our box!

Samantha said...

All the trees are great!

christina said...

i love that they have their own tree- what a great idea! :)

Helene said...

You are so much wiser than I was when my babies were younger. We would put up just one tree but put the baby gate around it...they always figured out how to get behind the gate and into the tree. I can't even tell you how many ornaments they broke!

I love that you have 3 trees and the one for them is totally their size!! They are so cute!!!

BTW, I love that shade of red on your walls in your first pic! It looks like such a comforting and cozy color!

Johanna said...

You crack me up. I have a friend who tells her son that the bathroom stalls are 'hot' so he won't touch anything when she goes to the restroom and has to drag him in. :)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I am IMPRESSED with the tree in the babies' room!!! We don't even have our (one) tree up yet...but hope to remedy that today.

So glad you finally got your bag! :)

Miss Megan said...

I love that they have their own tree! What an awesome idea! Wish I'd have thought of that =).
As for "hot"...we haven't even come close to mastering that and thinking that's a bad thing (think, momma says hot so Olivia sticks her hand in the cup of coffee I am referring to)...hopefully sometime that will end up being an effective deterrent! Maybe next year? LOL =)

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