Saturday, December 10, 2011

Emily the Red- Nosed Toddler

...or why you haven't gotten a picture Christmas card from us yet.

Emily had an unfortunate encounter with the carpet this week--the same week I had planned to have pictures taken for our Christmas cards. Hopefully, her nose will be picture-perfect again by next weekend.

If not, we might just go with the reindeer look.

Speaking of red-nosed reindeer, how great is the Dean Martin version of this classic Christmas tune??

Happy to link-up for a little Christmas caroling with Ginger and Becca for another Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday!

Congratulations to Kristy, the winner of the Favorite Christmas movie giveaway!

It's my pleasure to send a little Griswold your way this Christmas!


Julia said...

Poor Emily. When I was getting my one year pictures taken, when I was little, I fell on the curb getting into the car. So---I have a huge fat lip in all my pictures.

Makes for a good story, anyway. :)

Kathy said...

Poor Emily!!! It always works out that whenever I have a picture planed that is when someone falls and gets hurt! I like the reindeer look!! Lol!! I love the Dean Martin version too! Enjoy!

Liz said...

It never fails! Every time we have something, a birthday party, a trip to Disney, family pictures, someone does something to their face. Girl, you just got to roll with it. It will be a memory!

Rebecca Burton said...

Sorry about the kiddo but GREAT segue.

Thanks for linking up with us this weekend!

Johanna said...

Yep - every time you want a good picture! Grayden fell on the fireplace the day before her first birthday, so black eye for all of the party pics. It's kind of Gray's M.O. so I think it's funny now. And I've gotten VERY good at airbrushing injuries out of photos. :)

She sure is a cute little reindeer, though!

Beth said...

Poor little Emily!

Will was absolutely the worst at that! I would schedule pictures weeks in advance, get his haircut and pick out the perfect outfit. Then the night before he would fall and bust his lip or get a giant goose egg on his forehead. Usually, we ended up getting the pictures with the injuries, but luckily kids heal quickly! If nothing else, that reindeer pic is pretty darn cute!

jen@ living a full life said...

My son Matthew always had a huge bump in the middle of his forehead, I swear it just never went away. At least we could do bangs with him, but that nose!

blueviolet said...

LOL! Your little reindeer nose made me laugh!

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