Friday, November 18, 2011

Week in Review

Drew and Emily are both talking. Some popular words this week include: da-da, ma-ma, all done, sissy, up, yes, and Emily’s favorite: no.

Both babies love reading. Some days, we read Itsy Bitsy Spider ten times. Other days it’s Up and Down with Clifford. Last weekend, we went to Barnes and Noble to pick out some new books because Mommy and Daddy are tired of Itsy and Clifford Emily and Drew wanted some new reads. We bought some great touch and feel books that work on animals and other common everyday objects.

All of this reading seems to be paying off because the babies are learning so many words. When we read their touch and feel books, they can point to so many of the objects. Emily loves to point to the shoes and say shoooes. Marty is worried this early proclivity towards shoes does not bode well!

Even when we’re not reading Itsy Bitsy, there’s a good chance Emily’s singing it. She also likes to sing her ABCs. We’ve got the tune. Now we just need to add the letters!

Emily has started wearing her hair in a little ponytail every day. It’s super cute and we have even managed to make it all day without her ripping the bow out. However, our cute hair days may be coming to an end for a while because…

Emily expanded her palate this week by eating the rubber band that held her pretty ponytail. When I asked her if she ate it, she enthusiastically said, YES!

They are hugging and kissing on demand. Nothing is sweeter to me than to see the two of them hug each other. My heart swells with pride when I tell them to hug everyone bye and then watch as they happily give hugs and kisses. Their teachers told me this week that they really are the most loving babies. What more could I ask for??

Being apart really isn’t something Drew and Emily experience all that often. After I took Emily to dance and Marty took Drew with him to run errands, we realized how few times we have taken them anywhere separately.

Emily and Drew are also getting really good at throwing things, most commonly balls and tantrums.

Drew lovesridinghis battery-operated four wheeler. If he gets loose in the garage, he goes straight for his helmet. Glad we’ve taught him safety first!

I am working on a special holiday blog series that centers around the "gifts" we all possess. My idea is to have guest bloggers share an idea/story/tip/etc that illuminates their individual gifts and is related to the holiday season in some way.

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Do you...

  • have a gift for hospitality? Why not share a recipe, tips for creating a meal on a budget, ways to survive the holidays?

  • have a gift of a reflective spirit? Want to share something important you have realized about the holidays? A touching story from your past?

  • have the gift of humor? Have a funny story to tell? A how-to guide to surviving holiday stress?

  • have a gift for ministry? How about sharing ways you remember and remind your family of the real meaning of the season?

  • have a gift of creativity? What about sharing craft ideas for the kids, holiday decorating on a budget, or your one-of-a-kind Christmas tree?

The beautiful thing is you don't have to be anybody but the fabulous YOU that you already are. I would love to include as many of my readers as possible. (You don't have to be a regular blogger--I've already recruited my mom and sister!)

You just have to be willing to share your light.

Want to share your GIFTS with MaMe Musings' readers? Email me. Want to participate but unsure of what to write about? Email me :-)


blueviolet said...

Your two darlings sound like so much fun to watch. They're really into all kinds of fun things these days, aren't they? :)

I had to laugh at the eating of the rubber band though!

Kathy said...

I remember getting so excited when my daughters hair was long enough to start doing the baby pony tail!! Toddlers pick odd things to eat don't they? I sounds like they are doing so great!! I'm so happy for you and your husband!! Enjoy!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This sounds like a wonderful series!

Dvr Dame said...

Your such a good mom. I just barely started getting in the habit of reading to my kids.

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