Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wardrobe Malfunction

(or yet another reason I suck as a dance mom).

Tonight Emily and I had our second Mommy and Me dance class.

Despite our best attempts to arrive early, traffic refused to cooperate, and we arrived with just a couple of minutes to spare.

Despite my best intentions to buy Emily's gear before tonight, I found myself in the dance studio's shop trying to find a leotard and ballet slippers in the five short minutes we had before the class started.

I quickly stuffed Emily into her cute new outfit, crammed her feet into her cute new slippers, grabbed the tags and baby, and headed to the front desk to pay for all of the cuteness before Daddy could see the tags class started.

We danced with teddy bears, shook tambourines, waved scarves, and pretended to be animals.

And Emily showed her butt--literally.

As she went up to get our instruments, she bent over and showed the class not the bottom of her cute leotard but the bottom of her Pamper.

In a class of toddlers and harried parents, no one really noticed or cared.

But as she walked back, I was confused as to what had happened to the bottom of a brand new leotard.

I picked her up, lifted the skirt, and realized the problem wasn't with the outfit at all.

Apparently, in our rush to get dressed, Mommy missed a leg and ended up sticking two legs through one hole.

Without being too obvious, I tried to pull one leg back out and put it back through the right hole.

Unfortunately, legs don't come out as easy as they go in.

Fortunately, Emily didn't seem to mind. So, we just pulled down the leotard and danced on.

Hopefully, next week we will get there on time, with all appendages through proper holes, and with a camera in in hand. Until then, here's picture of Emily's first leotard and ballet shoes. We especially like the skirt since it will hide the fact that the right leg whole is twice as big as the left.


Beth said...

That is an adorable dance outfit! Luckily, Emily is still little enough to get away with her bottom sticking out of her dress. Now, if you show the whole class your butt, you may need to find another class ;-)

The Mommy & Me dance class sounds like so much fun! Enjoy it!

jen@ living a full life said...

I wouldn't be to hard on myself Melissa, it is so cool that you two are doing this together, and that's what she'll remember!

Johanna said...

Cute little leotard... your next assignment is to get a picture of Emily IN it. :) I bet she's cute as a button, whether or not she's wearing it correctly. I once put Gray in her swimsuit backwards. She looked like one of those wrestler dudes with the spandex onesies.

Oh, and please tell me you have to wear a leotard too...

Brad Jenkins said...

I'm picturing her with two legs through one hole - how was she not dancing like a pogo stick?

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I have done this with JDaniel's jeans. I hope he starts putting them on himself soon.

Kristy said...

Oh goodness! If I ever see a mom having a problem like that, I'm just grateful that others are as harried as I am!

RoryBore said...

my daughter is squealing over that dance outfit! she wants to take dance sooo bad. but I insisted on swim lessons first. but seeing the outfit cuteness....I think mommy is going to break her own rule!

and since she can dress herself...any "malfunctions" cannot be blamed on mommy :)

blueviolet said...

That is just too funny!!!

Kristen said...

Haha! I love it! That is the funniest story ever. I needed a good laugh tonight. Wait until you see my MMLM pics for this week... we are really SOUL SISTERS. <3

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

So funny! I have dressed the girls the wrong way before, and now they do it to themselves. It's one of those things that is funny, but I kinda feel bad laughing (at least in front of them!). :)

What a cool class! I hope you two enjoy it together...and definitely get pictures of that baby girl in that outfit for us soon!

Shell said...

How cute is that outfit!

At least it was just a diaper she was showing. :)

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