Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like...


With Thanksgiving behind us, I quickly shifted into Christmas mode when I joined the ferocious crowds for a little Black Friday deal hunting. I must admit, I don't do it for the deals (although I love a good one) as much as I do it for the sport. Every year my sister and I strategically plan our shopping route based on when stores open, proximity, and best deals.

This year's trip started at 10pm Thanksgiving night, included a total of six stores and two cups of coffee, and ended around 5am Friday morning. With the IKEA trip a few weeks ago and yesterday's shopping marathon, I am happy to report we are almost finished with the babies' Christmas shopping. I've met with Santa and here's some of what he's bringing the babies this year:

A kitchen set. They need to see someone cooking.

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Play food. I passed on the pizza set and stuck with the healthy food groups instead. They'll learn how to order that soon enough.
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A bowling set. I'm really excited about this set although Marty is betting the pins will be missing by Christmas night.
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Puzzles. Santa will also be delivering several of these puzzles. We opted for the wood ones since Emily likes to eat the paper puzzle pieces.
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A doll bed. Emily has discovered baby dolls and loves them! She's getting this cute doll bed and a baby stroller. We're both betting that Em and Drew spend more time in the bed and stroller than the baby doll.
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A loader. Drew loves anything with wheels. If it has wheels, he'll try to sit on it and ride it--regardless of the size. If it doesn't have wheels (chairs, coat racks, baskets), he'll still try to push it all around like it does. I wanted to find him a large (plastic) dump truck but haven't had any luck yet. I did find this cool loader at Target. He'll either love the sound effects or be scared silly.
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Bath crayons.Stocking stuffers for 18 months olds are tough since I don't want to fill them with candy I won't let them eat or junk that they will try to eat. I was excited to find these bath crayons that are perfect for toddler hands.
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I still need to pick up some books and a couple more stocking stuffers. Oh, and shop for everyone else on our list...It was so easy to get carried away on just buying for the babies (even though Marty and I said we wouldn't)...

Score any big deals on Black Friday? What will Santa be bringing your little ones this year? Any good recommendations for books or stock stuffers?

What are you loving this Christmas?

Manic Mother

When I picked this song, I had visions that our house would look a lot like Christmas. Currently, it looks like about 10 plastic tubs of decorations exploded, leaving tangled, burned out lights, assorted Christmas balls, an artificial tree in three pieces, and glitter in its wake. Decorating was so much easier when the babies weren't mobile and Mommy wasn't moody. I gave up, cracked open a nice bottle of red, and started blogging. I think I'll just close my eyes and listen to a little Buble now...


Just Another Mom of Twins said...

WoW!!! Great gifts! We got the twins a Kitchen and food for Christmas too...great minds think alike I tell ya...

Love the song...makes me want to get on that decorating around here!


Beth said...

Love the gifts and love Michael Buble!

It is way too easy to go crazy buying gifts for the kids. Try to show some restraint, then have fun with all of the goodies!

Miss Megan said...

Bath crayons are a great idea! So getting some of those for my girls - thanks for sharing! As for what else is going in their stockings, well, so far it's just socks (LOL)...but, I have such a hard time finding socks that stay on the girls feet so I bought some of the stride right kick proof socks and they work like charms! So...they came in cute little 3 packs that will fit perfectly in stockings...not glamorous, but...also, the girls will be getting their own cute little toothbrushes =). That's as far as I've gotten for stockings...I had the same problem with gifts though! Went out Black Friday thinking I would get maybe 1-2 things for the girls and ended up with at least 5! Geez! Now to shop for everyone else...oye!

Jen W said...

We have the food groups play food and the Ikea play food and my boys love them both. We also have a half dozen of the wooden puzzles, also a hit. The bath crayons work best on dry tub walls, which doesn't make much sense but they are crazy about them. They draw most when they are in the tub clothed.
For Easter we got the boys, err, the bunny got the boys a dump truck and a recycling truck made by Green Toys, they are both made from recycled milk containers and are really sturdy. They love to load blocks in and dump them out. They aren't fancy or battery operated, just simple, well-made toys. We got them from amazon.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Those looks like great gifts! Our girls got a kitchen last year, and they play with it every single day. I'm laughing about the play food, though...that seems to be a really deep subject for me, for some reason. ;) I really struggled to find food for the girls, as I don't want them playing with JUNK! I'm quite sure I'm over-thinking it...but that's just me, I guess. ;)

Our girls have really enjoyed puzzles over the past year, too. It was between 15 and 18 months that they really "got" the concept, and they've just grown since then. We have some great wooden puzzles, which the girls can play with themselves. For any cardboard ones, though, those are taken out under direct supervision, though, as they'd surely get eaten (or at least bent beyond recognition) pretty quickly. :/

And I may have to add those bowling pins to our list. Hubby has invented several similar games for the girls with random stuff in the den, but I think they might enjoy an actual play set.

And in any case, seeing all these goodies just makes me want to go shopping! :) :) Glad you had a fun time with your sis...what a great tradition!

[And I'll take this opportunity to say again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAMA!]

Dvr Dame said...

The kids still need to write letters to Santa. Good luck with the rest of your shopping.

blueviolet said...

Wow, you were up all night scoring all that? Go you! Must be nice to have it nearly done. :)

Shell said...

You found some great things! I have no clue what to get my kids for Christmas this year.

Becky Jane said...

Looks like your kids will have fun Christmas morning! My kids love the Little Golden Books. I found them in a book collection series (lots of stories in 1 book)on Amazon!

Merry Christmas!

Brad Jenkins said...

Some pretty great ideas in here!

I'm thinking of sending this to family members to encourage them to buy larger toys. I don't know how long all the lego pieces will be around - maybe we've already lost one or two and I just don't know it.

Your comment about pieces missing by Christmas night is dead on. We have several toys where one part is missing - ring stacking is tough when the middle ring is gone!

If you give them a few weeks, they'll be able to order food online so no need to call in an order.

Julia said...

Yay for Christmas ideas! Our girls are getting a play kitchen (yet to be assembled) for Christmas too. I'm so, so excited for them to see it! :)

Those TaDoodles sound perfect! I've never heard of them before. The perfect "cure" for my OCD tendencies to organize crayons in a box. Ha!

Puzzles are big favorite around here too. They definitely have stood the test of time.

Melissa, I so appreciate your loyalty to Mama Loves! Thank you!

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