Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am FINALLY trying to update Em and Drew's baby books. You'd think this information would be easy to find, but it's NOT! Can you sense my desperation?? I can't stand having lines that are blank! My Type A personality is going crazy!

Can someone with a better memory than me help? Can you recall any of the following for JUNE 8, 2010???

(OR just 2010 in general??)


Popular twins

famous actors/actresses

sports figures

blockbuster movies

musical groups

tv shows


fashion trends

A gallon of milk cost

loaf of bread

gallon of gas

postage stamp

price of slice of pizza

movie ticket


double scoop of ice cream

one diaper


Dvr Dame said...

Maybe this might help:

famous twins
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

blockbuster movie
Toy Story 3, great movie btw

best tv shows of 2010
Breaking Bad, Modern Family, and Mad Men

I hope that helps.

jen@ living a full life said...

I remember the price of gas was around the $2.75-$2.85 range that summer here in the Richmond area. Don't i wish it was that now! Hope this helps....

Cathy said...

Check this out

I hope that helps.

Johanna said...

Here is my end of the year blog post for 2010:

Here are the answers from my area (Texas) - I'm sure your local prices varied a little bit... and depending on brand:
Minivan - 20-80,000 (kia or mercedes?) :)
Movie ticket - $9 (adult ticket)
Gallon of milk - $3.79
42 cent postage stamp
Diapers - 36 pack of Pampers swaddlers newborns was 10.79, so I guess 1 diaper would be about 30cents.

popular twins: Mary Kate & Ashley; Zac & Cody (Dylan & Cole Sprouse); Fred & George Weasely in Harry Potter; The twin singers of Good Charlotte; Jenna & Barbara Bush

Sports figures: I would choose local heroes (I put Dallas Cowboys/Mavs/Spurs players. :)

Might also check the consumer price index for historical data

RoryBore said...

I can barely remember last week LOL
But I think it is such an amazing thing you are doing to have this book. so cool.

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