Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Confessional

On crude humor

I confess…I laughed (inwardly) at the lady who passed gas during yoga last night.

I confess…I totally expect to pass gas soon in class because you know what they say about karma.

I confess…In an attempt to contain them and keep them from tearing my bathroom apart, I put the babies in the tub this morning while I got ready (just two feet away). I may have kept my bathroom clean, but one of them, umm, pooped in the tub when I wasn’t looking. So much for trying to save time. Next time, I will gladly take the other mess.

On being a domestic goddess

I confess… I have completed my yearly massacre of the fall porch mums.

I confess…I don’t know which looks worse, the dead mums or the rotten painted pumpkin.

On being overprotective and fiercely loyal

I confess…I stuck my nose in business that I shouldn’t have (despite my husband’s warnings to stay out of it).

I confess…I did it out of love and conviction (and a little bit of anger).

I confess…I should probably put myself on Facebook restriction for a while.

On being Super Mommy

I confess…I took two 17 month olds to an indoor bounce playground this morning by myself.

I confess…I fell down while trying to take two impatient babies up the big slide at the same time.

I confess…I was shocked none of us broke anything.

I confess…I didn’t learn my lesson because I tried a smaller slide, just with Emily, and again, I fell.

I confess…I am surprised they didn’t kick me out for negligence.

I confess…I would have left shortly after arriving if not for the sweet bounce house employee who offered to carry Drew up the slide for me—multiple times—or the friend
who watched her baby and Emily so I could chase Drew off the stool he was using to climb up to the water fountain.

One more--

I confess…I felt so bad about the rotten pumpkin that I stopped typing this post and went outside and disposed of the corpse.

One last one—

I confess…I am still not going to give my husband the satisfaction of saying he was right.


Johanna said...

I must confess that I get a little giddy when I see that you've posted one of these... they make me laugh. In a conspiratorial, "I know what you mean" kind of way. You are lucky you don't live in my town... I'd probably hunt you down and make you be my friend in 'real life'. :)

jen@ living a full life said...

If there's room for another nose!

I'm getting a creepy visual now....


It said nose was overflowing with love and conviction with a bit of anger and it happened on Facebook it's fair game - in the public domain.

Just sayin!

Jen W said...

My kids love playing in the tub, clothed and without any water. Perhaps that would be a decent compromise? I just give them their bath toys. Seriously the tub is like a favorite place in our house.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Ooh...I wanna be your FB friend!!! Hahaha!!!

And I am laughing (WITH YOU) about the indoor play place...I can totally see myself doing that!

I don't know if being extra klutzy is related to mommy-brain, but I would wager it is. I hate to have to go to the doctor, as I'm always afraid they're going to ask me about domestic abuse. I swear all the bumps and scrapes and bruises are related to strollers, baby gates, tricycles, miniature lawn mowers, crunching leaves with two, two-year olds...something! ;)

Kathy said...

What a fun post!!! I must confess to sometimes getting in the middle of things my husband has warned me not to too!! Thanks for a smile!! Have a great weekend!

Liz said...

I guess I need to go take my pumpkins in now, too! Glad you reminded me. I think about it every day when I come home and see them from the driveway and then forget once I get inside.

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