Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dancing & Gift "Giving"

Finally, on the third week of dance, I was able to get a picture of Emily in her dance clothes! Unfortunately, my adorable dancer was being a diva and didn't want to cooperate for the photo shoot. Between the sippy cup and the toys, she was too busy for the camera.

See that grimace on her face? I should have taken her mood as a sign because things went downhill fast once we made it to class (only two minutes late this week). She screamed the entire time. We would have left early, but it was fitting night for recital costumes, so we toughed it out until we had her measured and then we ran for the car left.

Because Mommy didn't want to crack open the wine on a Wednesday night, Because Emily was having such a rough evening, I decided to take us both to Starbucks where Emily had a chocolate milk and Mommy a Refresh tea. We cuddled in one of the big chairs for a little "Mommy and Me" time. Refreshed, we will attempt dance again next week.

And what about Drew? He took a moment to cheese for the camera before leaving with Daddy for a guy's night out.

I am working on a special holiday blog series that centers around the "gifts" we all possess. My idea is to have guest bloggers share an idea/story/tip/etc that illuminates their individual gifts and is related to the holiday season in some way.

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Do you...

  • have a gift for hospitality? Why not share a recipe, tips for creating a meal on a budget, ways to survive the holidays...

  • have a gift of a reflective spirit? Want to share something important you have realized about the holidays? A touching story from your past?

  • have the gift of humor? Have a funny story to tell? A how-to guide to surviving holiday stress?

  • have a gift for ministry? How about sharing ways you remember and remind your family of the real meaning of the season?

  • have a gift of creativity? What about sharing craft ideas for the kids, holiday decorating on a budget, or your one-of-a-kind Christmas tree?

The beautiful thing is you don't have to be anybody but the fabulous YOU that you already are. I would love to include as many of my readers as possible. (You don't have to be a regular blogger--I've already recruited my mom and sister!)

You just have to be willing to share your light.

Want to share your GIFTS with MaMe Musings' readers? Email me. Want to participate but unsure of what to write about? Email me :-)


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

So glad to finally see that sweetie in her outfit...adorable (even with the sippy cup!)! :)

And your little man is so handsome, too!

And some Mommy and Me time at SBux sounds wonderful, even if it had been a bit of a marathon evening.

Did you see SBux's BOGO on holiday drinks from 2:00 - 5:00 today through Sunday? I'll definitely be taking advantage of that!

Anne said...

Emily looks adorable in her little dance outfit! They seem to have grown all of a sudden!:)

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Oh My! Adorable...I wait to see the recital outfit! LOVE IT! said...

a toddler too busy for photos? you don't say! ;D

your guest blogging thing sounds fun. i'd love to participate if you'll have me:

RoryBore said...

Ok, that is cutest outfit ever! I am so glad my daughter "agreed" to take swim lessons, so that I can put her in dance when she's done.

what were the boys up to?

Beth said...

Oh my goodness! That costume? Too much!! I love it. She is getting to be such a big girl.

Mom on a Line said...

That dance outfit is SO adorable. Love it! Love me some snuggle time too. Glad you could end the night well.

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