Monday, October 3, 2011

Mamaista beats fashionista


I may never be a fashionista, but thanks to my stylish readers, I do have a few updates to my post-pregnancy wardrobe. Armed with your helpful suggestions, I recently purchased some new fall/winter pieces. Like a good student, I took notes: cardigans, loose and flowing, jeans, layers, funky shoes, and trendy accessories.

Everything I got was on sale, and here’s the best part: I paid for it with the cash I recently made from a yard sale! Win-Win!

Thanks again for all of the comments and encouragement. I especially loved Sharon's bit of advice, which I think applies to us all:

Your babies are so blessed to have a mom who loves them and takes care of them. They deserve to have a mom who feels beautiful. And you deserve it too. It's not selfish; it's self care. A few new clothes that make you feel special is like giving a special gift for your family. Taking care of yourself allows you to take care of others even better.

Note: I also post these pictures for the future enjoyment of my babies. One day they will look at these clothes, laugh, and say, "Can you believe she actually wore that??"


While I am okay if I never earn fashionista status, I am happy to report that I am officially a member of MAMAISTAS!

Mamaistas is a new moms’ club started by my good friend, Tamara.

I first met Tamara when I took a new teaching position mid-year in a new district. Tamara was also new, and as luck would have it, her classroom was just a few doors down. We bonded from the first day we met, and I have often told her that if it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t have lasted through the year. We became colleagues and dear friends, and even though we have both moved on to new jobs, we have remained close.

We’ve shared many milestones, and in 2010, we shared one of the most transformative. We both became new moms—me for the first time and Tamara, the mom to another beautiful girl, Tamia.

When Tamara first shared her vision for Mamaistas with me, I have to admit I was in the throes of just learning to survive with twins. I liked the idea, but I wasn’t sure how much I could commit to doing. It seemed every time we would try to get an event on the calendar or some structure to the group, someone had something come up.

I was a Mama minus the –ista.

But right around the time I decided I needed a fall makeover in the clothing department, I also decided I needed a makeover in the Mama department, too. I decided to commit to making it to my first real Mamaista event—a local storytelling festival.
Tamia and Me

Tamara and Tamia

First face painting experience

Story Time

The family

I now know that making time to bond with other moms and babies is also a form of self-care. Sure, there will always be a myriad of reasons not to go. Sure, I won’t be able to make every event. Sure, Mamaistas will also need to plan some Mama-Only events for the sake of Mama’s sanity.

But, the point is I am finally making getting out and getting social a priority. I am choosing to dress myself in the warm robes of friendship and to accessorize my life with some new adventures.

I get to spend time with my babies and with some other cool Mamaistas! WIN-WIN!

Here are some upcoming events:
*Halloween Photo Mini-Session
*Visit to the Pumpkin Patch
*Winery Tour (Mama-Only)
*Afternoon at the Art Museum (Mama-Only)

If you are in our area and would like to join Mamaistas, email me, and I will send you an invite to our Facebook page.

If you are in another area and have experience with mom clubs, I’d love to hear about some of the activities your group does.

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Diana said...

Me! Me! I want to join! :) This sounds right up my alley.

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