Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Confessional

On being intentionally "clueless"

I confess…I acted like I didn’t realize Drew had spilled milk on his pants. I put him in his car seat, drove us to the grocery store, and acted shocked when Marty noticed.

I confess…I let Drew and Emily sit in the kitchen floor and eat Pringles. I watched as they crushed more than they chewed, and then I swept up the mess. It was easier than listening to Emily scream when I took the can away.

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On being “current”

I confess…I bonded with my dental hygienist while discussing politics during my cleaning this week. I thought I had met my twin until she said she could never imagine leaving dirty dishes in the sink after supper. Turns out, we’re not so similar after all…

I confess…I once had a large collection of holiday sweaters and pins. I was 22, a first year teacher, and desperate to look more, um, teacher-ish.

On having an "eye" for detail

I confess…I used the wrinkle remover tool on a photo editing site this week. No, I won’t tell you which of my pictures has been touched up. Let’s see how observant you are.

I confess…I couldn’t find the the mistake. I Googled it.

On being a "model" parent

I confess…I don’t let Emily and Drew watch television, but I DVR every episode of Jersey Shore.

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I confess…I am super picky about what Drew and Emily eat, but according to my blood work results I got this week, my cholesterol is still high.

On being "married with children"

I confess…I kissed both babies bye this morning and was going to hop in the car and leave when my husband stopped me and reminded me that I hadn’t kissed him bye.

I confess…I saw his point.

I confess…this weekend I am going to work on being a mommy and a wife.

Young(er), in love, and before babies

Linking up with Kristen of A Little Something for Me for her last "Friday Confession Booth." Oh, Kristen. Say it ain't so! Thank you for the opportunity to share my sins, even if I have only linked up a couple of times.

What will I do next week?? Looks like it's time for more wine!


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

That Halloween vest cracked me up!!! For one semester, I was in the education department, and I bought two similar sweaters (a holiday one, and a "teacher" one), even for that occasion! Hahaha!!!

Julia said...

I could find the mistake either. I had to humble myself and ask my husband. Doh!

Next time I'm totally going to save face and Google it.

Enjoy your weekend with your loves :)

Tasha said...

I already told on myself about the Pringles on FB. Don't tell ANYONE!! And about the sweater vests...NO YOU DID NOT!!!
I loved this post. I needed a smile.

Emily said...

you should send the link the the wrinkle remover ;) haha can I do that in photoshop? All I've managed to learn how to do in photoshop is take off some red eye. But obviously, I have a ton of time to learn how to use haha

Kathy said...

I loved this post!! I will confess to owning a Christmas sweater at an age when I should have known better!! I personally believe that the Pringle episode could be re-thought of us a wonderful moment of letting your children discover the world around them and work together at a common goal!!! Lol!! I really enjoyed this, thanks!!

blueviolet said...

It's a double the. I got that one! I can't watch Jersey Shore, but I have been watching The Real World. Reality is just good crap, isn't it?

Speaking of crap, really with the holiday sweaters? Really?

Holly Ann said...

I often think I need to work on being a wife too. And luckily, my husband admits that he needs to work on being a husband. It's hard to be two parents who work full-time with three children. Plus, my husband has two jobs. It's not easy, but we're working on it. :)

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Love your confessions...and I did find the mistake after 5 minutes...LOL!

Happy Weekend!

Dvr Dame said...

I found the mistake! Great confessional.

Cathy said...

What a lovely vest!

I admit I had to google the mistake too. *facepalm*

I confess I can relate to the last confession. Good luck! :)

Kristen said...

Oh Girl. I love your confessions. So sorry it took me so long to get over here. Camping weekend. You totally rock, btw. :)

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