Thursday, October 20, 2011

Car Trouble

While driving to work the other morning to a school over an hour away from home, down the interstate, and without reliable cell service, I hear a faint, mysterious Wup. Wup.

My first thought is to turn the radio down to see if I can discern where the noise is coming from.

The source isn’t obvious. In fact, the noise is sporadic.

Maybe it has something to do with hitting a bump in the road.

No, it doesn’t seem to have a pattern to it.

Wup. Wup.


“This can’t be good," I think.

Thankfully, my dad is a retired mechanic, and he is my go-to guy when things need fixing. I think of giving him a call—surely he’ll know what is up with the Wup. Wup.

Then I hear a bell-like sound.

“Oh, no. Is something breaking apart? Should I pull over?”

First, a wup.wup.

Then a ding. ding.

I check my cell phone. Thankfully, I still have service.

Then I hear a noise that tells me something is really wrong.

I hear the jingle of something akin to ice cream truck.

Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh… Duh-nuh-nuh…nuh..duh nuh

Definitely a jingle.

Definitely not my car.

Definitely not any car around me since I am all alone on the interstate.

I reach for my cell phone. Then I drop it.

I can’t call my dad and tell him I am hearing noises from imaginary ice cream trucks
in between wup. wup. and ding. ding.


Where have I heard that noise before?

Wup. Wup.

Ding. Ding.

Duh nuh nuh. Duh…nuh…nuh…

It’s sounds like…

Could it be?


Not my car or my mind-- this time.

I pull over, reach behind my seat, and dislodge Drew’s toy steering wheel from the driver’s seat.

Car trouble solved.


Beth said...

Hilarious! I have had very similar things happen. Aren't you glad you found the toy before you got a hold of your Dad? Hahaha!

Julia said...

So funny! If only it could always be that easy (and funny)! :)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

This is priceless! Well written! So glad it wasn't anything serious, though. You had me cracking up at the sounds you described. :)

And I can just picture myself wanting to call my dad, too. Even at 35 years old, and him being two states away, he's my go-to fix-it man. :)

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Oh My! That was sooo funny....I thought you were gonna say you ran out of gas....hahahahahahahaha!

have a great weekend!

Brad Jenkins said...

I wonder what your dad would have said had you actually called him.

Great post!

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