Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All. the. time.

When I picked Drew up from school today, the teacher asked if Drew climbed as much at home as he does at school.

Yes, ma'am. Yes, he does. All. the. time.

Emily says she is cool--all. the. time.


Johanna said...

They look bigger than they did on the cruise... what have you been feeding them? :) Drew looks remarkably unbruised for such a climber. He must be much better at it than my own big girls!

RoryBore said...

LOL... I think my Zoo Zoo and your Drew could quite possibly be the first toddlers to conquer Everest. just need some sponsors :)

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Little boys...must be in their "make-up"! LOL! I am so tired of saying...

"Get down please"
"That's not for climbing"
"Your gonna fall and hurt yourself!"


Kristy said...

My boy used to jump (with major gusto) front-flip off the couch and into his foam recliner chair. Scared us at first but he was so good at it - he never had any problems with it - then we would laugh and laugh every time he did it! Crazy boys!

Brad Jenkins said...

It's not just little boys. My girls are constantly climbing. So far this this week they've broken a glass candle holder and a wine opener...both were on top of a cabinet behind a couch, and (I thought) out of reach.

Maybe once they fall they'll be less adventurous, but I doubt it.

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