Thursday, September 1, 2011

The X formerly known as…

On Monday, we took the babies for their first day of X.

As I left them to go to work, I left to the sound of Drew crying. Talk about making a mommy second guess her decision to put the babies into X!Since then, we’ve endured tears, fussiness, runny noses, slightly elevated temperatures, clingy babies, and playground bumps and bruises—all in four days.

Each day at X has brought its challenges, but we are also happy with what the babies have learned so far: lining up for lunch, napping on a cot, playing with others, learning bible stories at chapel, coloring with the color red, finger painting, and using glue to make an apple.

Oh, the things they are learning at school, I mean, X.

Forgive me. I am still trying to find the right name for the place the babies go each day while I work.

Because I like to think the babies are enrolled in more than just daycare or childcare and because the term childhood development center seems too technical for almost fifteen month olds, we were calling their new home during the day, “school.”

As I am relating the trials and tribulations of this first week of “school” to a dear friend of mine this morning, she suggests we think of a word other than school to use. She shared a story of a friend going through similar childcare struggles who had an epiphany when she realized how much her little ones were fighting “school” and they weren’t even in kindergarten yet. If she didn’t quit calling that place school, she was going to ruin the real thing for her kids before they even got started. She was going to have to come up with something more creative to fool the little ones and to save the reputation of school since she had at least 13 years to fight them over the real thing.

So, in the interest of not giving school a subconsciously negative connotation to the babies, we are in the process of renaming the institution formerly known as school.

For now, it is just the symbol X. Since we leave in a world where spin is everything, we are looking for a new word that will spin this X thing into something way cool to toddlers. Here’s what we’ve rejected so far. Feel free to add your best suggestion for a new name for X.
Child development center
Learning place
The room with all the toys
The place you go to play and learn while mommy and daddy work
The place with finger paint and glue
The place with the color red
The place with the food you like
The place where people change your diapers on a schedule
The place where you have your name on a chair
The room with the nice ladies
Bonus room that doesn’t belong to daddy
The place where you like to fall and bump your head
The place that cannot be named



Andrea said...

Hey girl! Sorry for the rough patches. I know it has to be a hard transition. Glad they are enjoying it too.

How about something easy like CLC? Which would stand for Christian Learning Center.

Thinking of you! Andrea

Johanna said...

Ooh - Andrea is so smart! Hers is great... If you are sure about crossing off 'The place you like to fall and bump your head'... that one has a nice ring to it too. :)

Hope it gets easier in the next few days!

Holly Ann said...

I'm glad they've been enjoying their time there and learning about how to interact with others, play with new toys, etc.!

You know, maybe it's just me, but I'm totally OK with calling it "school." They are learning and playing there, which is exactly what "school" is supposed to be, especially for young children. If my child starts associating negativity with "school," then I just think it's time to find a better "school." :)

Spanish Pinay said...

I'm sorry about the hard times but sometimes it's just how it is... and the good side is that they are learning and enjoying and interacting with other babies.

It's probably nice to call it playschool. Play is a fun word for toddlers and I believe kids learn a lot more through playing :) Learning must be something fun!

I'm visiting from voiceboks :)

Spanish Pinay

True Identity said...

I think Playschool sounds fun too. Today I went shopping for school uniforms and stuff. My girls start school next week. But I am already in the more advanced stage, in actual school.
Thanks for coming over to my Blog Cocoons2butterflies and commenting on the ABC of me.

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Oh my...sorry things were a bit rough BUT I am amazed at how much the kids have learned!!!

I like X...LOL...J/K! We call it playschool here?!?! Can't wait to hear what you decide on.

Happy Weekend!

Kristy said...

Awww. You can call it whatever you want. I love the pics below BTW!!

Hannah said...

hahaha, I used to work at a "child development center" and I never liked that term either. It's too cold sounding. Like you are sending your kids off to a brood of psychologists or something. I think "X" is a well enough solution :)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

That's really a great point! I've been thinking (or trying to think) about the girls' perceptions of things that are said to them. One of my biggies is how so many strangers immediately judge that B is the "talker", because it takes A a little while to warm up. ...sigh...

I'll keep my ears open to see if I can pick up on any good options from other friends.

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