Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Sick-cation Continues...

While the rest of my family is humming “Knee Deep” and dreaming of boat drinks, I am knee deep in something else around my house and dreaming of a daycare/school/”place that cannot be named”/X/whatever that will take sick kids so sick moms can recuperate.

Three days into this sick-cation, we have arrived at the next stop on the itinerary: Stomach Bug Island.

Monday night, it started with Drew.

To say that I was completely unprepared to awake at 2am to the sounds of a puking toddler is an understatement. Three-fourths asleep and thinking we’re just dealing with a middle of the night wake-up, I stumbled to his room, scooped him up, and snuggled him down in the bed beside us. Ummm, until we messily discovered the real source of his discomfort.

To say that I was completely unprepared for said toddler to have a stomach bug on top of an ear infection is another understatement (forgive the gratuitous use of this hackneyed rhetorical flourish—I am poop-out of originality- pun intended. Let me go ahead now and apologize for the head-spinning switching of verb tense—past, present, future—who knows?!).

Where was I? Oh, yes. On being unprepared…

Knock on the nearest crate of ginger ale, in our parenthood journey, we have yet to deal with a true stomach bug/virus/”something that will bring a grown woman to her knees”.

Until Monday night/Tuesday morning…

While Marty gave Drew an emergency dunk in the tub, I went downstairs and consulted Dr. Google.

Armed with a dangerous lack of medical knowledge, I headed back upstairs and cuddled one sick little boy. Cuddles seemed to be the best medicine at this point.

At least he warns me when he’s about to be sick. A little whimper is his tell. I have a couple of seconds to grab a towel and brace myself.

Tuesday found us alternately battling puke and poo, made somewhat more tolerable by occasional sippy cups of Pedialyte and rice crackers and the fact that it could be worse—we could have twin stomachs in revolt. At least Emily seemed fine and I felt like I was finally kicking the sinus thing.

By Tuesday night, with Drew napping on freshly-laundered crib sheets, I resumed packing for our upcoming vacation while dreaming of poopy-free white sandy beaches.

Sick-cation move over; va-cation starts in just two days.

And then, just 24 short hours later, it’s déjà vu sickness. This time it’s Emily. Strip. Wash. Cuddle. Repeat.

Six hours later, I officially get run over by a big ole truck of icky.

Marty’s trying to close out work for vacation, so he tried to ignore the babies while on conference calls take care of babies.

I helped when I was not, um, occupied. Let’s just say I haven’t been this sick for reasons that did not involve copious amounts of alcohol in a l-o-n-g time.

I tried to disappear on the couch while the babies ran amok, unsupervised play.

Don’t worry. They were fine. I checked on them every time they threw a book at my head told me they wanted to read a book.

Now as the babies sleep as the stomach churning eases ever so slighly, I finally think the worst has passed.

At least for me--

From the sounds of it, our driver Marty is now just arriving at Stomach Bug Island. Oh, this should be a fun trip…


Sarita said...

Here is a hint that helps me keep from cleaning puke off floors and beds and couches, buckets...we use Halloween buckets from last year, popcorn buckets, bowls...then we trade them out and wash the old one with bleach and boiling water. This has helped so much!

Tasha said...

Oh I am so sorry you are ALL going through this. I was almost in tears reading this. Hoping and praying for all to be well very SOON!!!! What a week!

Beth said...

Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear this. Sick babies are awful and a poor sick momma trying to take of recovering babies is no good either.

Man are you going to be ready for this vacation!!

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

OH NO! This is awful...get better soon...yuck!

Miss Megan said...

How absolutely AWFUL!!! I hope you all feel better very soon!!!
I can only imagine waking up to that and not realizing what had happened...we have had one crazy pukey incident to date but the girls were very much awake when that for you guys having to go through this!!! =(.

Dvr Dame said...

Discovering puke at 2 in the morning is never fun. I hope you guys are finally feeling better.

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Just checking in to see how you are all doing...thinking of you!


Brad Jenkins said...

I agree that finding the puke at 2 AM is bad...but not as bad as not finding it until 7 AM.

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