Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Confessional

Today I am linking up with Kristen of A Little Something for Me for her Friday Confessional feature. Thank you, Kristen, for giving me the opportunity to confess my shortcomings, clear my conscious, and enter the weekend ready to be fabulously imperfect.


On being connected

I confess…In the car this morning, I couldn’t find my cell phone. My first thought was “I’ll just call Marty to see if I left my cell at home.” Oh, yeah…if I had a phone…

I confess…I need a back-up cell phone or a clapper to help me locate said lost phone.

I confess…I reached for missing cell phone (for various reasons) at least 20 times while driving to work this morning.

On being fashionable

I confess…I went shopping to update my fall wardrobe. I was styling in my new shirt Thursday morning until I went over railroad tracks and spilled coffee all over it.

I confess…I wore a cute dress to work this week. While wearing cute dress, I inadvertently see a colleague’s phone who just received a text sent by another colleague in the room: “Is Melissa pregnant?” Ouch. Guess this cute dress makes me look like a cute pregnant woman.

On being blonde

I confess…On the same morning I wore the cute dress to work, I forgot to put on deodorant. Apparently, I appeared to be a smelly, pregnant woman.

I confess…I was shocked when I saw a Sara Lee van this week with the slogan, “Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee.” I always thought they were saying, “Nobody does IT like Sara Lee.”

I confess…I have picked up a new annoying habit—saying “Sure” to indicate agreement. At least I am not saying, “totally,” right?

On being a blogger

I confess…I have lost my blogging mojo. While I haven’t been actually writing and responding lately, I have lots of ideas for posts—just not enough time, energy, and motivation to write them.

I confess…I lost a blog follower this week, and I felt strangely wounded. Kind of like when I lose a friend on Facebook and can’t figure out who it was…Please tell me, “It not you; it’s me…”

I confess…I also feel similar rejection when I follow and/or comment on other blogs numerous times with no sign of acknowledgement. Did I forget my online deodorant? Did I invade your online personal space? Do I give off scary stalker vibes? Do I have virtual cooties? Please tell me, “It’s not you; it’s me…”

On being a working mom

I confess… I feel like a bad mom when the morning daycare teacher says, “Well, we haven’t seen you in a while.”

I confess…I feel like a bad mom when said daycare teacher runs down the list of my babies' ailments that I can’t fix: runny nose, croupy cough, and loose stools.

I confess…I feel like a super mom when I pick the babies up in the afternoon, and they excitedly run to me.

I confess…I feel like a super mom when I carry both babies out of daycare--in my arms at the same time. Even though I struggle to carry 40+ lbs of babies at the same time, I don’t let it show. Instead, I smile smugly at the other (weaker) moms. Maybe I can’t drop them off and pick them up or cure their various ailments, but I can carry two wiggly toddlers all by myself.


Olusola said...

Oh, you do the double carry in and out of the daycare too? It really is a cheap way to feel like superwoman. I love it along with the chirpy, serene look I wear as I walk leisurely trying not to "ouch" at my aching hip said...

haha you crack me up- that last one about carrying the two babies at the same time, made me snort. for real.

and this ... I confess…I was shocked when I saw a Sara Lee van this week with the slogan, “Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee.” I always thought they were saying, “Nobody does IT like Sara Lee.” ... ME TOO!!! ;D

Kristen said...

I laughed out loud when I read this too!! So funny! I do the double carry too- for EXACTLY the same reason. I don't groan or cry out in pain until I am in private. :) thanks for linking up!

Jane said...

Loved this entry, Melissa! And I also wanted you to know that "It's not me, and it's not you!"

Julia said...

Ah---I totally thought it was "Nobody does IT like Sara Lee". Hahahahahaha! Thanks for setting me strait!

I've lost a couple blog followers lately too. It's weird isn't it?! I always wonder why, but refuse to allow myself to dwell on it. Maybe I'm just not their flava :)

Have a fantastic weekend, Melissa!

Beth said...

Loved this post (even though I will now have the Sara Lee jingle in my head all day :-))!!

I am insane with my phone. Just yesterday I was out and went to send a quick text to a friend, when I realized that I didn't have my phone with me. Being the genius problem solver that I am, I figured, "Oh well, I'll just give her a call instead." Oh yeah! That is actually what a phone is for! A phone I don't have!
I love the idea of having the clapper to help you find your phone.

Have a great weekend!

Holly Ann said...

I feel exactly the same regarding being a working mom!! You are totally the toughest momma around that daycare - I just know it. ;)

RoryBore said...

But you gained One too! I confess that I am not sure I would know if I lost a follower...that sounds kinda smug, but I try not to pay attention to the number, that's all. I'd rather put the effort into reading and returning comments. I fall behind some weeks, you just have to let it go - but mostly I do try to do a return visit.
It's kinda the point right? The exchange.

Tasha said...

I loved this post. And what on earth could you be busy with?! :)
I did the double carry too!
I look forward to your ideas for your blog! I love your writing!
Enjoy your weekend!!!!

jen@its all about me said...

I think the whole sara lee thing is so funny I can't stop laughing. I actually think after she does IT she doesn't smoke she probably eats cake don't you think?

Loved this post so much you just gained a follower. very funny looking forward to more!

Dvr Dame said...

I totally confess to using totally too much. And as for those followers and facebook friends who unfollowed/unfriended's them not you.

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