Friday, September 23, 2011

Cruisin'- Part III

Thursday, September 15
Thursday started early for us—really early. Like 2 in the morning early.

Drew, who had been a little hoarse all day, started rasping, wheezing, and barking like a seal. Was it another asthma-like attack like the one he had back in April?

The effect of eating too much St Thomas sand? Some dangerous viral infection picked up from licking a railing? In the absence of an internet connection to consult Dr. Google, we decided to call the nurse on duty and have Drew evaluated.

I waited nervously in the room with Emily while Marty took Drew down to see the nurse. They came back shortly with a tentative diagnosis-croup. At this point, we would treat the fever with Tylenol and see the doctor in the morning for an evaluation.

A quick, yet expensive trip to the ship doctor around 8am confirmed the croup diagnosis. As long as his breathing didn’t become too labored, we wouldn’t need steroids. A steamy bathroom served as a makeshift humidifier.

Exhausted from the lack of sleep and the stress of a sick baby, we crashed after breakfast and slept until 1:00. I think the rest did wonders for us all.
We spent the afternoon puttering around the ship.

We attended a reception for past guests, and the babies quickly made their star status known by getting dancing on the main stage. Drew loved it so much he did an encore presentation.

By this time of the week, we had people coming up and calling the babies by name. I guess that’s what happens when you are crazy enough to take 15 month twins on a cruise ship for seven days along with four proud grandparents.

Of course, as a mother, I was most proud of their overall good behavior, especially given the sickness and all of the activity. I also marveled at how quickly they learned things:

• How to turn the cabin light on and off
• How to buckle the stroller straps
• How to dip their food into ketchup
• How to play corn hole
• How to climb—on everything
• How to kiss a fish
• How to say “no”

Friday, September 16
On Friday, my mom, sister, and I headed to the spa for a girls’ morning. We each had the Tip to Toe massage, and surprise—my masseuse informed me I was carrying a lot of tension. What gave it away?

After leaving a little tension behind, we went to the main dining room for one last breakfast and maybe the first breakfast I’ve had without the babies all week.

As we are leaving the dining room, we decide to walk back through the buffet to the Lido and who do we see? Marty and the babies!

Suddenly I found myself back in mommy mode—not because I had to—but because I wanted to—for just a little bit.

After getting my baby fix in, I cashed in some more of the time I had banked with Marty (during his casino outings) to continue my girl morning. I headed back to the cabin for a nap. Sure, I could have napped by the pool, but it was air conditioned in our room. Does the fact that I would rather nap in my room rather than by the pool make me officially old?

The afternoon was spent with the babies on the Lido deck and the rest of the family—eating and talking—talking and eating. Eating truly becomes a hobby on a cruise ship.

Packing our bags actually wasn’t as hard as we anticipated. Maybe it was because we had the almost-empty suitcase that once held 120 diapers, 3 packs of wipes, and 2 bottles of Pedialyte.

One last dinner. One last sherbet. One last walk around the ship. One last night of maneuvering the double stroller through narrow halls. One last night of vacation…

Saturday, September 17
Our last day started at 5:30 with my mom and dad calling to see if we wanted to meet for coffee. Not quite.

We made it out of our room by 7:00. We had enough time to feed the babies a quick breakfast and to feed ourselves some coffee. By 7:45 our debarkation number was called, and ten hours later, we were home.


Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Darn Croupe! Could you have been given anymmoe to deal wonder having tension and all...geesh! LOL!

Sounds wonderful (minus the croupe)!

Still wondering how crusing in the room worked... Re: Sleeping the 4 of you?!?! :)

Is this the! Say it isn't so!

Beth said...

That sounds like a great vacation!

You are officially a Wonder-Mom. Keeping two 1yo happy (and mostly healthy--croupe is no fun!) for an entire week out of their normal environment.

I love that they were little celebrities on the ship!

Tasha said...

I am behind on your trip posts. I am sitting in with my jaw wide open to the fact that you actually did this!!! WOW! You amaze me.
OK reading on to the next one....

Kristen said...

Great Job. I remember a few months ago when we took the kids for vacation - this huge sense of PRIDE that we were able to do it. You should feel the same. I LOVE the fact that you took pictures of them learning all their new stuff. And ... I love the fact that you napped in an air conditioned room rather than by the pool. We have a pool - and I nap in my bed/couch... same reason :) We can be old together.
Why don't you take a quick vacay to NYC next month and we can meet up at the BlogHer conference. It would be fun.

Miss Megan said...

I love these posts! SO impressive! We went to Disneyworld for 4 days when the girls were 5 months old and it was seriously AWFUL. LOL! I can't believe how well you did with your two on a ship for 7 days! Amazing momma!!!
It looks like they had an AWESOME time!! Minus the croupe of course =).
You go girl!
And thanks for sharing your adventures and the pictures!

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