Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacation’s Over

All around me, people kept telling me that summer vacation was coming to an end.

Sure, there were signs…

My teacher friends went back at work, so my job started heating up, while the days slowly cooled off. Stores filled with back-to-school shoppers while families squeezed in last-minute trips to the beach or neighborhood pool. Parents began smiling that smile that can only mean one thing—the time until school starts can be counted in days not weeks.

Around our house, though, summer “vacation” continued. It was still warm. We’ve gone to work each day, saving our vacation time for our big upcoming family cruise. Each day we get up and head to work, knowing we are one day closer to our week-long cruise in September.

We’ve cheered each other on, “Only 6 more weeks.”

“Only 4 more weeks.”

“This time next month, we’ll be sipping boat drinks.”

While we buoyed ourselves with the promise of an upcoming vacation, the days sailed by on relatively calm seas.

We’ve been healthy.

My anxiety finally loosened its grip, and despite the suffocating summer heat, I was breathing easier than I have in months.

As this week started, we were still on vacation…

-Until the reminder letter arrived.

-Until yesterday when I finally made the phone call.

-Until the appointment was scheduled for next Friday.

Suddenly, my vacation ended.

My, how quickly that four month waiting period came and went.

It’s time for us to take Drew back to the pediatric orthopedist at UNC-Chapel Hill to monitor his idiopathic infantile scoliosis.

This visit will help determine whether his scoliosis is resolving or progressive, whether continued monitoring is needed, whether my Drew Bear will need treatment that could potentially last for years.

Suddenly, I am not counting days until my vacation anymore. I am counting the days until August 26.

Counting the days until I know where this curve is going to lead us.

I miss vacation already.

7 comments: said...

oh wow, i had no idea! i'm so sorry you are all going through this (just read your other post). i really hope that it's resolving itself... sending you positive vibes for that appointment!

Simoney said...

That's hard.
I'm crossing my fingers for good news for you on the 26th.

{visiting from Shell's linky; I'm just after you}

Andrea said...

{{HUGS}} Thinking of you!!

Kristen said...

Really? Did you have to make me cry today?

Ok. In my heart - I really want to ask you: Where do you live? Where are you going? - But, I know that sounds a little stalkerish - so I will refrain. (oh - wait... I just saw it :) We just had a discussion about Alexander's curvature last week. SO SCARY. What is it with the spine? Are you going to ask about the possibility of using a chiropractor if the curvature is not that bad? *sigh* I will just be praying that the curve is RESOLVING. RESOLVING. But, seriously, we did ask about going to a chiro because ... well, crap- if it doesn't hurt, maybe it can help. Prayers for you. Kristen

Tasha said...

I will be praying Drew is one of those amazing children that has a resolving curve. Oh I pray that for you!!! And Drew of course, but as a momma to a child that has been going through this since 2006 I pray it for you! I hope that does not sound selfish. I know all too well the feelings you are going through from visit to visit. We go on the 31st. Just think positive and trust in God no matter what the outcome is. ((HUGS))Tasha

Janice said...

:-( I hope that it is resolving! You will be in my thoughts.
Stopping by from the MAM Follow me Link up. Hope you can stop by and check out my giveaway!
Best wishes,
Janice of

Shell said...

I'm so glad you were able to have some time off from thinking about it.

Sending prayers for good results!

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