Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shopping and Storms

We fared well here during the hurricane. Some wind, some rain. We lost power for about eight hours today, so the women used the power outage as an excuse to go shopping, which led us on an impromptu road trip to IKEA. In addition to some great deals, we also drove away from the bad weather. By the time we made it back, we had seen the sun and had power.

While I didn't have the babies today (thanks, Marty!), if I had taken them, I wouldn't have left home without one of my favorite mom tools, my Mama Loves for the week--the Mommy Hook.

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This simple hook is like having four more hands. With my shopping bags and the hook, I don't even use a shopping cart at the grocery store anymore. Add in the space under the stroller seats, and I can even haul a case of water, a gallon of milk, and cereal. Sure, people look at me like I am shoplifting, but who cares?

Mom-tested and Drew approved!

What has made your week easier? What are you loving? Join Mama Loves--
Manic Mother

I love this song--always makes me sing along when I'm in the car. Given the current weather, I think it makes it a perfect choice for Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday. Check out how young this kid looks. Is he the country version of Justin Bieber??

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

So glad to hear that you escaped any major issues related to the storm!

And that clip does look handy! I'm a master at cramming things under the stroller...but that would certainly augment my abilities! ;)

Hope you have a great Sunday!

Anne said...

Wish I had a clip like that when my kids were younger!

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

So happy you are all safe n' sound! I love my clip too!!!

Great always! He sounds like a man but looks like a boy! :)

Happy Sunday!

Julia said...

So glad you weathered the storms. Always love a good reason to visit Ikea! :)

You know, I just saw someone else with The Mommy Clip the other day. It was the first time I'd ever heard of it, but boy, it sure does look handy! Perfect for the twin mama going shopping by herself!

Andrea said...

So very glad you weathered the storm! So very scary!

I too love this hook!! I have used it numerous times!!

Rebecca Burton said...

Glad you've made it through the storm.

That hook looks very handy. If I'd only known....

Olusola said...

Glad to hear the storm didn't have any major impact on you.

I just got the mommy hook last month, and outside of getting my finger caught in the opening a few times, I love it. It really is useful for me especially as my stroller basket is hard to reach

Twinside Out said...

Happy to hear that the storm didn't bring too much trouble your way! And any reason is a good reason to visit Ikea, in my book.

This clip is awesome! I had to laugh about the shoplifting comment: before I had kids, I was shopping with a friend who forgot about a photo album she put in the bottom of her stroller. We were so embarrassed when we realized it was down there - and of course we noticed it in the mall elevator, right after a security guard got on. We thought he was coming to arrest us. :-) The Hallmark folks had a good laugh at us when we brought it back to pay for it. So the clip could definitely come in handy, I think!!

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