Sunday, August 21, 2011

On opening up, falling down, and letting go

On opening up
In about an hour, we will open up our home to complete strangers, inviting them in to walk around, check out our floors, cabinets, and extensive stash of baby items. People I don’t know and even the nosy neighbor down the street will probably take a stroll through our home, critiquing the layout, the appliances, and color of our grass.

Yes, we are having an Open House today, hoping to drum up some interest in a market that seems to be moving slower than MaMe in the morning without coffee.

With any luck, opening our house will open the door for us to move to our new
Home Sweet Home!

To any potential buyers out there-
If you knew how much time it took me to get this house ready (with babies underfoot) for today, you would buy it out of sheer sympathy.

On falling down
About three hours ago, Emily took her first tumble down the stairs, letting out a wail that was loud even by Emily’s standards. Let’s just say that evidently my anxiety meds are working because I didn’t freak out (too much).

We are sharing blame for the accident. In the cleaning frenzy, I thought Marty was watching the babies; he thought I was. Oops.

I sound nonchalant, I know, but believe me, I wasn’t, as I frantically called the after-hours pediatrician line. The nurse gave us a list of signs to look for over the course of the next 72 hours. After checking her pupils (multiple times), giving her snack (trying to see if she was going to vomit), and running her around the house (to keep her from falling asleep), we think she’ll be okay. As my dad would say, she was ready to “bite the dog that bit her” as she and Drew clamored for the stairs just a little while later.

To any potential buyers out there—the stairs are apparently well-cushioned and toddler-tested.

On letting go
About 24 hours ago, I let go of a mound of paper, purging what took 15 years, five jobs, and one forest to collect.

The best part of having the house on the market is that we try to keep things relatively straight in case we get a last-minute showing. However, clutter has a way of sneaking up on you, and nowhere was this fact more apparent than our office closet. The walk-in closet was overflowing with a massive collection of teaching materials. The filing cabinet bulged; the crates bowed. It’s time to go digital.

Here’s a glimpse at just one of the three piles:

I couldn’t bring myself to throw out the various unit plans. Surely, I would incur the wrath of the English teacher powers-that-be if I tossed plans for The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Modern American poetry. Oh, the horror!

So, I kept a few things. Okay, about 50 things. But…

I am emailing all of my teacher friends to offer any of the remaining units to a safe, loving home. Consider yourself included, dear blog reader. If you need novel unit plans for 6-12 English/Language Arts, email me. If I have it, it’s yours.

To any potential buyer out there—you won’t find bigger, nicer closets in any of the comparables in the area. Seriously, check out the sturdy built-in shelves. You know you want them.


Jill Jankoski said...

AWESOME column. I hope the home's next owner comes through today. If you don't have a St. Joseph statue, let me know. I can stop at the real estate store and get you one. :)

Andrea said...

Good luck! Finger and toes crossed you get a serious interested buyer today! Glad Emily is alright! Never fun when stuff like that happens! Glad you were able to stay sane afterwards! I know how hard that is! Take care!

Holly Ann said...

Wow! Best of luck during your open house today!!

I really hope your little girl is feeling better very soon. My kids have definitely had their fair share of tumbles too!

I really hope you'll stop by a my blog a few times this week to enter the great giveaways I have planned. My most current giveaway only has 11 entries so far!

Kathy said...

I feel your pain, I remember going through this 10 years ago, with a 2 year old and baby gates all over the place!! I also hate when kids fall, it takes a good year or two off your life!!! I always remember what my girlfriend told me though, if they are not dirty and black and blue you are not doing your job right!! If I go by those standards I'm doing a great job!! Great post, good luck with the open house!!

Beth said...

Yes, your anxiety meds are awesome! Between the stress of preparing for the open house and then Emily taking her tumble, I'm very impressed with how calm you sound!

As for Emily, it happens to all kids at some point. It is horrible at the moment, but I'm glad that she is okay :)

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you with the open house. Between the lousy housing market and the dreadful thought of packing up my family, I have told Rod they will carry my dead body from this house! I hope you get a good offer soon!

Kristen said...

WELL?!? My anxiety meds are wearing off and I want to know? How did it go? :)
Hope you had a great showing.

Miss Megan said...

Oh no! I hope Emily is okay! LOL that the stairs are "toddler tested" now- tee hee =).
Hope you had an awesome showing today!!

Mom on a Line said...

I hope your home sells quickly and without too much hassle.

As for the tumbling toddler, very glad she is okay. I've been there and done that. My son tumbled down the stairs. My daughter rolled off a hospital table when I was changing her into a gown for a test. I was stupid and bent over to grab the ankle bracelet that fell off her foot as I lifted her. It is so scary when it happens and such a relief once the stress over worrying about concussions recedes.

Twinside Out said...

So glad that Emily is ok! Toddler accidents freak me out, especially ones involving their little heads. I was joking recently that I want to patent a bubble-wrap suit for tiny adventurers, but I guess that's not quite practical.

I hope your open house went well, and that you now are in the midst of a passionate bidding war with multiple buyers offering you more than the list price! :)

Dvr Dame said...

I hope your open house was a success. And I know that scary feeling when your child has a terrible accident. My oldest has had one too many falls.

Colleen said...

Ugh, I remember when we sold our house. We were rushing around to get ready for a showing and E fell and hit her head on the door frame. It swelled up so bad. We took her to the er. It was awful. From that point we said it is not worth it to do this rushing. it's so hard with little ones!

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