Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hot! Hot! Hot!

It's HOT, HOT, HOT! And, for once this week, I am not talking about the weather. I am talking about MaMe Musings :-)

Thank you to Ginger of Just Another Mom of Twins AND Andrea of The Mays Twins for both awarding my little ole' blog the BLOG ON FIRE award.

I love Andrea and Ginger, and I am honored that they thought of me. If you haven't discovered both of these super blogs yet, I encourage you to give them a click and a read.

The award requires that I tell 7 things about myself that you may/may not know. Here's a pretty random list:

1. Speaking of fire, my house caught on fire in the early morning hours of September 11, 2001. Nothing puts minor smoke damage and a burned-out attic in proper perspective like the tragedy of 9-11.

2. Tonight I drove my husband’s jeep for the first time since 2007 when the transmission mysteriously went out shortly after I missed a gear. Riding with the top down all by myself tonight, I understood why he refuses to get rid out of it even though it is the most impractical car for transporting twins.

3. My little brother is getting married Thursday. For anyone who knows me, you know this is a big deal. He is finally settling down.

4. While I mainly taught high school before taking the job I have now, my very first teaching job was teaching seventh grade language arts.

5. I am so old now that those seventh graders are all grown up and several of them are now teachers.

6. While I am not in the classroom, I am still in education, working as an instructional coach for low-performing schools. I love working with teachers and still get super excited about back-to-school supplies (even though I work all year)!

7. Our current childcare situation may be changing. To be prepared, we put deposits down for two daycare spots for the babies starting in September. I get nervous just thinking about it.

The second part of accepting the award is passing it along to 10 other "Blogs on Fire." Since my blogging friends have such good taste, so many of the blogs I would have chosen are also blogs they chose. In an effort to spread the love all around blog world, I decided to avoid duplication and try to spotlight some new (and not so new) HOT blogs.

Holly Ann at Twins Plus One, Three Times the Fun Okay, so Holly just won this award recently. I know because I never miss one of her posts. One, her blog is that good, and two, Holly was my first blogger friend outside of my family, friends, and Facebook. I remember being so blown away that someone else was reading my musings. She's still on fire today--check out yesterday's post on summertime.

Tasha at One Day at a Time- Tasha is a busy mom of boy twins who manages to find the time for homeschooling, gardening, home improvements, and cooking. She shares the best recipes! Tasha is also passionate about educating others on infantile idiopathetic scoliosis, and she has been a wonderful source of support since Drew's diagnosis.

Megan at Deuces Wild-I am so happy to have found this blog recently! The title ends with "Can you relate?" Yes. Yes. Yes. You probably will, too, so check her out.

Kristen- A Little Something for Me
; Another new find for me and now a favorite read! Kristen is a mommy to twins and a sweet little boy who was born with a rare chromosome disorder. Her reflective spirit shines throughout her blog. Want to see for yourself? Check out her first post and the inspiration for the title of her blog.

Julia at Pontifications of a Twin Mom- Each time I read Julia's blog is like a breath of spiritual fresh air. I love her outlook and how she challenges me to look at the everyday in a new way. She has a beautiful new design and a new feature: Mama Loves. Hot!

Pampers and Pinot- The title alone was enough to make me a follower of this blog. But, this blog is much deeper than its title, and let's just say, I found myself relating to so much of it. If you're looking for a laugh, don't miss Six Word Sunday.


Andrea said...

You are so very welcome Melissa!! It never ceases to amaze me how 7 listed things can tell so much! I am glad you accepted! Thanks for your kind words! You are too sweet! I am totally going to check out the blogs you listed! Yay!! Have a great Wednesday, take care!

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

You are so welcome!! had a house fire...oh a jeep drive sound slike so much fun!!!! Congrats to your brother!!


Holly Ann said...

Wow! I'm always impressed with those who teach/taught upper grades. Early childhood is the place for me! But I do know that many secondary ed. teachers say the same thing about us primary folks. :)

Tasha said...

Thank you SO much for the HOT award Melissa! It has double meaning this week in Texas!!!
I am loving getting to know you better through your blog.
Thanks again!

Kristy said...

Thank you so much!!! Believe me, awards are always fun and I really appreciate it. I will make sure to do a post about it on my blog soon and link back to you. I have been so busy with family in town and starting back to work for the school year, but I promise I will do it!

Miss Megan said...

Thanks for the bloggy award!! WOO HOO!
@ #2 - I can't remember the last time I drove my husband's car! It's been at least 5 years as well =).
@#7 The thought of changing childcare arrangements makes me uber nervous too. Our nanny graduates from college in December and I hope to find someone comparible to take her place . . .we are checking out daycares too. . . yikes. . .
Thanks again!!

Julia said...

Thank you so much! I'm flattered. And thank you for mentioning Mama Loves! :)

I have this friend who used to teach high school French. One of her former students got in touch with her, and after having dinner together one night, he tried to put the moves on her. Ha! That's not why she's a former teacher, but I do think the story is pretty funny. And--she's still single ;)

Riding with the top down--I love that! Even though it's not in the least bit economical, when I'm in the car by myself, even if it's the dead of winter, or the hottest day of the year, I crank the heat or AC and have the sunroof open. I just like circulating air, or something....ha!

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