Monday, August 8, 2011

Dear Emily

Dear Emily,

Today you are 14 months old, and you know just how to get my attention every time: by bringing me your Clifford the Big Red Dog book, dropping it in my lap, and looking up at me with those big blue eyes. You know I can’t tell you no, especially when you’re asking me to read to you. So, I say “up,” and put you in lap for the up and down fun of Clifford as he takes us through the seasons of the year. I love how you can point out Clifford on each page. You’re such a smart girl.

Like Drew, you started walking the week of your first birthday. Technically, your first steps were the week before, but it took you a week to really find your bow legs. In the beginning, you were a "hesitant" walker—a little cry with each wobbly step. Then you evolved into a “zombie” walker—arms stuck straight out in front of you as you took slow steps. Sometimes you were the "tightrope" walker—arms out to the side balancing your 97th percentile head and 50th percentile body. Now, you are a confident walker who can climb into chairs, climb up boxes, and climb off a bed. Right now you have a shiner (of unknown origin) on your forehead. After you cracked your head on the end table in late June, resulting in a glue suture above your right eye, it takes more than a little bump on the floor to make mommy jump

Generally, you are more cautious than Drew. You are definitely more clingy more snuggly. Your daddy likes to blame me for your strong case of hold-me-itis. Maybe he’s right. But I am usually more than willing to indulge. Sometimes, I will go get you or Drew out of the crib just so I can put you in the bed with me for extra cuddle time. There’s nothing better than the nap trifecta—that’s when I get all three of us to sleep in the same bed at the same time.

Nap trifectas are no small feat. Both of you are so playful, so active, so happy. You play so well together until one of you decides that you want the exact same toy the other is playing with—regardless of whether or not there are ten of the same toys in the floor. You both want THAT toy. In times like these, you both show your demanding side, which is only slightly less annoying than your moody side. All in all, though, you both are easy-going babies with smiles and dance moves that make us so very happy.

You and Drew are both getting good at listening and understanding. You follow simple directions, like “Bring me your shoes” or “Close the door.” Closing the door is a favorite for you, especially the freezer doors at the grocery store. You also will put your toys away when we start singing the “Toys Away” song. Now, if I could just get you to listen when I tell you to get out of the fire place or stop pulling my laptop cord out of the socket. Better yet, do you think you can learn to sweep soon?

Now that you two are feeding yourself three times a day plus snacks, there is a lot of floor sweeping going on, especially if I try to feed you eggs. Initially you loved eggs, but I guess you can get too much of a good thing because, recently, you have gone an egg strike. Not only will you not eat them, you won’t even allow them to stay on your tray. You prefer oatmeal, fresh fruit, yogurt, or waffles for breakfast. For lunch and supper, you will devour ravioli, quesadillas, chicken, and just about any vegetable. You recently discovered pita and hummus and you both love it. Tonight you ate Grandma Vivian’s lasagna for the first time, and that was a hit, too.

We love that you two are healthy eaters, and we are proud to say that we feed you both better than we feed ourselves. While you still haven’t had a McDonald’s Happy Meal, we have let you have Chick Fil A nuggets, fruit cups, and milk. You had your first taste of ice cream on your first birthday: vanilla and strawberry cheesecake from Cold Stone. You loved it! Then you had your first taste of cake at your big birthday party. It was a delicious mess. I know what you’re thinking--fast food, ice cream, and real cake—what happened to your neurotic mommy? She’s still here but she has relaxed—a little.

I am still anti-TV and besides what you see as we watch TV or what you overhear/oversee when KK’s watching, you don’t watch TV and that includes cartoons and the dozens of learning videos we’ve inherited. Instead, we read lots of books. Itsy Bitsy Spider and Wheels on the Bus are two of your favorite sing-along books. We’ve been to more Kindermusik classes, a Little Gym class, and a couple of story times at the local library. When the weather’s not too hot, we play outside in the pool or with the water table. We take trips—to the beach, to the museum, to Busch Gardens. We’re excited about our upcoming cruise, and if our trips to the lake and beach are any indication, you are going to love the splash park and beach excursions. We can’t wait to experience all the sights and sounds with both of you.

But, then again, every day with the two of you is a new experience. I love seeing the world through your eyes, watching you learn with every touch, taste, sight, and smell. Being your mommy, seeing the world anew and seeing the happiness in your eyes, has been my life’s greatest joy.

I love you, Bee.


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Olusola said...

OMG! I thought I was the only one with little girls who have 9x% heads on 5x% bodies. Makes it a trial finding a hat that fits doesn't it.

Johanna said...

I love that you do these letters for your babies. :)

Andrea said...

Haha...I love what Olusola said! :):)

Wedding Favors said...

Emily you are soooo cute... You always smile like this :)

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