Monday, August 8, 2011

Dear Drew

Dear Drew,

Today you are 14 months old, and it’s hard to imagine you as you were when I wrote you last: an 11th month old who was not quite ready to walk.

Today, you are a 14 month old who does not want to slow down. Since taking off the week of your first birthday, you have been a baby on the go. Once you fought us when we put shoes on you. Now, you will bring your shoes to us. You love the sound of clomping sneakers on the hardwood. Shoes are no longer just for the cuteness factor; they are now functional pieces of your wardrobe that help you get where you want to go. I still love your baby feet, full of chunky cuteness, and you still love me to tickle them, too. Okay, maybe it drives you crazy, but you still laugh that sweet baby laugh. And, if there is one thing I love as much as baby feet, it is baby giggles!

Every time I write, I think that too much has happened to remember since my last letter. This time I really mean it. As your daddy said this morning, “What hasn’t happened?”

Of course, walking was a major milestone. Another one was giving up formula and the bottle, which was so much easier than we ever expected. We went to your one year appointment, came home and finished the last bit of formula, washed the last of the bottles, and started filling up your sippy cups with water, milk, and very diluted
juice. And we never looked back.

You aren’t saying too many real words, or at least that we can understand, anyway. But you have lots of sounds, sounds that sound like a foreign language. Emily talks the same way, and it’s funny to watch you say something and Emily respond. She can be in another room when you yell out, and she will come running. This past week you have started saying something that sounds just like “I wanna see. I wanna see it.” Whatever you are saying has meaning for you because you repeat it—over and over again. I can imagine that it is “I wanna see it!” You are ever so curious, fearless in pursuit of new adventures.

You love a cell phone, any phone, and anything that you can hold to ear that resembles a phone, and you do your best to say “hello.” You know where your ears are and will grab the side of your head when we ask you to show them to us. You point to dogs in books. You love trying to feed yourself with a spoon. Today you sat in a booster seat for the first time. This morning you tried to put on your daddy’s flip flops. You are fascinated with taking things out and putting them back up. Just the other day, I watched you gather every book, toy, shoe, piece of clothing off the floor in your room and toss each one individually into the hamper. When you ran out of things to put in the hamper, you opened your dresser drawer and started pulling clean clothes out. That’s when Mommy called “GAME OVER!” It’s all I can do to fold the laundry one time.

I also call “GAME OVER” when you start throwing food from the high chair. Once you’ve had your fill, you start tossing what’s left over the side and onto the floor. While you like most food, you eat slowly, and when you are finished, you are finished. I do believe you would eat cantaloupe and watermelon for as long as we would feed it to you. You and Emily ate half a cantaloupe yesterday during afternoon snack time.

You have other favorite things now, too. Many of them can be found at Papa and Grandma’s house: a golf cart, a limitless stash of toys, swings, a wagon, and plenty of hugs and kisses. It’s hilarious to watch you bang on the door at the sight of the golf cart. You’re not too picky, though. You will ride a lawnmower, a four wheeler. If it has wheels, you want to ride it.

Papa has tried to cage y’all in—first by requesting a 20 foot baby gate to keep you out of the kitchen. When that plan failed, he used blue tape to try to keep you two out of the cabinets and drawers. Of course, the tape was no match for what we have dubbed “The Destruct-o-bots.” You love a good mess, and just like Mommy has eased on the food, she has also eased up on the dirt and germ war. You love being outside, and that includes sampling grass, dirt, rocks, and insects. It’s a good thing you love to take a bath.

You used to be our good sleeper, but in the last month or so, you’ve decided you’re too busy to sleep. For a while, we think your teeth interfered. After a couple of weeks of drooling, gnawing, and fussing, you finally cut two molars. Right now, we’re at Grandma Vivian’s. Emily has been asleep for close to thirty minutes. After fifteen minutes of sobbing, we brought you back out where you are happily playing with a TV remote. Tomorrow morning, you will be the first one up and the last one who will want to nap (unless you are riding in the car).

So much has changed in the last three months. As I look ahead, I know we are going to face even more changes in the next couple of months—more words, more play, more independence, and possibly day care for the first time. So much change. Some things won’t change, though. For example, I will still sneak into your room before I go to bed to check on you and Emily, kiss you one more time, and whisper how precious you both are. Some things are too sweet, too cherished, to change.

I love you, Bear.


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jbplbarbara said...

I hope you have tons and lots of fun on the first birthday. Double happiness to you. What wonderful posts about the kids. It's always nice to read how other moms feel about their little ones.
Don't forget to take tons of pics.
Great to visit you from voiceBoks.
Español para Niños (Spanish for Kids)

Jet's Journey said...

Wow, Drew (&Emily) are so adorable. They grow so fast! I can't imagine J being this big...but I'm sure you'd tell me it happens in the blink of an eye.

I'm a new follower from
Come check me out!

Found you via voiceboks! :)

Andrea said...

These letters make me cry every time!! They are so sincere and full of such love! I love reading them. thanks so much for sharing! Your babies are going to be able to read these later and see how much they were wanted and loved. PRICELESS!!

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