Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Way Back When-esday: When we still counted time by weeks...

Linking up again this week with Cheryl at Twinfatuation to bring you another blast from the past...twin-style!

Digging through the picture files this morning, I found three shots that are exactly one year old today--July 27, 2010.

The babies were exactly 7 weeks old. Makes me wonder when we stopped counting time in weeks and moved to months. And when we will stop saying they are __ months old and start saying they are ___years?

For old time's sake, let's take it back to when the time was short enough to count the weeks: my babies are officially 59 weeks old today! Happy 59 weeks, babies!

"Look, it's Melissa!"

"Look, it's Marty!

"Happy 7 weeks-day!"


Tasha said...

Precious! I remember the weeks thing too. I can't tell you how I love seeing pictures of your sweet babies now and then. It jogs my memory and I seem to be able to remember something about the boys that I had not thought about in a while. Thanks for sharing your life!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

That last Boppy picture is precious!!! I have some of the cutest Boppy pictures from exactly that time, 7 weeks old. Priceless. :) :)

By the way, Hubby and I said we would stop counting months when the girls turned 2 1/2. And that's been pretty easy to do. With time, the passing of one month is not quite so monumental (as in, there is a huge difference in a 3-month old and a 4-month old...). It now seems natural to say that the girls were 2 1/2 in July.

Just Another Mom of Twins said...


So true about the "weeks, months,years" thingie. Time goes by WAY to fast!

Happy wednesday!


Liz said...

What's funny is when you tell someone who doesn't have children that "she is 12 weeks old" or "she is 22 months old", they get totally lost!

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh I miss counting the time in weeks and months! :)

Aren't the dearest, sweetest seven week olds Way Back One-Year ago today! :)

Thank yo so much for playing along!

Holly Ann said...

Love the boppy picture! We have several similar pictures of our twins in the boppy pillows. Hard to believe ours are 3 1/2 "years" old now. :)

Andrea said...

I loved the week counting time!! Sweet pictures!

Johanna said...

Could those babies be any cuter all curled up in their boppies? So sweet!

And, I think we stopped telling people the babies' ages in months at around 2, but we have clothes in the closet labeled 36 months! :)

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