Monday, July 4, 2011

Today, we declare our independence...

Number of bottles made 4380

$ spent on formula (including Drew's pricey
stint on Nutramigen) $3640

Number of dishwasher cycles 352

Number of Dr. Brown bottles originally purchased 24

Number of bottles tossed due to unspeakable
funk from being lost under couch 7

Number of bottles looking for a new home 17

Minutes a week mommy will now reclaim as her own 105

Counter space rediscovered since bottle factory shut down 3 feet

Number of sippy cups purchased in pursuit of the “one” 6

Times I have gotten teary-eyed (this week) about
babies growing up 5

This morning, as I attempted to wash two bottles discovered under the couch, I realized we haven’t used a bottle in well over a week. We haven’t had formula since we used the last of the can the day of their one year appointment.

With the two final bottles cleaned for the last time, I can officially say:

Today we declare our freedom from bottles.

Yes, today, we officially claim sippy cups as our drink vessel of choice.

Happy Independence Day!

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Tasha said...

Now this is a GOOD day!! I so remember how excited I was about telling bottles goodbye!!! But I didn't cry. You guys just got a small raise if you are not buying formula.
Are they drinking mainly milk now? Happy 4th!

Andrea said...

Congrats!!!! That awesome!! Yay!!

Holly Ann said...

Oh, bottle independence is so glorious!!

Beth said...

I usually feel a little sad when the kids cross a new milestone, but not dropping the bottles!! The counter space alone is reason for a celebration.

Bye-bye bottles!

Johanna said...

What a cute post. The picture of {Emily?) holding the bottle as an infant is so precious it made me long for a bottle baby, though.

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Congratulations! We have the same sippy cups but my girls pull the top off them and dump the water everywhere. Now they are only for baths. Hopefully your kiddos haven't made THAT discovery!

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