Sunday, July 17, 2011

Parents Gone Wild

Marty and I left early Saturday morning for an overnight getaway. What do “parents gone wild” do? In addition to having lots of fun, sun, rest and relaxation, we apparently engaged in quite a bit of baby talk. Here’s a sampling of some of our conversation:

(In the car) You two are awfully quiet back there. Oh, wait…. hahahaha

(in line for the shuttle) The line for families with strollers is shorter. This is one time I wish we had the double stroller.

(in line) Look how much faster we are without having to take the stroller and over-packed diaper bag through the bag check line.

Who am I? (insert silly imitation of one of the babies)

Doesn’t that little boy look like Drew?

I miss the babies.

I am so glad the babies aren’t here.

Look. I think those babies are twins.

Wow. Look! She has triplets…makes me miss my multiples.

I can’t wait until the babies are big enough to ___.

Wow. That’s a little baby. I can’t imagine bringing the babies when they were that small.

I wonder how long before Emily and Drew will _____.

I would kick Emily’s butt if she ever wore shorts that short/dyed her hair that color/acted like that with a boy in public.

Drew better not even think about cutting his hair that way/wearing jeans that tight/piercing that many parts of his body.

When we go on the cruise, we need to make sure we pack ___.

That baby’s cry sounds like Drew.

Look at that little girl walking so well. You think she is the same age as Emily?

I bet Drew and Emily would love _____.

I am so glad Emily and Drew never liked a pacifier. That kid is way too old to be sucking on that thing.

Want to stop and call to check on the babies?

What if they lose the babies on the beach?

You know, this trip is so much easier without the babies.

Mama is taking a nap. I hope my sister isn’t watching the babies alone

I hope Kelly doesn't give them Pepsi.

It’s about bedtime for the babies. Wonder if they’re going down fighting

Better wait to call. They’ve got their hands full. You don’t wait to call while they are trying to wrestle them to sleep.

Wonder if the babies are being good.

Wonder if the babies napped well.

They don’t have a lot of healthy choices on the kids' menu.

Mama and Daddy said Emily and Drew _____(play-by play of phone call)

(in hotel-all alone) sleep….

(9 am) Pull the blinds. I am still tired.

(at breakfast) Table for two without two high chairs…

(on the way home) silence—I napped.

(finally home) I can’t wait to pick up the babies…

(finally home) right after I take another nap.


Andrea said...

This could so be Todd and I a couple of weekend ago. Lol!! One night away seems more like a week! Ha!! Glad you and hubby had this much deserved couple time! Good for you both!!

Beth said...

That all sounds so familiar! When Rod and I finally get a chance to go somewhere alone, most of the conversation revolves around the kids.

So glad you two got away together! Bet you came back rested and ready to squeeze your little sweeties!

Anonymous said...

Yes I watched them alone and yes aunt kelly gave them pepsi...why do you think they love me so much? :-)

Tasha said...

This made me laugh because I can so remember those days. GOOD for you two for getting away!!!

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

You had me giggling the whole way through that post...still giggling!!



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