Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Living Intentionally: Birthday List Update

This morning I celebrated the babies’ 59 week day. All that thinking about birthdays made me realize I will have another in four months (Lord willing!). And thinking about how soon four months is made me remember that I better get moving if I hope to make it through my Birthday List.

So how have I done in my quest to do 35 things in my 35th year? Well, most of these items are still a work in progress, but for accountability and planning purposes, here’s an update on my journey.

1. Be the best mommy I can be.

This is really subjective, huh? While I have my share of mommy guilt, in my heart I know I have done the best job possible, and really, isn’t that all any of us can do? But because a mother's job is never done, I am leaving it open.

2. Be present.

Still working on this one. Marty and I have been making a real effort to spend time every night with the babies—sans TV, cell phones, or computers. Boring meetings don’t count, right?

3. Learn to take a good picture.

Not too long ago, I didn’t take any pictures. Then I had kids and started taking lots of them, most of sub-par quality on my cell phone. Still guilty. We are shopping for a new camera, so perhaps by November I can report more progress.

4. Exercise.

I was doing well for a while. Then it got beyond hot and I went back to hibernating. I am getting back on it. See #5.

5. Run a 5K.

Just yesterday Kelly and I decided to start the “Couch to 5K” training plan—just as soon as I find my running shoes…

6. Go to NYC with my mom and sister.
Still hoping this will happen before the big 3-6. Which month is better? October or November?

7. Teach the babies how to sign.

We are Sign and Sing graduates who are unfortunately not as consistent with the practice as we should be. However, the babies are signing, just not like the geniuses that I know they are.

8. Read at least a book a month.
I tend to read in spurts. I think I read four books the first month I had my Nook and then maybe one since then. Time to find a book to energize me again. Recommendations?

9. Join a yoga class.
Does attending a class count? Jeanine and I went in December, and while I had a hard time “being present,” I was there and I participated. Thanks to a great Living Social deal, Emily and I will be taking 5 Mommy/Child yoga classes starting this Saturday.

10. Learn to gamble. Poker, craps, and some other

We played no-stakes poker with my family a couple of months ago, and I didn’t do so bad. There’s a casino on our upcoming cruise, so I plan to work on my skills then. Easiest game to learn?

11. Re-evaluate my long-term finances and set tangible goals for my money.
We met with a financial planner and have started to implement some of the recommendations. Now that I have a Roth, does that mean I am an adult?

12. Send more hand-written cards.
And I am not counting the 30+ birthday thank-you notes I am still working on…Better late than never?

13. Throw a party and reconnect with old friends.
Our Christmas party was almost thwarted by a rare NC snow. We enjoyed the company of those who braved the snow to share a cup of cheer.

14. Support a charity.
Go Little Pink!

15. Blog more.
This month I have written 17 posts. Last year I totaled 22 for the whole year.

16. Take swimming lessons with Emily and Drew.

Ear infections delayed this one. They love the water, so hopefully, things will settle down so we can enjoy some lessons soon.

17. Worry less.
After a year of debilitating anxiety attacks, I can finally say I think I have turned the corner. Breathing feels good.

18. Appreciate more.
Number #17 helped tremendously with being able to appreciate all things, even the things that don’t appear to be gifts.

19. Update Emily and Drew’s baby books.
Does this blog count? If not, I am a baby book slacker.

20. Watch old movies that everyone has seen but me.
I still haven’t seen/read Gone with the Wind. I still feel relatively well-adjusted. Don’t agree? See #17 because “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a…”

21. Learn to make a good mixed drink.

I debated about giving myself credit for this one since I recently made an awesome batch of sangria. I think I need to make and sample it at least once more before I mark it off. :-)

22. Put work into the proper prospective.

Enough said.

23. Buy only items that I love.
Currently I am in love with peach milkshakes from Chick Fil A. And good make-up and cute shoes.

24. Lose weight and get back to my 2006 weight.
I’ve lost it and gained most of it back. Long story, but see #17. At least I am back to pre-pregnancy weight. Going to try to lose it a healthier way this time…

25. Eat healthier and set a better example for Drew and Emily.
When I eat, it tends to be healthy. Even the peach milkshakes have fruit in them. In all seriousness, one of my proudest moments as a mom was realizing that I am raising healthy eaters. They love their fresh fruits and veggies!

26. Travel to one new state/country that I have not yet visited.

Okay, our cruise isn’t until September, but when we leave, we’ll be visiting St. Maartan and St Thomas for the first time.

27. Say I love you more.
I love you.

28. Cut clutter.

Having the house on the market has helped in this area.

29. Pay for a stranger’s meal.
I really thought I would have done this one before now. Maybe I should go get a peach milkshake so I can pay for the person behind me.

30. Find a church home for our family.

Still have a million excuses why it’s too hard to take two babies to a church nursery with people I don’t know.

31. Go hang-gliding.
Maybe on the cruise?

32. Lower my cholesterol.
Blood work is coming up in August. It has to be lower, right?

33. Watch a meteor shower.

Off to Google when we can expect the next one…

34. Take a spur-of-the- moment road trip.

I guess our recent jaunts to Williamsburg might count, but I am leaving this one open so I have a reason to drive north soon.

35. Begin our own family traditions.

My new favorite? Playing in the bed on weekend mornings with the babies.


Olusola said...

I wanted to the the couch to 5k thing as well. Actually downloaded the app - then uninstalled it yesterday. :)

Becky Jane said...

I especially like your Blog More and Worry Less!
Visiting from voiceBoks
Thanks, Becky Jane

Beth said...

What a great list!

#8-- have you read The Help?

#10- I love blackjack! Roulette is super simple. I have played craps, but there is a lot to learn.

#19- yes, this blog absolutely counts!

Have fun completing this list!!

Kristy said...

You have done well on your list! I am working on being present and finding time for silent meditation.

lifeasdescribed said...

The blog world is small enough that I see your pretty face on lots of Google Friend Widgets on many of the blogs I follow. I thought it was about time I visit and say hi. :) Thought it was neat to discover you're also a mom to b/g twins about the same age! Look forward to following and getting to know you better!


Johanna said...

Great list (and an impressive amount crossed off!)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

love your updates!

I need to do a "closure" post on 36 things too... :)

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