Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let me tell you a story...

Join me for the exciting tale of yesterday's adventure to story time at the local library. Everybody seated in a circle? Criss Cross Apple Sauce? Listening ears on? Here we go....

Once upon a hot July Wednesday
A mommy and her two babies make their way…

To story time at the local library.
A stroller holds the babies mommy could not carry.

They arrive just in time.
Oh, this must be a good sign!

A front seat they found,
And the babies enjoy looking round.

As story time is commencing,
Emily starts wincing.

Mommy takes her from the stroller.
Emily just wants someone to hold her.

There’s a raffle and guess who they chose?
Emily gets the prize- it’s a red clown nose!

There is singing, clapping, puppets, and giggling
And just about then, Drew starts wiggling.

That's when mommy realizes what she hasn't packed--
Any toys to occupy babies when their attention lacked.

So she did what she could do with toys few.
She gave them a plastic clown nose to chew.

The top to hand sanitizer, too.
Even paper tickets made do.

They hear a story about a duck
Who in a wolf’s tummy does get stuck.

But then Mommy makes a big mistake.
From the stroller she does Drew take.

Now there are two babies in her lap
And they want to do more than just clap.

Drew makes his way to the floor
Sitting and listening has become quite a bore.

He struts his way to the front of the stage.
Quite the accomplished walker for his age.

Mommy scrambles to buckle Emily in the seat
Does Drew have Mommy beat?

One baby on lock down, another on the run.
This mommy better hurry before Drew has too much fun!

Through the crowd she darts, moving quickly for her age—
Will she get him before he pulls down the puppet stage?

She scoops him up and hugs him tight.
“Oh, Drew Bear! You gave me quite a fright!”

With both babies safely tucked away,
For another story they can now stay...

And Mommy and babies left happily shortly thereafter.


Andrea said...

Ha, love it! That was good!! Glad you 3 had a great time!!

Holly Ann said...

Haha! That was wonderfully cute! Oh, the joys of twins, right? :)

Johanna said...


Tasha said...

LOVE that! Story time at the days for us too.
Enjoy your Friday :)

Julia said...

Very creative! :)

I've been wanting to try story-time at the library for awhile now, I just need to take the plunge!

Olusola said...

LOL! as long as the story ends with a happily everafter, it's all good. But really too funny

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Quite the poet! Loved it...

Sounds like story time was a lot of fun!

Have a great weekend!

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