Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is it bad?

Is it bad that I finished the babies’ grits the other morning—with a baby spoon?

Is it bad that I let Emily play in a box of “female products” from under the sink because she was quiet and occupied while I dried my hair?

Is it bad that I take almost all my pictures on my i-phone?

Is it bad that most of their clothes have stains on them because we often skip bibs?

Is it bad that I let them cry it out (a little) at bedtime? (okay, maybe a lot—sometimes)

Is it bad that I force them to take naps with me because I need the nap more than them?

Is it bad that my reaction time is way slower than it used to be when I hear a crash—like last night when they broke the floor lamp?

Is it bad that I don’t mind leaving them with my parents for the night? Or the weekend?

Is it bad that I feel bad to ask my parents to watch them because I know how hard it is?

Is it bad that we don’t have a babysitter other than family because we don’t know who else to ask?

Is it bad that I put pink bunny ears on Drew because he likes it and it’s funny?

Is it bad that we now have ants because of the food-stained floors and highchairs?

Is it bad that we took the fabric covers off the highchairs to make them easier to clean?

Is it bad that the highchairs are still dirty most of the time?

Is it bad that I (sometimes) let them chew on paper now as long as I don’t hear choking noises?

Is it bad that today I taught Drew how to throw toys for fun?

Is it bad that I said a dirty word(s) after Drew woke up Emily after I FINALLY got her to sleep (during one of their forced naps)?

Is it bad that we leave them in the high chairs after the food is gone because we enjoy having them contained for a while?

Is it bad that I left them in the tub tonight a little longer than necessary because it gave me the opportunity to clean my bathroom?

Is it bad that I try to push poopy diapers off on Marty?

And from Marty…
Is it bad that I try to push poopy diapers off on Melissa?

Please make me feel better by adding your own "Is it bad...?"


Tasha said...

I can answer just about all of yours with NO! Here are a few of mine.
Is it bad that I let one of my twins sleep in a carseat for MONTHS because he would sleep? And the swing when he got older.
Is it bad that I put one in the bouncy seat on the dryer and closed the door because he was screaming?(he was fine and I went and checked on him after 5 minutes....he was very young..couldn't not squirm out)
Is it bad that TODAY(six years old)we still do not have a babysitter and just go out with friends so the other can stay home to babysit.
Feel any better now?

Andrea said...

Oh girlfriend I so could have wrote every last one of those myself at different times!! So heck NO it is not bad, but good for your sanity!

Is it bad that after today (you read my post earlier, thanks for the comment) as much as my heart wants to be a SAHM my mind keeps it sanity by being a working mother.

Holly Ann said...

Oh Melissa, I could have written this post!! No, none of those things are bad! You are a totally down-to-earth, great momma!

Is it bad that my idea of a relaxing vacation is one that does not include kids? ;)

Ashleigh said...

I love this! I am nodding my head the whole time. Maybe it's bad, but we're ALL guilty!

You said most of my is-it-bad's...but, is it bad, I've started microwaving bottles for all feedings?

Olusola said...

Sounds like you're a normal twin mama to me. And the high chair is a very safe place for babies AND mamas these days

Found your blog from Voiceboks and I'm glad I did. New follower :)

Andrea said...

Nothing is bad when you have twins! I have no idea how people do it! New follower from VB & a NC native. What part do you live in?

Julie @ Pickles and I Scream said...

Are you kidding? I only have one baby and I do most, if not all of those things. I can't imagine having to muster up the energy to chase around 2!

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