Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What I Love About Me

Holly Ann at Twins Plus One, Three Times the Fun has started a great new meme called “What I Love About Me.” It’s a chance for us to stop criticizing ourselves and remind ourselves of all there is to love.

Yesterday morning, I came downstairs to find Emily screaming. According to Marty, Drew body-slammed her. Almost as soon as the crying was over, Emily returned the torment by stealing Drew’s sippy cup. Awww…sibling love—twin style.

Watching their constant give and take--screams and all--reminds me of how lucky they are to have each other.

Sure, there will be body slams and sippy cup coups.

But, if they are lucky, they will grow to be lifelong friends. This wish reminded me
of something I love about me--

This week I love the fact that I am a big sister who is lucky enough to also be friends with her siblings.

The cliché is you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. In my case, I am lucky to count my sister and brother as some of my closest friends.

It’s not always easy.

We don’t always agree but somehow can always find common ground when facing a challenge.

We are not blind to each other’s faults because we’ve seen each other at our best and worst.

We can make each other the maddest but we also know the some of our happiest times have been together.

We can hurt each other the most because we know what each holds closest to his/her heart.

We can be most disappointed in each other but also the most proud.

We can talk about each other but we dare someone on the outside to try.

We can throw a drink at each other in a fit of anger but would be the first to raise a glass to toast the achievement of the other.

To use a few more clichés, when the going gets tough, we circle the wagons, knowing we are on the same team, and that blood really is thicker than water.

Right now, my sister and brother are going through major life changes: one is leaving a marriage; another is getting ready to marry for the first time.

The babies in the wagon all have babies of their own.

As the big sister, I have learned it is not my job to fix their problems. It is my job to love them, support them, and encourage them. Just like I know they would do for me.


Holly Ann said...

It is so beautiful to have a strong sibling bond. My sister and I are 9 years apart, but she is still one of my very best friends. Thank you so much for sharing this moving post and linking up with us this week!

Tasha said...

WHat a great post!! Nothing better than the frienship of brothers and sisters.

Andrea said...

Very sweet post! Love the pic too!

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