Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our Pregnancy Story: The Third Trimester

On the eve of the babies' first birthday, Marty and I are walking down memory lane, both of us recording precious memories. I am finishing a look back at the third trimester; he's writing a special guest post for their birthday to tell their delivery story. While I know these stories don't necessarily have a broad appeal to my blog readers, my ultimate hope is that one day my babies will read each of these stories and know how much they were loved and wanted.

Since the third trimester was BIG for me, I am organizing these memories into BIG categories.

Third Trimester Hang-outs

My favorite nap spot, complete with the big preggo pillow Marty affectionately dubbed "The Force Field." Pillows were the only way I could halfway sleep and breath through the heartburn and belly weight.

We bought recliners in the third trimester, thinking I would sleep better in one. It became the docking pad for me for most of the day.

Third Trimester Hobbies

I decorated letters for the babies' names to put over their cribs. Marty wouldn't let me hang them until after we were home from the hospital since the names were supposed to be a surprise. This drove the nester in me crazy since I wanted it all done before leaving for the hospital.

Many of my recliner-bound hours were spent playing this game. Oh, Solitaire, how I have missed you.

Some days, going to the doctor was the only reason to get up and get dressed.

Taking my blood pressure obsessively helped pass the time and calm my fears of pre-e. Oh, blood pressure cuff, how glad I am that I gave you away.

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I read all of the Sookie Stackhouse books and then watched all of the True Blood episodes. Oh, mindless tv viewing, how I have missed you!

Third Trimester Transportation

We traded the 2 door Honda for a more twin-friendly alternative.

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Being too big to walk didn't stop me from shopping.

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Third Trimester Comments from Total Strangers

Third Trimester Extreme Nesting Examples

Third Trimester Aches and Pains

Third Trimester Delivery Date Guesses
“If I were a betting man, I would guess you aren’t going to make it to your scheduled c-section date.”
–doctor at 34 weeks

“Both babies are on track to weigh around 7lbs if you go to your c-section date. Baby B is bigger.” –US tech

“We’ll see you Tuesday for your scheduled c-section.” –doctor on Sunday, June 6

Third Trimester Mug Shots

Third Semester Final Weight Gain

206 (+60 pounds from day I found out I was pregnant)


Andrea said...

I loved that pillow... It was a life saver!

O.K. Sorry I have to say it...bless your heart!! I can't imagine having that belly. Having had mine at 28 weeks my belly didn't even get to full term for a singleton and I thought I was huge. Please don't take me wring...You looked great!

Beth said...

I had that pillow too! The only thing that made sleep a possibility.
First of all, I have to say you are quite a rock-star making it so far and carrying those babies so well. Also, no question you were big by the end, but you somehow look great!
Finally, looking back at the end of our pregnancies-- it seemed painfully boring and tedious, but don't a few days of bedrest sound heavenly right now?

Johanna said...

Hahahahaha! You shopped in a motorized cart!

Happy birthday to beautiful Emily and handsome Drew!!!

Julia said...

My husband always joked he was going to take me shopping in one of those motorized carts. Kudos to you for getting out there and doing it. I stayed home on my couch for the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy :)

Love all the pictures! Happy birthday to your little ones, and a huge congrats to you, mama! You survived the first year! :)

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