Monday, June 27, 2011

10 Cool Things My Babies Did Last Week

While Mommy was busy being a slacker blogger last week, the babies were busy doing all kinds of cool things. So join me on this Monday to celebrate 10 cool things my babies did LAST week. Stay tuned for lots of cute pictures and video from the babies' first trip to Busch Gardens and Elmo's Castle water playground.

Drew and Emily both are walking. They both took their first steps the week before their first birthday, but this week, they have really taken off. Now that they are walking, life is a little busier for us all!

Drew’s rocking and rolling! He has learned how to make the recliner and his horse rock back and forth.

When Emily gets really mad, she has started clapping her hands in frustration.

They are talking on their phones. It’s a sign of the times—the babies already have their own cell phones. When Drew can’t find his toy phone, he will hold his hand up to his ear and talks on his “phone.”

Drew is signing. Today while I was at work, Drew signed “thank you” and said “tanks.” Another favorite: “milk.”

Both babies are mostly bottle free. When we transitioned to whole milk, they both started drinking, almost exclusively from their sippy cups.

Emily and Drew are also getting really good at sucking out of an adult straw. Now they want to drink whatever mommy and daddy are drinking at the restaurant.

As another sign of their growing independence, they want to feed themselves using the spoon. Both are now eating (on their own) from a spoon. Yogurt= bath time.

Drew decided to combine two of his favorite activities—talking on Daddy’s cordless phone and playing in the toilet—by throwing the phone in toilet!

While we don’t have many full-fledged words, we have lots of intense conversations in what sounds like a foreign language, and they pick up a new sound effect daily. Currently they are both making this really funny sound by clicking their tongue on the roof of their mouths—“ du-ku, du-ku, du-ku.” Too cute!


Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Those are all sooooo exciting!! Woo Hoo...Cuties! :)

Shell said...

They are growing up!!!

Andrea said...

Wow!! How is that even possible?!?! They grow up too fast!! How fun!!!

Tasha said...

I absoultely LOVE this stage!!!! Both walking? How fun!! DO they talk to each other in that twin language yet?

Holly Ann said...

Such a cute way to write your post! You are so creative! I don't know about you, but I LOVED it when my twins started walking. It was like the first step towards independence and this momma needed it! lol

Johanna said...

Holy cow! You've had a big week. So have they. Welcome to toddlers. :)

And mine threw phones in the toilet too. Must be a rite of passage just like the walking... just not quite as cute in the moment.

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