Friday, May 13, 2011

'I don't do this for money, fame, or glory'

But who doesn't love getting an award???

Thank you Tasha of One Day at a Time for honoring me with the Versatile Blogger Award!

I am *beyond* thrilled when anyone takes the time to read my blog, leave a comment, or give me an award. While I love documenting our life in words and pictures, I can understand if our daily musings aren’t “versatile” enough for the average reader. So, again, thank you to those of you who visit and read and remind me that I am not alone in this journey called being a MaMe.

The award requires that I list 7 things about myself. Since I have done something similar before, I am going to struggle here to come up with seven unique facts. Seriously, I am a simple girl.

On being incarcerated—
1. I accidentally became locked in a store after it closed when I was six-seven years old. It wasn’t anything like the movies where the kid is locked in a cool department store. I went to the bathroom in a car parts’ store next to my dad’s shop, and when I came out, the guy had locked the door and gone home. Picture a hysterical kid banging on a glass door until someone noticed she was there who had to wait for the owner to drive from his house to the store to let me out. Now, when stores announce they are closing in 15 minutes, I am the first one in line to get out.

2. Once, as part of my job as a prison education specialist, I gave a commencement speech at a medium security men’s prison. After having taught high school for a number of years, I really wasn’t all that nervous, and despite the fact that I had a captive audience (sorry, couldn’t help it), everyone seemed to enjoy the speech. The hardest part was avoiding all the typical graduation platitudes that seemed mildly inappropriate to men who “wouldn’t be spreading their wings” for another 5-15.

On being famous-
3. When I was teaching, I wrote a poem about childhood memories to use as a model for my students. I shared it with another teacher who began using it every year with her students. A couple of years ago, her students entered a literary letter contest where they wrote to their favorite author. Several of her students picked me and wrote letters explaining how my poem had touched them. One of the students went on to win the state contest. Ironically, as the author of the poem, I can’t find a copy of it anywhere.

4. My friend, Jeanine, and I appeared on a segment that aired on a national television show to talk about our friendship during her journey with breast cancer. I only watched the spot once because I can’t stand to see myself on camera. One, I was pale, pale white. Two, since I was choked up, I have this pained, scrunched-up look to my face. I am not a pretty crier. But, it was for a good cause.

On romance-
5. I went on a blind date to my senior prom. I didn’t have a date. My best friend’s date had a friend who wanted to go to the prom. Thinking back on it, I can’t be sure we even talked on the phone prior to the day of the prom. Maybe everything was set up by our go-between. Who knows? I remember he was nice. He was cute in a young boy sort of way. His name was Richard. He picked out a nice corsage. I think he paid for dinner. I don’t think I even kissed him good night—maybe a hug.. I am sure I said thank you—right before the all of us girls hopped in my car to head for the beach. How’s that for a romantic prom story?

6. Yesterday as I was driving along the interstate, I saw an old man on the side of the road picking wildflowers. The hopeless romantic in me spent the next 15 minutes of my drive imagining who the man might have been picking those flowers for. Please do not ruin this fantasy by suggesting he was trying to lure someone into stopping, engaging in illegal flower-picking, endangering himself, or planning to woo a younger woman. Others have tried. It just ruins the story. And I like romantic stories.

On a random note-
7. I am a list maker. I love to cross things off my list as I complete them. I even carry around a notebook so I can make lists as I think of them. Even this random note is most likely not random because it is probably listed on a list somewhere.

The final part of this award requires that I pass it along to 15 new, recently discovered bloggers. At the risk of having my award revoked, I am choosing less than 15 since most of the blogs I follow are not new and some that I really like have received this award before. But here is a LIST of some cool, mommy blogs that always make me smile. Consider yourself the newest Versatile Blogger :-)

The Mays Twins
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Johanna said...

Aww, shucks! Thanks.

It may take me QUITE a while to come up with a list of things that are as interesting as yours. Thanks for making me realize how truly boring I am. :)

Andrea said...

Awww...thanks so much! Very touched!

I agree with the 7 things you shared!

Can't wait to do my acceptance post!

Have a great weekend!

Holly Ann said...

Wow! You are one brave momma for working in a prison. ;)

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