Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Confessional

As I drove home from Stroller Day today, I began composing this blog post in my head. I was thinking of titling it "Fake It Til You Make It" or "Mommy-fessions: Secrets of a Mommy Faker." I definitely felt I needed to confess my inadequacy. As blog luck would have it, tonight after writing most of my confession post, I discovered this great blog, Dandelion Wishes, which hosts a much-needed link-up every Friday called Friday Confessional. I think this find was divine intervention. Here are my confessions. Forgive me.

I confess:I really didn’t want to go to the Moms of Multiples’ stroller day today, but I did. Why? One, we haven’t been to one yet, so I felt I should do something with my club membership besides buy stuff at the consignment sale. Two, I felt I should try to enter the mom world. You know, the world where happy moms go to the park and socialize with other happy moms and talk about poo and stuff. Three, since the babies are home every day and not in day care, I feel it’s important for them to get out and at least see other children. Sure, they are confined to their stroller, but it’s kind of like a trip to the zoo. They can look (at the other children) but not touch. So, we went, walked, chatted, and looked at other babies.

I confess:Sometimes I still don’t feel like a mom yet. Sure I have extra tummy skin that says I carried a whole lot of something for too long and two babies who need to be feed and changed regularly, but, still. Some days I look at them and think,

“Who in the world thought I was qualified to do this?”

“How in the world did two babies that perfect come from me?”

“All these other moms look like they are so much more qualified. Just look at how they can pack a diaper bag. I didn’t even remember sippy cups.”

I confess:Stroller day is a good example of a time when I felt like I described in Confession #2--like a mom faker.

I confess:Stroller day made me realize I need to get out more and not necessarily to stroller days.

I confess:Stroller day made me feel mildly jealous of the other moms who already knew each other, but not jealous enough to wish I didn’t work so I could go to more stroller days.

I confess:Stroller day made me feel guilty because I do not have my babies on a regular nap schedule. Never have. Probably never will.

I confess: Seeing babies smaller than mine made me want another baby even though I am still trying to figure out to handle the two I have.

I confess:I called Target Corporate office today to complain that our double stroller couldn’t fit through the doors. After stroller days, I needed some retail therapy. Instead, I found myself trapped between the automatic IN door and the smaller doors. So much for shopping.

Other non-stroller day related confessions:

I confess:I ate a goldfish cracker out of the high chair seat yesterday.

I confess:I can’t believe my own sister and mom haven’t entered the Little Pink giveaway yet. I know you read it.

I confess:I tell the babies not to bite, but I love to nibble on their sweet, little fingers. “Do as I say, not as I do...”

I confess:Instead of cleaning up a stain on the carpet tonight, I pulled a chair over it.

I confess:I looked at Mother’s Day cards and decided to not buy any once I realized I would easily spend $25+ on them. Maybe I will have a change of heart tomorrow.

I confess:I probably have so much more I need to confess, but it’s Friday. I am tired and my memory is shot and I’ve wanted to go to bed since 7.


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Tasha said...

LOVE the confessions! And I will confess I never did anything like I was "suppose" to do with my twins!
Have a great weekend and Mother's Day!

Jenner said...

I know what you mean. I haven't yet entered the "mommy world". Every time I've met with other moms and their kids, it seems like I am more lax and casual with my own kid and they make me feel a bit wary.

Andrea said...

3 years later I sometimes still feel this way! It totally is crazy, really! Thanks sharing! I hope you have a great Mothers Day weekend! Take care!

Johanna said...

You'll get there! I don't really enjoy going out with our twins group as much as my 'singleton' one... too much of a zoo!

MAKE your mother's day cards using your sweet babies' handprints. Easy, fun, (free) and cards that won't get thrown away in a week! Hands or feet can easily be made into flowers, fish, or animals with minimal artistic ability. :)

Don't feel bad about nap schedule... being nap-flexible means you can do more things!

You are an AWESOME mommy... hanging out with other twin moms doesn't make you a better mom. And if Stroller Days didn't do it for you, find something that does. :)

Happy Mother's Day to sweet, wonderful you.

Beth said...

I confess that just the other afternoon I was sitting with my crew thinking, "I'm not sure where these kids' mother is, but I sure hope she shows up soon to get them." I love them fiercely, but there are moments it doesn't feel like I'm really a 'Mom'.
I'm as guilty as anyone about listening to what I 'should' be doing, but if you and your babies are happy and healthy, you're doing it right.
Finally, I will forever be envious of those moms whose diaper bags are like Mary Poppins' bag. Need a spare bib? they got one. A band-aid? they have it-- and the Neosporin as well. I'm happy if all the kids are able to eat and we don't run out of diapers.
Happy Mother's Day!! I think you're a great Mom!

Holly Ann said...

Oh my gosh, I feel like this all the time!! I've forgotten sippy cups...and diapers...and, well, you name it and I've probably forgotten it at some point!

I've also had similar feelings about working. Sometimes it's not so great, but mostly I'm happy to be a working mom.

I hope you have an incredible Mother's Day!!


Mamarazzi said...

LOVE your confessions.

I confess...i would love to be a mommy of multiples. people think i am crazy, but it is totally true.

twins, triplets, sextuplets...BRING it.

sure i have no idea what i am asking for or if i am even ready for such a monumental blessing in my life, but i would looooove to find out..

for realsies.

also you are my 1111 follower and THAT deserves a prize. I am linking your blog on tomorrow's post and will be asking for your shipping info so i can send ya a little somethin' somethin'.

thanks for linking up your Friday Confessional, hope to see you again next week!!

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