Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Emily's in Charge...and GIVING STUFF AWAY!

Hello, World. This is Emily.

Yesterday my mommy told you about her cool friend Jeanine.

Jeanine wears shiny earrings that I like to pull.

She gives warm, cuddly hugs.

Two years ago, Jeanine got a boo-boo called breast cancer.

She started Little Pink Houses of Hope to help others who have this same mean boo-boo.

You can read more about Jeanine, her friendship with my mommy, and her journey here.

Because even babies know we should help our friends when we can, I asked my mommy how we could help Jeanine and Little Pink. Here’s what she said:

• Spread the word to families you know who are facing breast cancer so they can apply.

• Donate money that will be used to cover retreat week expenses. (Retreats are provided at no cost to families).

• Donate services and supplies that families can use during the week.

• Donate a beach house for the week (NC/SC area) or suggest donation to someone you know who has a beach house.

• Volunteer. LPHOH needs volunteers to secure house donations, to staff retreat weeks (cooking, cleaning, activities), and to do fundraising.

• Don’t bite your friends, pull your brother’s hair, or play in the fireplace. Oh, I think those were just for me.

You can also help by participating in MaMe Musings very first giveaway!

Emily's Little Pink Giveaway

1. First, follow us through Google Friend Connect, “Like” us on our new Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter. Come on, you know you like seeing my face on a regular basis! And, every Follow and Like helps us tell the world about LPHOH!

2. Next, show your support for Little Pink by leaving a message in the comment section for the families attending the retreats. Jeanine will be printing all comments and will post them during the opening night dinner for the families to read! This is your opportunity to inspire, pray for, encourage, and excite these special families.

3. Then, stay tuned as we select a lucky winner from the giveaway participants. In honor of the winner, we will donate a $50 gift card to Little Pink Houses of Hope in the winner’s name and will send this awesome individual a "Save the Ta-Tas" beach tote.


This giveaway will end on Sunday, May 8. Drew will announce his Little Pink giveaway next week!


championm2000 said...

Dear Little Pink Families,
We are so very excited that your beach week is here! Please know that many people are thinking of you and praying for a week filled with sun, fun, peace, and love! You deserve it!

~Marty, Melissa, Emily, and Andrew H.

Tasha said...

Little Pink Families,
I am so excited for your beach week!!! What a blessing to have a place to be together and have fun as a family! People all over will be rejoicing in this time you will have together. I will be praying for a relaxing time to sink your toes in the feel the breeze on your face and love on another.
Love, Tasha

Shell said...

What a wonderful cause!

Dear Little Pink Families,
I pray that your beach week will give you peace and relaxation.

Andrea said...

Dear Little Pink Families,

I hope you have a very relaxing, fantastic beach vacation! Hope you can enjoy the sand, sun and water! You are in my thoughts and prayers!

Take care, Andrea

What a great service! The pic of Emily is too cute! The smile is priceless!

Heather said...

Dear Little Pink Families,

Here's to an amazing week at the beach, where you can enjoy each others company,dream in the sunshine and play in the sand. Praying for the most beautiful weather during your stay!

-Heather Gudac

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